In the photo below you can see an enbloc clip about to be inserted into the receiver. It was a long eight days of shooting with eight different events all the way from Small Arms Firing School (SAFS) through Games Weekend, Vintage Sniper, Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military, and  Carbine wrapping up with the big Black Rifle matches: the NTI and P100.

I must have gotten a little cocky by rapid sitting. This rifle had performed well for me at a local match and at the range so I was excited to try her out at Perry. It was seasonally hot and sunny. I had pieced together a 03A3 from parts and CBI barrel. For the second match, I was hoping to shoot my carbine, but I forgot my magizines and wasn’t able to scrounge up any from the other shooters.

A Garand-Thumb often occurs when you try to close the bolt on an empty magazine. $49.95. Fellow C&R firearms enthusiast Oelund has undertaken a rather extreme experiment. M1 Garand 2 Round Clip. more info Quick view. So, after a bad wind call and swaying too much in off hand I started off the NTI with a miss. The saying goes that there are two types of M1 Garand shooters. I had a great time, shot well in several events, and took some lumps in others. I had never shot a match in this format and frankly, neither of us had a great grasp on how to read wind. The root cause of M1 thumb can be traced down to user error.

NRA Championships at Camp Atterbury. All Rights Reserved. To close the bolt on an unloaded M1 Garand you need to push down on the magazine follower before the bolt can close, and if your finger doesn’t get out of the way in time it’ll be caught.

A Garand-Thumb often occurs when you try to close the bolt on an empty magazine. Oh boy, did I learn a few things. On the other hand, it tells me is I need to focus on applying these same fundamentals to the rapid strings. I made the SAFS points and brought home my first medals from Camp Perry.

The best way to prevent a Garand-Thumb is to operate the gun with your right hand, having the palm of your hand flat against the side of the gun and the back of the hand resting against the charging handle, as seen on the picture above. All stages are fired from a magazine, “slow” prone is 10 rounds in 5 minutes and off hand is 10 rounds in 10. Within a very short period of time the process will become second nature and the risk of accidentally smashing your thumb will have passed.

When the bottom of the bolt is properly greased it's very difficult to get the bolt to hang up as shown. I apparently over corrected my wind for sitting during the NTI and was about a minute left. I wasn’t familiar with the course of fire which put me out of my comfort zone. 22-250 is, in essence a 308 necked down for 223 projectiles. However if you don’t manage to get the bolt all the way back it might rest on the magazine follower instead of the bolt-catch, and it might slam shut without warning. Monardgate: magic jackets and the emperor’s demands.

© 2014 Now that I’ve shot within a handfull of points of the gold medal cut, I’d like to see if I can bring one home from either the Western Games this fall or the Eastern Games in the spring. As you can see, the bolt was resting on the follower and released as soon as I touched it with my thumb.

The M1 rifle is a .30 caliber, gas-operated, 8 shot clip-fed, semi-automatic rifle. July 2015 Service Rifle and Garand Matches at KFGA, CMP One Shot Dedication Match: Talladega Marksmanship Park, SMT Solo Electronic Target: 21st century practice, A new tradition? It’s a 22-250 Garand. The builder tells me the tricky part is getting the gas port the right size for it to cycle.

This year I signed up for as many matches at Camp Perry as I could squeeze on the calendar. I’ve heard plenty times to let go of bad shots and that only the next shot counts, but apparently it took that phrasing for it to finally click for me. Freshly back from Camp Perry, I headed out to my local club for High Power and a couple of Garand matches. I ended up at number 14! Below is a quick comparison of 30-06 vs 22-250 note that out to 500 yards 22-250 is a bit faster and flatter than 06.

With the bolt correctly locked back you can safely clean and access the internal component without fear of the bolt closing on your hand. If you're holding the operating rod handle you can safely ease the bolt shut. Not being completely satisfied with the previous clip, I recorded one more. I wasn’t quite able to top my performance in the prone stages in the first match but I still did well. Now that you understand how one can get a M1 thumb, you're in a position to never join the club. After a long morning of travel we rolled into CMP’s Talladega Marksmanship Park just after they wrapped up the dedication. He gave me some great advice and I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. Other than the barrel,  the rest of the rifle is a standard Garand.

Looking back at my numbers I swing high and low in the rapid stages acoss platforms. The latter I missed during the range commands and had assumed it was five as well. This little gun killed my streak.

