His footwork is deceptive, his speed is blistering and his composure is eerily relaxed. The horse meat references when Reem is fighting are hilarious. ", "He could cure lesbianism... someone get Lindsay Lohan on the phone.". Schiavello went off all excited about the combo then said, "How about that Mike?" Posted by Michael Schiavello on Saturday, January 12, 2019 “I’m thrilled, honored and very humbled and grateful to receive this award,” Schiavello said. His one liners are hysterical, but every punch of the fight can't be a climactic moment...You'd think every pawing jab was Tyson KO punch. The tall, formidable Muay Thai stylist is reminise of a young Alexey Ignashov and the days when Alexey tore through K-1’s upper echelon heavyweights with ease utilising technique and crunching power. Location: One of The World's Leaders in Crude Oil: Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. » Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Grappling, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, and more! Long trunks and above-waist eight-kick counters fell by the wayside as the era of short trunks and leg-kicking took over. This is the official website of Mixedmartialarts LLC. His ego. Fans are attracted to him not only for his boyish looks but his Ignashov / Aerts lanky style of knock-out looping punches and vicious headkicks that is sure to earn him the K-1 Max strap some time in the future – maybe even this year. I think I remember hearing, "He's stiffened up like Viagra! Once again those who thought leg kicking was the final evolutionary development of the fight game were faced with the choice of either embracing the use of knees or fading away. You get Thai writing tattooed on your arm or back even though you don’t read or speak Thai, 12. Copyright Terms of Use Privacy Policy Advertising, "He's seeing more openings than a gynecologist". His total offensive ring nature leaves gaps that precision artists like Souwer, Buakaw and Masato can pick apart. You walk around in kickboxing promotional t-shirts that are more than five years old, 13. Is the fight game becoming more enticing and exciting and attractive or is it waning in its appeal?

"You wanna see Bob Sapp eat. Mixedmartialarts LLC. Known as ‘The Voice,” Schiavello won the prestigious honor at the 23rd annual awards show that was held at the Borneo Convention Centre. -- commentary of DREAM.1 in Japan, "His defense is tighter than a virgin, nothing penetrating! Also, The "Uber knee". " You would actually vote for Nugget as an Independent Member of Parliament for the Queensland government, 3. Operation Sports Forums Kido’s undefeated streak since 2005 includes names such as Kozo Mitsuyama, Andy Ologun and Hayato, but now he steps into the Top 8 for the first time ever and must trade with Kyshenko’s power and iron resolve.

An Armenian refugee who escaped his war-torn country as a child, Gago Drago brings his never-say-die attitude to centre ring every time he fights. ONE Championship play-by-play commentator Michael Schiavello was honored with the award for Best Sports Presenter/Commentator this past weekend at the 2018 Asian Television Awards in Kuching, Malaysia.

It is the advent of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

This latest “trend” that celebrities and the silver screen have so embraced? Check out this interview I did in Tokyo recently with Stuart Tonkin from kakutougi.info entitled "You're The Voice! Japan’s favourite fighting son and the apple of every Japanese woman’s eye remains the hands-down most popular fighter in the Land of the Rising Sun. Outside of Dane Beecham and his pimping ways; Bruce MacFie’s fluorescent hair colours; Corbett’s grim-reaper ring entrance; and Wayne Parr’s gun-slinging struts, does Muay Thai’s current generation possess marketability and style beyond die-hard fans of the sport? ll Masato’s ego get the better of him and make him trade with Drago toe-to-toe to prove a point? © 2020 All rights reserved.

Clay pots have been discovered in Greece with pictures of men engaging in a sport that looks a whole lot like a scene straight from the UFC. “Other than that I’d assume that Buakaw is a machine. Can't remember which event, only that I felt like a bad person for laughing. (Click to vote), http://www.mmacube.com/index.php?opt...les&Itemid=101. You’re a member of at least five different kickboxing internet forums and you spend most of your day thinking of something intelligent to say. My bad. Sato has already lost twice to Buakaw and may resign himself to the fact that he will never beat the Thai machine. "He's been on his back more than my ex-girlfriend.

By the mid-1990s the sport of kickboxing experienced the next chapter in its evolution as international rules kickboxing (the stuff that made Stan Longinidis famous) began to die and the inclusion of Muay Thai’s arsenal came to the fore. Clay pots have been discovered in Greece with pictures of men engaging in a sport that looks a whole lot like a scene straight from the UFC.

You take salsa classes but are expelled when you instinctively start grappling as your salsa partner puts her arms around your waist, 14. “He’s pretty much perfect,” says Nicholas Pettas. He doesn't actually know very much about fighting (especially Muay Thai) and offers very little in the way of genuine insight into what is taking place in the ring -- and that's when he actually does commentate the action, instead of reciting one-liners (many of which are ripped off the Internet and all of which are pre-written before the recording. You write your university thesis on the bio-mechanics of the Thai roundhouse kick. You know what the funny thing is about the “new” sport of MMA? What he does say is often incorrect anyway and just totally pulled out of his arse. His phenomenal workrate. Michael Schiavello is the author of Know Thyself (3.60 avg rating, 5 ratings, 1 review), Bouncer! And just look at these words from the Mahabharata, one of the major Sanskrit epics of ancient India. Australia is now predominantly a Muay Thai country. Although out-pointed by Drago in his last fight (non Max on Its Showtime in Amsterdam), Stevelmans will be ready to war with Souwer come July 7. © 2020 All rights reserved. The K-1 Max -- the highest form of fighting on the planet bar none -- will be shown LIVE on MAIN EVENT Pay Per View (Foxtel, Austar, Optus) Australia wide for the first time on Monday July 7 at 7pm. http://www.mmacube.com/index.php?opt...les&Itemid=101. Page 2 - Just recently watched the MFC 27 event commentated by Schiavello and Frank Trigg and heard this gem during one of the fights..."He's seeing more openings than a gynecologist" The best part was Trigg's complete

You wear a gold Buddha around your neck even though you’re not Buddhist, 17. Muay Thai is still a relatively new sport in Australia and Average Joe need only see a Muay Thai fight to realise just how exciting the sport is. You believe Nugget should run as an Independent Member of Parliament for the Queensland government, 4. Watching him is one of the greatest pleasures you can have. Ok so I missed the previous post lol. Favorite Michael Schiavello quotes - Just recently watched the MFC 27 event commentated by Schiavello and Frank Trigg and heard this gem during one of the fights..."He's seeing more openings than a gynecologist" The best part was Trigg's complete surprise,

Mauro is a terrible announcer with that fake wrestling voice. I love Goodnight Irene. The funny thing is that as much as we call MMA a “new” sport and the “sport of the new millennium”, it’s the very same sport that our ancestors competed in more than 2000 years ago!

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