Look across the chart for your boot length for a numerical DIN setting. I suggest that the barons would be great for you. The forward pressure indicator on the back of most Marker Bindings (Squire, Griffon, Jester, Jester Pro, Comp 16 etc) is the silver screw on the back of the black heel piece housing. If you can’t insert a business card with little resistance then you will need to lower the AFD by turning the Allen wrench CLOCKWISE.

If you are "III" level skier, go two DIN settings higher.

Thing is, Duke and Baron are truly slackcountry bindings, in that they’re not intended for massive touring use. Cory Slide the toe piece forward on the rails by hand and align the indicator with the appropriate millimeter mark on the binding. I think the crux here is that bindings such as Duke or Baron are truly intended to be used mostly in alpine mode, with only occasional switches to touring, usually for short distances. I have a pair of Dynafits that I bought last year and they worked great. I’m a “Type II” skiier and fairly athletic. With regard to the minimum ski width thing and the Marker line of AT bindings as per the post of Joseph. This will correspond to a letter code on the chart. If you find yourself asking that question, go take your skis to a shop and have them get your bindings dialed in for you. Either way, if you do a home mount, let us know how it goes. At this point grab a business card and try to insert it between the boot and the AFD. Matt, if you’re asking if another brand or model of binding will match up to the mounting holes for a small sized Duke, I doubt it.

used as a substitute for professional medical advice, Hey guys! A tight setting -- or high number -- is for aggressive skiers, while a lower setting is for beginners. Must take skis off to go from touring to skiing mode and vice-versa, which isn’t good for those who have mastered the art of de-skinning on the fly. Do you have any feedback on this? googletag.defineSlot('/1027394/forums_sidebar_halfpage', [300, 600], 'div-gpt-ad-adHalfPage').addService(googletag.pubads()); Second season on the Baron’s and despite the weight I’m still pretty impressed with them. Given your level of skiing (advanced, not extreme cliff hucking nutjob!) Eject the ski boot from the binding then click it back in and double check to make sure that screw is flush with the housing. Now I’m getting frustrated (grin), as I’m thinking the Duke and Baron bindings we have here might be size smalls? Push the tab down firmly with the butt of the screwdriver handle.

& I compensate by taking a few more breaks while climbing than the light weight Dynafitters do.

How to Adjust Salomon Evolution Ski Boots, Differences Between Clip-in and Strap Snowboards. Lou,

I’m happy with my current DIN at 8. Lift the release lever and take the boot out of the binding. Turn the knob to the right or left, as necessary, and adjust the forward pressure to the center-mark on the scale.

But first, always fun to unbox nicely engineered machinery. Sandy – thanks for the feedback. Barons are a compromise, and I may regret it (it’s not as if I’ve not sold a couple of Fritschi bindings at a loss before), but I’ll give them a go. Too raise or lower the DIN grab that same screw driver you used before to set the forward pressure and set your DIN's. Has anyone ridden dynafits extensively at the area? (function() { Just a word on the street sort of thing but i have been hearing mutterings about a longer heel life becoming available sometime in december for ~$40. Much appreciated!

var sidebar_align = 'right'; The worst that could happen is that I’ll have to get another pair of Dynafits to replace them . Designed and Developed by WildSnow, Naxo Backcountry Skiing Bindings – Info Index, Silvretta Pure Backcountry Skiing Bindings – Info Index, Fritschi Backcountry Skiing Bindings – Info Index, Naxo randonnee alpine touring AT ski binding FAQ, Dynafit Binding Frequently Asked Questions FAQ.

We got a pair of Marker Baron backcountry skiing bindings in for review a few days ago (Update 2011: F10 and F12 models now available, our mount instructions and general review information still apply). Adjust Marker bindings to fit bigger ski boots one at a time.

I’d say the Duke and Baron are a bit more beefy than Dynafit in view of the above, but I’d also state that people do misconceive the amount of difference. Ski bindings are an increasingly high-design piece of equipment and need to be adjusted to the proper tension setting (known as the "DIN" setting). The above photo is a perfect AFD adjustment.

It’s great to have that option as it makes a considerable amount of additional terrain accessible a relatively short distance from a traverse or bootpack. If the AFD is too low rotate the the Allen wrench COUNTER-CLOCKWISE to raise the height until it’s barely touching the bottom of the boot. The new Marker Griffon ID has the capabilities of accommodating standard alpine soles, alpine touring soles, and Grip Walk. Open the adjuster lever on the side of the toe piece by hand. googletag.defineSlot('/1027394/forums_header_widead', [[728, 90], [970, 90]], 'div-gpt-ad-adWideAd').addService(googletag.pubads()); Remember to compare the actual binding to the template before using it, in case it doesn’t print at full scale. I’ll change the dimension on the template to 102 mm.

How much space should there be between the botton of the boot sole, and the AFD on a Marker Tour? Instructions specific to mounting Duke/Baron are on the template, but you’ll also need to know the secret of getting the front screws in, which is to simply remove all the screws in Duke/Baron front plate, allowing it to thus slide freely and expose the front holes for screw insertion. It is best to read up online about your particular bindings if you are not familiar with the fore aft adjustment. It should not be

You may be able to check the amout of BSL adjusment to confirm the size of your Duke.

Other than catching the edges of the binding plate or binding and possibly causing release or damage are there other issues with using these on a narrower ski? For those wanting efficiency but still a step-in option and alpine look, we of course always like the Fritschi offerings. -JB. , It is seemingly simple but really is a highly precise, skilled job. The image above shows the AFD on the NEW Marker Griffon ID binding. We’ll see how our test bindings do. Copyright Policy

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