The saying goes that there are two types of M1 Garand shooters. Often people will get a Garand-Thumb because the bolt has not been pulled fully to the rear. We had spent a fair amount of time worrying, strategizing, and throwing rounds down range. When the shooter grabs the op-rod handle and pulls it back smartly, the op-rod engages the op-rod catch and locks it in place. If you bump the rifle, or stick your hand in the receiver, the bolt will snap shut. Mankind’s advantage over nearly every other animal vs a weird hole with a spring. Yep, I cross-fired like a rookie. Garand Thumb Meme: who would win? When this happens, ONLY the friction between the two parts prevents the bolt from flying home. What that tells me is that working on taking my time on each shot, getting the right sight picture every time and focusing hard on the front sight even in off-hand has been helping. As I mentioned earlier, the NTI was my first time the at 600 in competition. M1 thumb almost always occur when cleaning, or handling the weapon unloaded. I picked up some good tips on the sitting position and off hand and even slinging up. M 1 Thumb has been the center of rifle lore for many decades.

High Power started off poorly. After this trip to Perry I am inspired to start trying to chase some EIC points. I expected some differences  with my zeros at Perry so chalk it up as learning. The Garand Match was what I was hoping to do well in. A mechanical failure could happen but 99% of the cases are self inflicted. However, if the shooter does not fully retract the bolt, the op-rod catch never engages the op-rod and the bolt can get stuck on the follower. I was back at it Sunday with the Garand.

Contrary to popular belief, it's almost impossible to get M1 thumb while loading the rifle. My firing points coach was Sgt Manning from the Army Reserve Marksmanship Team.

The day of the SAFS M16 EIC match it was sunny and beautiful. With the op-rod locked back you can depress the follower almost all the way down before the bolt releases.

CBI has a nice write up on the course of fire and last years Vintage Sniper Match Click here to read it. I need to find a sweet spot between taking my time with each shot and not saving rounds, especially with bolt guns.

KFGA tends to be bight and sunny on the line and dark down range so typically my prone scores end up a little lower here, compared to other places, perhaps I have over come that, or the light was better this month.

See CBI’s write up of SAFS with me by clicking here.

The excuse I’m going with it’s difficult to see the 22 cal holes with the dark range conditions. I took a guess that it was 6:00 based on a drawing someone had left behind at the bench and clicked it left one based on the shot of the last shooter which was a in the 8 ring at 3:00.

I started out strong with the first match beating my personal best in slow prone with a 99! Rarely have I been able to recover from a bad string by making it up in off hand (ie The D-Day match at Talladega) however I’m happy to report I was able to walk it home shooting on two legs and made the cut for my first leg points. I was picturing that fifth ten coming up… waited…. Never ease the bolt all the way closed on a loaded round. They were having a “one shot dedication match” which was one shot with one of several CMP specials. I may have only made the cut by a point, and have posted better scores in the past but it felt great to take home a medal by a hair after bumbling slow prone. In rapid prone I was low about a minute, but otherwise had a nice group. So, at least we had a 300 and 600 yard zero.

M1 Garand .308 Parts Set, Less Receiver. waited… and my scorer calls for a mark. This is the first year I have had a Springfield to shoot in this match. SCATT Trainer: More Trigger Time More Often! Mid to high 70’s lighting was perfect, and the humidity stayed low at least for the first two relays. It's one of those events that you won't forget. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Last Garand Match of the Season: first win! M1 Garand / M14 Bolt Disassembly Tool.

The CMP special won’t be coming home with me, but it was nice to try out the fancy new equipment!

Here is a clip of me purposely giving myself a Garand-Thumb, recorded at 1200 frames per second. I was on relay two; the fella I had been squad-ed with the past couple days set the bar pretty high in the first relay so the pressure was on. I had learned a lot last year which I had been applying throughout the year and I was determined get some good coaching and to try and get those 4 “intro points” this year. When the bolt is to the rear it is locked in place by the bolt catch and won’t be released until you relieve the pressure on it. 22-250 is, in essence a 308 necked down for 223 projectiles. In this second match, I was able to keep all but 3 rounds in the black, two eights in rapid, and one in off hand. I signed up for the “basic” course again. It is 43.6 inches (1,107 mm) long and it weighs about 9.5 pounds (4.31 kg).

The difference between basic and advanced being that the basic group gets a couple of hours of dry firing based instruction while the advanced group stays in the AC for additional classroom instruction. The old 1917 and I have never gotten along very well, this blog is full of posts about some terrible scores I’ve posted with this rifle. I’m sure it will do well at that job. Other than the barrel, the rest of the rifle is a standard Garand. M1 Garand … This match is a walk and paste with no pit duty, so it makes for a nice easy day and a welcome break between the games events and the NTI/P100.

I remembered to take my time in rapid prone and shot a 99 with a nice tight group. However, if you pull back on the op-rod, even slightly and then depress the follower, the bolt will immediately snap shut.

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