New posts Trending Search forums. They do everything from oil changes, spark plugs, and water pumps to suspension, stage 3 kits, and all the other fancy racing stuff I don't know much about yet. QUESTIONS?

200 employees in five locations. Lupo GTI and now the little sister Up!

For measuring airflow all intake systems will be attached to the PTS flow bench by an adapter that replicates the intake to the turbocharger compressor housing.

Overall bummer to hear about your issues, I remember your initial post. Do you mind sharing the name of the shop? Knock persisted. 68510342 KW DCC Cancellation Kit - MK7 GTi & Golf R. KW DCC Cancellation Kits eliminate persistent trouble codes that exist when upgrading a suspension on a vehicle with electronically regulated dampers. They also sell parts online, if that's your thing. The separate and independent compression and rebound damping options allow a truly individual driving set-up.

The air intake components under evaluation connect the grill to the turbocharger compressor inlet. Interestingly, Vogtland coilovers seem to just be Vogtland springs and KW V1 dampers. I ended up just going back to stock until I can research another set. Sporty handling combined with outstanding looks.

KW as a manufacturer uses only its own resources, high quality components and the same damper technology as high-volume manufacturers. Upload or insert images from URL. Here at Awesome we offer KW Inox Line coilovers which are made from the one of the highest grades of Inox Stainless Steel and come with a 2 year warranty backed by the excellent service of Awesome. Knock was gone. We welcome discussion of all things GTI.

Induct Performance Temperature Reading – Initial, Induct Performance Temperature Reading – Composite, Stock GTI Intake Temperature Reading – Initial, Stock GTI Intake Temperature Reading – Composite, S&B Filters Temperature Reading – Initial, S&B Filters Temperature Reading – Composite, APR Intake System Temperature Reading – Initial, APR Intake System Temperature Reading – Composite, Racingline R600 Temperature Reading – Initial, Racingline R600 Temperature Reading – Composite, Eventuri Intake Temperature Reading – Composite, Stock Airbox with aFe Magnum Flow Air Filter, APR Intake with Stock Turbocharger Inlet Pipe, Mk7 GTI Stock Intercooler Cruise Temperature, Turbocharger Inlet Pipe airflow test and evaluation, First Adaptation of Charge Pressure Actuator - P2563, Integrated Engineering V1 vs V2 IC Street Data, IE Intercooler V1 vs V2 Bench Cooling Test, Integrated Engineering V2 Intercooler Flow Test, Stock Mk7 GTI Airbox and stock accordion hose, APR Carbon Fiber Airbox and Carbon Fiber Intake Pipe, Integrated Engineering Filter and Intake Pipe, Induct Performance Filter and Intake Pipe. The drop is 30mm to 60mm which for the GTI is 20mm to 50mm over the stock GTI. After going through every possibility, they swapped my front set with an older pair from another car. With the KW coilovers Variant 1 “inox-line”, rolling motions of the body will be reduced during compression and you benefit from genuine directness and sportier handling while driving. They swapped the aftermarket strut mounts with stock. More information about the temperature reading setup can be found at this link. The real problem was when i started hearing massive clunking noises everytime I hit a slight road imperfection, or take a corner a bit faster than usual, upon further inspection, all front springs were massively binding against each other, and in ;ess than 300 kms only, the protective coating on the springs was wearing off (See photos). RS3; RS4; RS5; RS6; RS7; TTRS; T5 & T6 Transporter inc all variants ; Ford. On orders $49+. × very good value for money too. UP GTI, 3 door, Deep Black Pearl, Climate Control, Cruise & Park, Rear-View Camera, Beats Audio, City Emergency Braking Pack, Rubber Mats. Depending on vehicle model this varies between 30 to 70mm or 50 to 90mm. The project will seek to determine if there is an optimal combination of stock and/or aftermarket intake components for increasing system performance.

Airflow measurements will be recorded using a PTS orifice style flowbench and PTS digital manometer. Sporty handling combined with outstanding looks. I won't speculate beyond that, but something to keep in mind as you consider KWs.

I have only done 50 miles and will give some further thoughts but have managed to take it out on some interesting roads which I drive a lot, the obvious is it is lower, has less roll and turn in is sharper and I feel you can put the power on earlier (but still can light up the esp coming out of a slow tight corner), there is less pitching under acceleration and braking so it feels more neutral.

This project will evaluate various pre-turbocharger intake components available through the aftermarket to determine if there is a combination of intake parts that provides superior airflow and temperature performance versus the OEM parts equipped on the Mk7 GTI.

