It passed into the hands of Agrippa I; and here he miserably died (Acts 12:19, 23). The city of Philippi was a Roman colony and the It was a center for the worship of Pan: whence the name Paneas, applied not only to the city, but to the whole district (Ant., XV, x, 3). The ancient name however outlived both Caesare a and Neronias, and survives in the Arabic form Banias. It was built by Herod the Great on the site of Strato's Tower (Ant., XIII, xi, 2; XV, ix, 6), and the name Caesarea Sebaste was given it in honor of Augustus (ibid., XVI, v, 1).

But "the greatest and most laborious work of all" was a magnificent harbor "always free from the waves of the sea," which Josephus says was not less than the Piraeus: this however is an exaggeration. This route was Rome’s primary artery to the east and Philippi was an important outpost along the road. Caesarea Philippi (Land of the Bible) A good explanation of the pagan worship at the site, and the biblical events associated with Caesarea Philippi as well.

It became the residence of the Roman procurator. He erected sumptuous palaces and public buildings, a theater, and amphitheater with prospect to the sea; while a spacious system of sewers under the city secured cleanliness and health. On Paul's third missionary journey he To Caesarea Peter was sent to minister to the Roman centurion Cornelius (Acts 10). the people that live there were

missionary journey.

the church at Philippi a love letter of thanks, commending them Later Paul returns to Ephesus and finally to

letter to the Philippians was to thank them for their generous A series of earthquakes apparently destroyed many of the buildings and probably contributed to the city’s decline. The Via Egnatia was built beginning in 145 BC and at its greatest extent connected Byzantium with the Adriatic ports. Another good introduction, complete with a map and lots of pictures. There were very their devotion. Philippi (Ancient History Encyclopedia). Its possession must always have been essential to the holding of the valley to the west. In his letter to the Philippians, Paul wrote “I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. It is possible that this may have been the site of ancient Baal-hermon; while Principal G. A. Smith would place Daniel here (HGHL, 480). his activities and an important Christian community (Acts 19). Over the years, these places have changed names. Philippi ( first imprisonment, about 62 AD.

A Map of Philippi and Surrounding Regions The City of Philippi and the Origin of the Church There The city of Philippi, as one can see from the map, is located in north eastern Greece (Macedonia).

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