Here's where you can watch and stream coverage, The director also teases what a potential Season 2 would be about. Walt unravels the puzzling case of a girl and her missing father. Season 2, Episode 7: Sound and Fury: Extended Version. The choice becomes even more difficult, once Branch admits to breaking into her home and reading a computer document she wrote to Walt about his irrational and illegal acts. Episode Ep. The investigation into a farmer's apparent murder is complicated by his life insurance policy. Walt finds himself calling in favors to get the home to allow Lucian back in. Meanwhile, Vic begrudgingly reconnects with deputy Eamonn O'Neill to track down oil worker and conspiracy theorist Archer Loftus (guest star Lew Temple), and Cady worries that Henry might be involved. His DNA from the ashes proves David Ridges could've done the same, is still alive, and assaulted him. After six seasons and a network change, Longmire has come to an end.The finale, “Goodbye is Always Implied” was an extended episode that tied up virtually every loose end in the series and changed the character’s lives once and for all. The coroner's report shows he ate, Teenager Tanya Dove is found shot dead in an alley stairwell. Things come to a head when Jacob Nighthorse holds a press conference accusing Walt of attempted murder. And while Henry faces a major setback in his trial, Vic makes an important decision about her future. The sheriff's office investigates and learns that one victim was a local, Vic is having passionate sex with her husband when she receives a phone call advising Walt needs assistance at the Red Pony. When one of Gab Langton's attackers is found dead on an oil rig site in neighboring Cumberland County, Walt suspects foul play.

Ferg has difficulty adjusting to Zachary, the new deputy. Vic, Walt and Ferg look into the death of the caretaker of a former Japanese internment camp. Walt makes a sad revelation. As Walt learns what’s behind the lawsuit, both Henry and Cady face tribal rituals. He is found scalped and shot. During the sweat, Cady has a vision. Photo Credits: Netflix; Pop TV; Robert Viglasky, Hartswood Films; Fred Hayes/Disney+, Fox, PopTV; Bettina Strauss/Netflix; Nicole Rivelli/Amazon, Netflix, Frank Masi/Apple, Disney, Jasper Savage/Hulu; Diyah Pera/CW, What to Watch on Netflix Top 10 Rankings on November 2. When the president of the Tribal Council is found dead in his car on county land, it's clear to Walt that the body has been moved from the original crime scene - but why? From the October 2017 issue. Season 6, Episode 4: A Thing I'll Never Understand. After Henry overhears a disgruntled husband try to order a hit on his wife, Walt and the team must use what little information they have to prevent her murder. Cady gets a lucrative offer to work at a local corporate law firm, but quits upon learning the firm represents Nighthorse's companies that are suing Barlow Connally. With the help of Victoria“"Vic"” Moretti (series star KATEE SACKHOFF), a female deputy new to the department, he becomes reinvigorated about his job and committed to running for re-election. When a man missing for 30 years shows up dead, Walt must deal with the media frenzy and determine if he really is the long-lost heir to a silver-mining fortune. Branch agrees, but, suspicious, looks into the company's dealing with Nighthorse. Two armed robberies are connected to war veterans and their treatment at home.

Eamonn had an involvement with Vic and filled in as an Absaroka deputy after Branch's death. Walt stops to give a stranded Branch a ride, after showing him Ridges' body in the back of his truck. Elsewhere, Branch conducts an experiment by clipping his hair and dripping his blood on an animal carcass and setting it on fire. In the fifth season premiere episode, a shaky Walt searches for Donna (recurring guest star ALLY WALKER) as he and Vic reconstruct what happened in the cabin.

© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. When a lone fisherman hooks the bodies of two murdered men, including a teen from the Cheyenne Reservation, Longmire is once again reminded that his beloved West isn't the way it used to be. Whether corruption at the oil company or Hector-style justice is at fault, Walt must act quickly before before another victim falls prey. Catori makes a desperate decision and involves Cady.

He learns the flat tire had a puncture of unknown origin, but on the side and not in the tread. This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 17:36.

The team investigates the suffocating death of a wilderness guide.

With his death, Lucian is named the new Connally heir. Walt has the crew to search for the rest of the body, and a farmer, missing a foot, is found shot to death in a nearby barn. Vic and Walt hunt down Shane Muldoon.

An unavoidable dispute changes things forever.

His lawyer encourages him to give his assets to friends and family in order to protect them. Walt and Vic investigate the bizarre kidnapping of a despised drug company CEO, while Henry and Mathias deal with the ramifications of an overdose. Outside the investigation, Walt suspects that daughter Cady is secretly dating someone, and that particular someone is Branch.

