Hi. Squirt half of the first color into the squirt bottle and add half of the second color on top of the first. Repeat the layering process with the remaining dye and replace the lid. Open each of the mixing bottles included with the dye packages and pour the dye base for each color into its own bottle.

Cover the tip with your gloved finger and shake the bottle back and forth to combine the dyes.

If yuo’re in doubt about how to apply the colour, then please let me know or check out the blog post: https://www.naturigin.com/home-hair-colours/ or our YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HyDWRmy1K0.

https://www.facebook.com/NATURIGIN/ Then it would be easier for me to guide you Best regards, Anna // NATURIGIN. Hair dyes come in virtually any shade imaginable, although you can mix different colors to further customize your style.

Hi Shirley, can you send us a private message on Facebook? Hi , what color will be produced when I miss gold hair dye and coffee hair dye, As the blogpost says, we don’t recommend mixing hair colour shades too far away from each other. For more tips on at-home hair colouring read this blog post about How to get the Best Result with Home Hair Colours. Can I mix light ash brown with light blonde? Or what else color can I mix with dark brown to have a nice color. Towel dry the majority of the water from your hair and allow it to air dry completely before applying the dye. Adding more reddish or golden undertones could result in orange strands. Allow the dye to sit for at least 15 minutes to allow the colors to thoroughly combine. What color will i end up with if i mix 5, 8.11,( intense ash )and 11.2.

Typically, the darker the hair, the more warm tones you'll find. Thanks.

Could I add an inch or 2 of 6.66 with 6%? https://www.facebook.com/NATURIGIN Then I can try to guide you the best way possible Best regards, Anna // NATURIGIN, Hi… what color will I get if I mix a semipermanent light ash brown with a semipermanent dark blonde…I would apply it to my gray roots between hairdresser appointments… presently my hair is highlighted blonde with the base color the color of Giselle’s…please help… maybe you can give me a better suggestion. If you mix half and half you will get a colour 4.0, Customize your colour to fit your individuality, It is best to pick shades that complement each other, when mixing hair color shades, rather than two totally opposite shades, A red shade and a brown shade would highlight each other and produce a rich, deep auburn colour.

You wrote that 10.2 is too light on top – how about the rest of the hair? Im Helen. Hi i want to mix 9 Natural light blonde with 10.2 light ash blonde as used 9 blonde firstand it went too gold so then used 10.2 ash blonde and it has gone too light on top so thought a 10.2 and 9 mixed might give me a toned down version. Hi, can not find Dark Chocolate, so been using lite chocolate on my hair which I have grey roots and roots get a reddish tone, how can I get that dark chocolate color if I could mix.. Hi Isa, I think you should take a look at our dark brown shades here: https://www.naturigin.com/natural-hair-colours/ Best regards, Anna // NATURIGIN, Hello I have 2 different wella color tango core and I just wanted your opinion on how I think it will turn out my hair is already a icy platinum blonde my roots r coming thru tho in a dark brown and my blonde gets brassy after a couple washes so instead of bleaching and toning everytime since ots so hard on my hair I wanted to try something else so I bought from sallys 2 of the new wella color tango one in the permanent marque hair color 10c icy blonde and the other in the permanent cream toner ct18 toners how do u think those will work together or will they work together and what would it turn out to look like please give me your input on these 2 together and should I mix half of each and what kind of developer volume should I use with it a 10 or 20 please lmk cause I really want to try but Ian very nervous that I will ruin what I have worked so hard to get already and that is my icy platinum blonde hair ty so much and hope to be hearing back from u very soon, Hi Rachel, I can’t guide you when you use Wella products. Open each of the mixing bottles included with the dye packages and pour the dye base for each color into its own bottle. I need copper colour which colours should I m8x?


When choosing which colours to mix for your at-home colouring there are some important things to keep in mind: You will get the best result if you pick shades that complement each other, rather than two totally opposite shades.

The end result I want to still be dark but to get rid of the copper. Consider the undertones. i meant to say dark golden blonde mix with medium blonde would i get less red tone? If you have thick or long hair, you may need the remaining hair dye.

In regards to the 6.66, we don’t have this colour in our selection, we only have a 6.0, so here I unfortunately can’t help you.

Wash and dry your hair before mixing your dye.

Normally the colour works 30-45 min. Purchase 2 boxes of hair dye if you have long or coarse hair.

hair dyeing image by Mikhail Malyshev from, Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved.

What colour would it do, Hello I want to have a nice choclate color. Amanda from the blog Organic Bunny, mixed a Light Chocolate Brown 5.0 with 30 % Dark Coffee Brown – something that you can also do at home! I can only try to guide in relation to NATURIGIN hair colour Best regards, Anna // NATURIGIN, If I mixed 1/2 7.4 & 1/2 9.0 will I just get a lighter version of the copper blonde? // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Women's Health Magazine: How to Dye Hair Like a Pro, Red's Toyland: The Official Wicked Hair Dyeing Page, Marie Claire: International Hair Color Trends. Would 6rr and 7rg mixed give me any of the rose gold look? When you mix a Light chocolate brown 5.0 with 30% of Dark coffee brown 3.0 your goal is to give the colour some depth when you make it a 30% darker. If you do have long, thick hair, you may need to buy additional boxes of hair color if you don't use the 50/50 ratio. I love the look of the Rose Gold 7rg, but looking for a bit more red with rose highlites. And it varies person to person how long time it last in the hair, depending on how fast your hair grows Best regards, Anna // NATURIGIN. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If I mix 91/2.13 extra light beige blond with 6N Elm wood what color would it be.

hi i mixed dark golden blonde and medium golden blonde together and got a very nice color .

Determine the color you want.

But I wanted to mix these hair colors at home n the brand is provana chromesilk n there developer as well a 20 volume too n a toner by Wella the T18 the violent toner but do I dye my hair or put bleach out my roots even though I have highlights in my hair because I’m about maybe 25/30 percent gray but all my grays are in my frontal crown area ok n that’s why I have heights of blonde framing my face so it can camouflage my gray do there not noticeable to see but my stylist say I need to use a darker base to cover my grays ? Mixing two shades of Colorsilk allows you to customize a hair color that flatters your skin tone and matches your personality without costing a fortune. It’s estimated that the hair dye industry sells more than $500 million worth of home hair dye annually.

Should I mix them equal parts or less silver then blonde? Add the color activator to each bottle and place the lids on the bottles, shaking each one gently to combine. Will i get a light ash brown color? I’m wanting to dye that mixture color in all my hair over my highlights that I just recently had gotten because my base the hair stylist gave me is to dark I think because she used a intense ash blonde on my hair n my base looks darker than I usually get have it? Hi i want a rich brown hair color what numbers should i mix i currently am dying number 6, Maybe look at the shades ‘Brown 4.0’ and ‘Dark Coffee Brown 3.0’ Best regards, Anna // NATURIGIN.

Mixing golden brown with ash brown, for example, results in a fairly neutral brown, while a golden brown and neutral brown mix still pulls slightly warm. Remember that when lifting hair color (going lighter), red and gold tones tend to become more pronounced. https://www.facebook.com/NATURIGIN/ Then it would be easier for me to guide you Best regards, Anna // NATURIGIN, Hi i would like to try dark golden copper my hair was previously highlighted put a brown over it so i want to achieve some dept so wha colour woult compliment dark golden copper, What to colors make a rich chocolate brown, Hi Norma, Perhaps the 4.0 Brown and 3.0 Dark Coffee Brown would make a good and vibrant result Best regards, Anna // NATURIGIN.

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