After the first few stages, I thought the gameplay was actually pretty solid. You’ll want to make sure you get those new titles unlocked and then center them as the leader for each fight: whomever is chosen as the leader will grant “Leader Skills” to the party and add some kind of buff to help turn the tides of combat. It feels a bit ridiculous and deeply unbalances how combat goes, especially once you buff up a couple of tanks to throw into the mix.

the story is sorta generic, but enjoyable, like anime has been lately. He lives in Spain (the plain-y bit where the rain mainly falls) and his love for Banjo-Kazooie borders on the unhealthy. As your characters grow in levels, you’ll have the chance to change their character classes through a sort of skill tree, which adds a bit of role-playing to Mercenaries Wings. Mixed or average reviews- based on 7 Ratings, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo. Then, within about three chapters, you start to suspect there’s more than meets the eye in this world of warfare and political intrigue, and, big surprise, turns out there’s turmoil and deceit and nothing is as it seems. I haven’t played so I can’t comment specifically though. TLDR - It's ok. Worth getting if and only if you're into tactical strategy games like FFT.

This is a list of classes in Mercenaries Saga.

@Archius9 the review mentions 5 of them above the conclusion. What really irks me is that Mercenaries Wings doesn’t even look particularly great.

There are only two difficulty settings: normal and easy. I'm just looking for a strategy game to pass the the time on the subway until The Three Houses releases. You place your characters on the grid map as you begin, and then you take turns against the enemy moving into place, hitting them, using items and skills to rebalance the combat, and continue until the conditions for the mission (usually “defeat all enemies”) is satisfied. , and it all suddenly makes sense. It's drowning in my back log. Welcome to the Mercenaries Saga Wikia. They’ll all divide up and charge at you, occasionally healing themselves or healing the boss (if a boss defeat is the round condition), and very rarely withdraw when their HP is down.

Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix might have faults, but the sheer number of alternatives is by far its biggest problem. But that was largely coming off of how much fun I had with Disgaea 5.

Characters feel like they level up faster than the other titles, likely a result of Wings not bombarding you with a ton of characters in the beginning.

While the story may not match the heights of the genre, the characters are likable and it’s well-paced to keep moving toward the next mission. Disgaea 1 or 5 Complete will do you very nicely. About the same as any series of budget titles would compare to one of the most acclaimed games of its genre. Important game path changing decisions happen earlier on, which is nice for replaying… if you want to replay the game again in the first place. Thanks for recommending.

This thread is archived. The fights are pretty short, so might as well go back and build up so you can turn into the next stage of mayhem.

The window of opportunity that Mercenaries Saga Chronicles snuck through has well and truly closed. WarGroove is coming next year. There is a free version on the Google Play Store.

i hope to see this team go all out in the future with a $30 or $60 game with alot more content and branching skills. There’s just nothing here that compels me to listen to it. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Sections Edit. There's quite a few options you can use, most stages were fairly interesting and I had a good time throughout (I've went through both story paths of the first game, and started the second one). However, the crown’s coffers have been drained after years of conflict and Jez’s expanding team soon have their morals tested; cue the typical roster of cutthroats, warriors and teenagers. Disgaea 5 is a good title to pick up but it still doesn't hold a candle to FFT as far as gameplay and story telling. Chronicles will give you the first three games and phoenix is the next one that ties in with the 3rd game with some similar characters and locales.

Perfunctory, cliched writing and a lack of niceties make it a tougher sell when there are literally hundreds of hours to be had elsewhere.

While the story is effectively entertaining between maps, the combat is at the heart of this tactical RPG.

He came from the Wastelands, openly bearing the brand of N. None questioned his allegiance, whatever else they wondered about the stranger. This is all done in-between rounds on the menu screen where you also save your game, spend skill points and get a story recap. Then, within about three chapters, you start to suspect there’s more than meets the eye in this world of warfare and political intrigue, and, big surprise, turns out there’s turmoil and deceit and nothing is as it seems. It's more crazy and fast paced than FFT. In the end, while I do see a number of downsides and flaws with Mercenaries Wings, it’s still an enjoyable game.

For information on classes, click here. Mixed or average reviews An absolute deluge of software in the intervening months, however, means Switch owners can’t move for great turn-based strategy games of all flavours.

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