This project is a continuation of the Turbocharger Inlet Pipe airflow test and evaluation and expands the range of system components under test to include the Mk7 GTI air box, air intake pipe, and turbocharger inlet elbow.   Pasted as rich text. For the record, there are a few others running the same suspension with similar issue so please beware before you order a KW DDC kit.

MK3 Ford Focus RS; Blog; Contact; 0. Made an order on these expensive coilovers a few months back, installation was nice and simple, first drive impressions, wow, forgot that the car was actually in race mode, it was very slightly harsher than stock on the road, turn in and handling initially felt better but i was nowhere near the limit.

Invincible, February 3, 2017 in Modifying your Golf R MK7. Up!

  Your link has been automatically embedded. Up! Paste as plain text instead, × Medmenham, Marlow, SL7 2TA, Monday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Wanted to close the loop and write a follow-up with final impressions.

Since installing my KW V1's I installed a set of KW Variant 2's on a friends car. KW V1's were probably my least favorite. Ryan is a long term customer and he has provided his feedback to help people decide if they feel they would benefit from what he has chosen to install on his own car. The following systems constitute the minimum set of articles to be tested: Operating envelope of the vehicle will be limited to public roadway posted speed limits and maximum drive times of approximately 30 minutes. We entertain beauty shots and thrive on discussing mods, whether purely cosmetic, functional, or both. Best, not … What's new ... Bilstein first, Koni and H&R second IMO. A second RTD probe will be located at the entry to the airbox to measure the temperature of the air as it enters the intake system. And they sure do. Now i am on bilstein B16.

Even with full load and maximum axle loads, the dampers always work with a sporty characteristic. Content on is generated by its users. It's clear to me the V2's are worth the extra money as they are slightly more digressive, meaning they ride and handle slightly better than the V1's. The KW coilover kit Variant 1 “inox-line” is our entry model for more driving pleasure with an attractive and individually adjustable lowering. Looking to get an R and the car that Ive found doesnt have dynamic chassis control (like the GTI I currently have).

I was looking for a good set of coilovers that would fit the purpose of both road and occasional track use, I generally loved the stock suspension of the MK7 R both in track and on the road, managed to post some super fast laps in Dubai Autodrome and Yas Marina, most of the time giving Porsche GT4's a run for their money.   You cannot paste images directly. Tuesday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Stainless steel struts still clean up as good as new and the springs still look good with no loss of damping that I can feel and of course no issues in their life. KW DCC Cancellation Kits eliminate persistent trouble codes that exist when upgrading a suspension on a vehicle with electronically regulated dampers. The turbocharger inlet elbow will be fitted with a RTD probe to measure air temperature at the end of the pre-turbocharger intake path. Lowering at the front axle is made using our one piece composite height adjuster, on the rear axle this is the same unless the car has a seperate spring and shock absorber. KW V1 For MK7 Golf R Estate. A forum community dedicated to Volkswagen Up owners and enthusiasts. Review. My car is a 2015 LSG MK7 R / DSG/DCC, few mods that are a set of VWR BBK as i do some track days, 034 Motorsport dogbone insert, JB1, VWR R600. Of course, we give as a German manufacturer a 2-year warranty on our more than 4600 applications suspension solutions, which exceed OEM quality. Hi guys, what do you think of a set of Bilstein B12 coilovers (Bilstein B8 monotube shocks + Eibach springs pro kit) ?

Depending upon how long testing of the intakes continues these typical environmental conditions could change, becoming warmer as summer approaches. It's Achtuning in Redmond, WA. Happened to me too. I reached out to the shop and after taking them on a drive, I was assured that wasn't normal coilover noise.

There are numerous product vendors selling air intake systems that claim to provide performance gains over the stock system but it is unlikely all of the available systems will be tested and evaluated. '98 Dragon Green Primera P11 GT - Track Car + '98 Flame Red Primera P11 GT. 2.0TSI EA888 MK6 GTI etc; 2.0TSI MQB Cars MK7 Golf etc; Audi RS Models. Want to run a nice compliant set-up for the road but have a firmer set-up for the occasional track day. Airflow testing using the flow bench will be done at a test depression of 28″ of H2O. Airflow testing will be performed inside a garage. Their focus is on complete coilover suspension packages, with matched springs and height adjustable threaded body dampers.The company was founded in 1995 and at the beginning it only existed with three employees and had an operating area of 1600 sq.ft.

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