The military will show up, being aware of what the ship is and the biochemical weapon that is on it they will do anything to keep it secret. Get the best of USG in your inbox by subscribing to our newsletters. Successfully keeping all of the characters alive and not having Conrad escape on the speedboat earlier in the game will result in one of the best endings. If, on the other hand, you find the distributor and don't give the coordinates to the military, the group will escape before Conrad returns, leaving him to explore the ship and in the end he will go crazy because of the hallucinations of the "Manchuria Gold".

However, there are more unique character dialogues to unlock post-credits, depending upon who dies and who survives. Later, you admit there was something in the last room. Don't miss: Note: these are just a few endings for now Man of Medan , we will add more as soon as possible. You don't have the distributor. It can be pretty tough at times to make it through this section with Alex alive, but if you do, he's guaranteed to survive the events of the game. This two military personnel who are searching the ship will run into Danny, who will have a sledgehammer and will start attacking these two men.

There's a series of three quick time events, each consisting of three button presses, when Conrad is fleeing the old woman chasing him. The endings available across Man of Medan will take you a long time if you want to see them all!

However, while the gang may survive, the military will arrive at the ship and be brutally murdered by Danny with a sledgehammer. This ending can be achieved when everyone in the group finds no plan for escape nor do they look into key places for survival items. You need to select the confront option here, because the illusion you're seeing is actually just Fliss. If you choose to stay a few more seconds, you won't be able to escape and break the object.

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The Resident Evil Movie Series Has a Reboot in the Works. There was a problem. Axe of the Blood God: How the PlayStation 4 Changed Gaming, When Conrad is being beaten by Olson, ask him "what do you want?". Also, you know those beastly monsters and ghosts trying to brutally off you?

Since we will be discussing all of the endings in Man of Medan, this should go without warning but there will be tons of spoilers from here on out. It can be quite difficult to get through this section with Alex alive.

Save your group of ill-fated characters, or watch the bloodbath unravel. Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Ending Explained. If you played and loved Until Dawn, then you probably know what to expect when going into Man of Medan.The game follows a group of friends that are on an oceanic excursion when their boat is hijacked by pirates. Man of Medan | How to unlock all the endings.

When you first encounter Olson, complete the heartbeat sequence to go unnoticed. Complete the final QTE to escape the other Alex as you regroup with everyone. It doesn't matter if you attack or back off from Olson, he'll still smash the cargo bulkhead and completely flood the area. This is essentially the “good” ending that allows the group to escape on Fliss’ boat.

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Do not mention the name of the ship. If you choose to stay for a few more seconds, Olson will end up on top of Brad right underneath the gate. Man of Medan All Endings Guide. If you ended up breaking the distributor cap by messing up the QTE’s with the rats covering Olsen’s dead body, you won’t have access to the boat, leaving the group with one way out, the military.  |  In this ending, when the military helicopter arrives, they see nobody and they start searching the ship. As with the first play, you might believe that this game is a horror story but it’s not even close to what you think. Conrad is the first character to Man of Medan be put in danger. Another Konami classic gets a spot on GOG. True to … Good luck finding out how he holds down his job, though: He steadfastly refuses to convey information unless it’s in clickable online form.

Many of the following endings do not take into account the number of people saved, but we will unlock whoever is still alive. To escape on the boat, just make sure to have the distributor cap on you.

This will occur, be it on the Duke of Milan, with the coast guard or the military. Choose to try to take the gun that Olson offers you. But you fail to give the actual name of the ship (this is found with a collectible), then this time they will come and lock you up to prevent the world from knowing the secrets of Ourang Medan and Manchurian Gold. Even if you call for the military help, the whole group will be able to leave the Ourang Medan if you have a good hold on the distributor cap and have it safely with you.

in the conversation with the monster.

In Lower Decks, recover the wedding ring from Danny's corpse.

Hirun Cryer is by far the most juvenile member of USgamer. When it seems like all hope is lost for the four remaining characters, Conrad shows up with the coastguard! This ending ends with Julia hallucinating and seeing Brad's terrifying face with an evil smile. Soon Brad will go on his own to check the situation and end up running into Olsen, who has the object he needs to start the boat. First hammer Square/X to push him away, then press Circle/B to escape his grasp one final time, before the bulkhead door slams shut, killing Olson in the process. USG Game of the Month: Amnesia: Rebirth. Grab the distributor cap from Olson's corpse. In this ending, the military will arrive on site, but they will NOT rescue the boys.

We’re not talking about the bad guys, but instead referring to Fliss, Conrad, Alex, Junior, Julia and Brad. They soon run into Danny, who has managed to grab hold of a sledgehammer and begins to attack the two men.

This way, the group is just stranded on the island where Fliss chooses to go rowing on a boat with paddles in hope to catch some wave while others sit by in hope that some random person or some help come out of blue.

NY 10036. You can save everyone, just like you can't save anyone. Choose not to take the gun and run away with the speedboat. We'll also be examining the best and worst Man of Medan endings you can attain. Complete the QTE sequence where three mice jump on you.

The rest of them choose to leave her be and decide to stay on the ship until hopefully, someone comes for them. Just as in Until Dawn, the goal of the game is to make the protagonists of the story survive. He's so juvenile, that this is his first full-time job in the industry, unlike literally every other person featured on this page. That's Alex, Brad, Julia, Conrad, Fliss, and Junior making it to the credits without descending to a watery grave.

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