Chance Gilbert's court appearance takes a dramatic turn that pulls Walt away from the civil suit and puts him and Vic on a showdown. She had been hit while fixing a flat tire on a car at the side of a road.

With only a reported stolen chicken to investigate, Walt puts Vic in charge while he enlists Lucian's help in sorting out the suspects list in his wife's case. However, upon looking around the property, Walt realizes Barlow may have killed his own son and tried to frame Walt for stalking Nighthorse. Since no one believes him at the office, Branch attacks Vic when he realizes she told Walt about him kidnapping Sam Poteet. Ferg is forced to take a few days off and works on the Cowboy Bill case. Ferg is missing after the ambush but is shortly found with minor injuries. This and other evidence frees Henry.

An inevitable confrontation leads to lives changed. But Cady is determined and seeks the help of a Federal Prosecutor to bring Gab's assailants to justice. This investigation takes the Sheriff's department into a world where the Mexican drug cartel is local, marijuana is grown, and everyone wants a piece of the pie. Walt has a surprising guest. A mobile clinic raises Henry's suspicions. Meanwhile, Henry sets fire to the bar to get information out of Malachi but discovers that Darius was in another state when Beck was murdered, destroying Henry's only potential defense. Mathias questions Cady about Catori.

Walt finds a hidden camera in the store, which leads his team to find that the store owner had written down a partial license plate number. Ferg jeopardizes his relationship with Meg. Meanwhile, Walt deals with feelings of betrayal when he uncovers Cady and Branch's affair. Mayor Crane tries to force Walt to resign. The investigation into local oil workers raping a young native woman, named Gabrielle, is stonewalled by her mother. Latest books from this indie powerhouse include the alternate history novella Leviathan and sci-fi adventure Pale Mars. Ultrasound shows that the baby is fine. Meanwhile, Detective Fales returns to Absaroka County with warrants, forcing Walt and Henry to face what happened in Denver. As the investigation continues, it becomes evident that her Amish-like roots play a major role in the murder. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. 03. Chance Gilbert's thrilling plea leaves Walt abandoning his own lawsuit, creating an inevitable showdown between him and Vic. Meanwhile, Gorski checks out of the hospital without pressing charges but leaves Vic another threatening note. He is now the CEO of Barlow's development company and, when Walt loses, he intends to force Walt to sell his land whereon he will build a luxury resort community.

Henry is set free by Walt. Crime - Uptodate/ Waiting for next season. During the course of the series, 63 episodes of Longmire were released over six seasons.

An inevitable confrontation leads to changed lives.

The victim's death, his life insurance policy, and the owner of the farm are investigated. View production, box office, & company info, Walt, who has shown an aversion to cell phones throughout the series, pulls a cell phone out of his pocket and answers it. She visits Eamonn to talk about their potential future, but does not talk about the possible pregnancy.

While deciphering his backwards clues, Walt must also deal with a public debate against Branch. A roadside shooting involving two friends near the casino uncovers a. A botched hit attempt on Jacob and Walt looks more like the work of Malachi. The Eagle and the Osprey. Sheriff Jim Wilkins tries to railroad Walt.

He learns Ridges has committed suicide and Jacob Nighthorse burned the body in a ceremony.

While Walt interviews candidates for the vacant deputy position, he investigates a series of robberies involving stolen pharmaceuticals and a veterans recovery group run by psychiatrist Dr. Donna Monaghan (guest star Ally Walker). Use the HTML below. Walt eventually deduces that the person responsible was the former prison warden who was seeking revenge for both the initial murder and the later murder of one of his deputies. The series was based on the Longmire mystery novels written by best-selling author Craig Johnson, and follows Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor), the sheriff of the fictional Absaroka County, Wyoming, as he returns to work following … Convinced Walker is the perpetrator, Walt assaults him and is almost arrested by Cumberland County Sheriff Jim Wilkins (. Walt believes the children are describing Hector, a Cheyenne tough guy. She tells Walt that Gorski has left town, but she sits at home, armed and staring at the door. Walt confronts the child services manager. Season 1, Episode 9: Dogs, Horses and Indians. Season 4, Episode 10: What Happens on the Rez…. Walt is injured while trying to save Henry. He reports that the prisoner is freed by the assailants. Obsessed with solving the mysterious circumstances surrounding Branch's death, Walt deputizes Henry to handle evidence that could overturn the suicide ruling.

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