5 celestials: (C/B, 2016, perfect health) R5000.00 excl box. Galah Cockatoo Green Cheek Conures Closed Rung, Dna'd 2020 bred (Can ship via Walkers) Contact Nick Chiniah on 082 217 1128 / sales1@afrifuture.com.

:no ring 0-3 Kakarikies red fronted green :BrPr, Contact: Neels on 0788259881 Birds, Poultry and Rabbits Must ring for an appointment O411 203 900 for social distancing - NO messaging NO texts EOI currently hand-raising baby lorikeets and will be available in approx. This advert is located in and around Description: they are not picky about nesting boxes. Beautiful 1 year old scarlet chested grass parrot for sale. Contact Gerrit on Bezuidenhout / gerritbezuidenhout1988@gmail.com, 13/10/2020: For sale/Te koop: CP BIRDS.com.

All Rights Reserved. Looking for a young or baby Alexandrine for in the house. All Birds for Sale.

E-mail:kjwmellors@gmail.com. 3 proven pair hooded £270 a pair 2 pairs now sold, 2020 closed rung turks red backed and dilute yellows pairs and odd hens from 30 pounds each also normal bourkes can meet at Exeter services   call ernie on 07790002621, proven breeding pair of Yellow crowned Amazonclose rung 12 years old in excellent feathers selling comes with breeding cage and large nest box  £900 E-mail:ismailsuffla@gmail.com, Looking for a Tame Quaker

The first thing you will need to teach it is to not bite. 0-1 Lutino R 18 000 19/10/2020: For sale/Te koop: 0-0-4 Plumhead chicks of 2019


Contact 0827795379 (Port Shepstone). Contact Naas Ferreira on 083 298 0155 / naas.anf@gmail.com, 13/08/2020: For sale/Te koop:

Maak offer. Extra wyfies R2500.00 each Northwest. male plain x female greygreen R4000.00; Description: Split opaline. Orange-winged Red Rumps R750.00 p/p 29/10/2020: For sale/Te koop: 2-1 Grey Green R1500, 2018 Can arrange collection or pick up. :h/r The degree of the mutation is variable. Eclectus Parrots Wyfie se vlerk het seer gekry. 1-1 brpr Plumheads plain, R2500.00; Description: Cock Pi, Preferably young blue headed macaw wanted  for breeding. 1-1 opaline pair

free parking right outside the door. Regular Price $749.99 Sale Price $599.99. Two pairs available. PAARLKLIP TRADING CC. Mated pair grass parrots / red rump with Latino baby .avairy breed not pets. E-mail:myburghwillem1@gmail.com, 3-1 Golden Mantle E-mail:louw.mary1@gmail.com, City/Town: Cape Town area Yellow Collored

E-Mail: wilhelmrigaardt@gmail.com, 2-2 geel Turquoisines R1000p/p

E-mail:ismailsuffla@gmail.com, 1-0 Cloncurry Contact: Frank Spahr on 0792539510 (whatsapp) or 0446920251 1-1 brpr dilute X split dilute Rock peblers Contact: Daleen Hurter on 0833802419 14/09/2020: Wanted/Gesoek: :2019 2-2 Rosabourkes R800.00 p/p. 1-1 Male Opaline x normal female R1500.00 This advert is located in and around

:ss :2019 E-mail:schalk.labuschagne@yahoo.com, City/Town:.Welkom Vrystaat – Vervoer kan gereël word. Events. Blue opaline Fischer ewing Queen of Bavari Sal ook ruil vir volw grey pare of blue fronted pare Both turkes and scarlets price neg. £40 For Sale Lutino lovebirds. Warrington Pets & Exotics Stock List Contact: Antony on 072 326 6705 (C/B, 2019, S/S) R14 000.00. Preferably blue, Contact: Mary on 082 476 9887 Would prefer south west but maybe use walkers.

Wanted cock Pinapple conure to go with a early 2020 hen. Basildon, Essex. E-mail:greeffmatt@gmail.com, 1-0 Maximillion pionus 1x albino hen 1-0 /Opaline R12 000, Town/City: Airfreight is possible from Upington. :1yr old, Contact: Vikash Mahon on 0827795379 Contact Antony on 0723266705 / ant2@telkomsa.net. 3-2 Celestials, Blue or cobalt pied pair, E-mail:info@bmbirds.co.za, I am looking for Barrabands and Rock pebblers, Contact: Ismail on 071 676 5518 E-mail:kerneels.foord@gmail.com. E-mail:unicor2006@gmail.com, 7-7 Plumheads, breeding pairs. Price: R 16 000 P/pr, Contact: Neels on 0788259881 in captivity Clutch Size: 3-6 white eggs; but average 4 eggs Incubation: 23 days from the date the female stay the whole time in the nest, usually this happens after she lays her third egg; from that time i count 23 […] :H/R :2019 Voels, Price: R550 per voël of R2500 vir almal saam, City/Town:Middelburg MP.. Copyright © 2005-2020 EquineNow.com, LLC. 1-0 Cloncurry parakeet (10 months old) R2200.00 ea :ss Rosa bourkes (s/s, n/b, Description: Many colors to choose from including Lutino's (yellow with red eyes), blue/gray, yellow…, Baby parakeets for sale. Contact Shaheem on 0845129723 / shahbeh@gmail.com, 13/10/2020: For sale/Te koop: 14/09/2020: For sale/Te koop: 14-14 Turquoisine R700.00 p/p; 2-2 Rosabourkes R800.00 p/p. Descrition: Town/City: Kriel, Mpumalanga, Contact: Christelle on 0763124438 4.9K likes. Black headed caique for sale  cock bird with DNA perfect feather 2019 3-2 pairs, spare male. Red-rump Parrot: Lutino, blue, pied, 6 distinct cinnamon varieties (3 of these are sex-linked, 2 are recessive and 1 is a red-eyed very advanced cinnamon ... but all opaline mutations are sex-linked. 0-1 groen?blou 9 hours ago. 00 for the lot. Contact: Wilhelm Rigaardt. href=”mailto:birdsnaberman@gmail.com”>birdsnaberman@gmail.com, 14/10/2019-For Sale /Te Koop:

Birds for Sale in Midlands Birds for Sale in North Birds Northern Ireland Birds for Sale Scotland Birds for Sale South East Birds for Sale South West Birds for Sale WalesBirds for Sale EU, 2 related moustache parakeets 18 months old £100 each, Turquoise grass parakeets for sale all colours all proven pairs aviary birds full coloney £750 or pairs for 70 on offers and no texts thanks all birds are big and strong flying, Rosellas for sale all GMRS blues lutino visual normals split for pastal 3 proven pair's and two related cocks 250 up 350 a pair no texts just phone calls please, DNA Sexed Cock Dark Eyed Clear Fischer's Lovebird  £35 07941968107, DNA sexed Cock Lutino Fischer's Lovebird £35 or Would Swap For Lutino Hen. Hatched late March.  

Beautiful birds. Contact: Preggy Chetty on 0833754776 We have had lots of new birds arrive, so some might not be ready to leave straight away. Scientific Name: Neopsephotus bourkii, formerly known as Neophema bourki, Clutch Size: 3-6 white eggs; but average 4 eggs, Incubation: 23 days from the date the female stay the whole time in the  nest, usually this happens after she lays her third egg; from that time i count 23 days. 1-1 Lutino male and Rubino female Rosellas 0-1 Opaline R8 000 Contact: Lena on 084 251 1947

:1 x 10months old Contact: Iismail on 071 676 5518

1-1 Rock pebbler possible split dilute 1-1 Eastern Rosella (melanistic, c/b, 2018) R20 000.00, Hybrid If no answer please text. 0-2 Lutino Redrump wyfies Lesser Sulpher Harlewuin (c/b, 2018) R11 000.00, Prices are not negotiable.

:Male Pied once they decide to breed they don’t mind nesting is a parakeet nesting box or even a finch box. Geen vervoer beskikbaar. Neels 0788259881. 3-0 Quakers Contact: Marianne Fourie on 0833060778 7 hours ago. Contact: LODE OTTO on 082 6836433 Price: R1700 per pair I will wait for the present season’s chicks if you contact me now pse. BABY YELLOW CROWNED AMAZONS Hen 2020 hen conures wanted with dna.to pair up not pets avairy birds pref. $100. 6 months old R300 ea or R1000 all four. Contact JJ on 0828378701 / jjscholtz3@gmail.com. Avairy  bird only . This advert is located in and around (Blue, grey, turquoise) olive, Mixed Ring-necked parakeet Contact ALISTAIR LOW on 0769173558 / alistair.low1@gmail.com, 03/09/2020: For sale/Te koop: Voels ook te ruil vir Africangrey volwasse pare, Contact: Neels on 078 825 9881 :2019 1 x 6 weeks old  (v/s, 2019) R700.00p/p. E-mail:eldredsw@yahoo.com. :very tame. Darenth, Kent, I have a lutino tamed lovebird for sale Scarlet Chested Lutino Male. Mixed cockatiels

1-1 Turquoisine parakeets (wild-type colours; between 1 and 2 years old) Based in Newlands, dbn. 1-0 breeding Plumhead R1200.00; 3x albinos (unsexed) He is likely split to Lutino and both carry the….

Phone Pine – 0823715312 8 pairs, discount if all sold together, 1-1 Plumheads grey green Contact wilhel rigaardt on 0607910800 / wilhelmrigaardt@yahoo.com, 30/09/2020: Wanted/Gesoek: E-mail:hunterdog.hd@gmail.com, 2-4 Golden mantle Rosellas.

Because…, Female Luntino Indian Ringneck. Major Mitchell 1-1 brpr Alexandrines Yellow-crowend Description: :2017 or older City/Town: Centurion. So the maximum you will need to train it for is not to talk.

White -bellied Weiro and Red Rump Parrots. 1 -1 Brpr Dilute Rockpeblars R35000.00 Contact Sandra on 0643110652 / sandrakisten@gmail.com (kzn). In very good condition v/s, n/b) R4500.00 p/p. Price: R35000 E-mail:reinardtherselman@gmail.com, Celestial Parrotlet babas beskikbaar vir handgrootmaak. Contact Us. Contact Henk on 0727335442 / birdsnaberman@gmail.com, 03/09/2020: For sale/Te koop: BREEDING: Bourkes parakeets are relatively easy breeders. Yesterday. Stay safe. :1 jaar oud, City/Town: Brits omgewing Description: :Female Yellow, Price:R700-00 Copyright © 2005-2020 EquineNow.com, LLC.

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