Cupping therapy – How a 3000-year-old treatment heals chronic diseases, Baking Soda – Not Just Good For Cooking But Also For Healing, The Rife Machine – Healing With Frequencies, 10 Natural Remedies To Stop Hair Loss Which You Maybe Never Heard Before, The German New Medicine – Self-healing with a new Consciousness, Kinesiology – healing through the body’s feedback. Lab Tests with Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection examples include bacteria, yeast, fungi, mold, algae, spores, protozoans, cryptosporidia, actinomycetes, cysts, giardia and larval eggs (mosquito, tse tse fly), insect eggs and larvae (agricultural pests, fruit fly, floricultural and horticultural insects), problematic veligers (zebra mussels, quagga mussels), fish and shellfish diseases (VHS, KHS, ISA) and many others. For the layperson, it looks like an impressive explanation of fundamental biochemistry principles. Another thing besides a shared belief in aliens, is that they both became fabulously wealthy by selling their claims to the most gullible of the gullible. By day 2, Jojo continued to have fever, and his cough got worse. With his admitted 5 million customers, if just one in a hundred suffered from cancer and only one in a thousand of those decided against that extra treatment that could save their lives, then we have over four dozen poor sods who died because they believed that quack's lies. In general terms, it is described as a temporary increase of symptoms when antibiotics are administered. There is also a method to overcome this nausea problem by simply going around the stomach. If you are not sure would you please send me an email with his name, phone or City/Town some time? I have not been able to find any references to studies done with MMS that suggest that even one sick person has been cured, neither did I find any evidence based in science that would suggest that MMS could kill pathogens in the body, as opposed to on surfaces. Jojo’s mother tells Rivera that he is constipated, and Rivera responds: Do an enema. I quit taking the stuff. But he is wrong. This is the only life-extension product proven to extend life in mammals. The new protocol included: With the parasite protocol, one will have more to keep track of: All the above were given in different combinations on different days, no real pattern to it so one has to be on the ball enough to know what is given on which days of the Parasite Protocol from Days 1 – 18. I won't take the article down - if you'd read my other material, also on other sites, you'll know I make a point in fighting Big Pharma and their guard dog the FDA and I'm all about saving lives by getting proper diagnosis and treatment, and that includes alternative treatment, if it works. I wish you all would continue. You know what? Since I believed Jim's harmlessness claim, at first, I took massive doses of pure chlorine dioxide, and inhaled full breaths of it. When vacation is over, I will address your post. I also know about Rife. Maybe they are just unaware of this study. the way, Jim Humble does NOT sell MMS. The FDA, in its warning letter, cited receiving reports of injuries associated with MMS, including severe nausea, vomiting, and life-threatening low blood pressure from dehydration. MMS Jim Humble the Good the Bad the Truth. Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) has been sold by the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing as a cure-all to treat conditions and diseases as diverse as autism, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and malaria. Make it kinda on the strong side. I say "quietly" as he doesn't want his efforts to be stopped by Big Pharma and their friends. i have a friend who is using it against cancer; shes taking it after her meals as Humble suggested, but shes suddenly getting alot of gas. Sorry...i know it's disgusting. For a 150 lb person, that's a little over 7 grams.

Diane, since your last post was in June of this year, please update us about your experience with MMS. Last year, Louis Daniel Smith, 45, of Spokane, Washington, was found guilty of “introducing misbranded drugs with intent to defraud or mislead” by selling MMS as a cure for various disease.

The Herxheimer pains I'm now having after taking only 8 drops of MMS twice are now very STRONG indeed. Bob should have read my latest book before making most of his statement.

Last week, I noted that I’m back after a nearly three week hiatus for a little cervical spine surgery. In 2017, there was this news report in the UK: The woman, from Cheshire, has been reported to police for her activity in a secret Facebook group for parents that claims autism is caused by parasites that can be cleansed using the potentially lethal treatment. Because MMS goes into your body and gets rid of the pathogens that does not belong in your system. MMS : The Miracle Cure? At higher doses there could be some nasal irritation from chlorine dioxide gas evaporating at the drinking tube. If I had a deadly disease, I would use it even at somewhat damaging levels. Humble claims that by pulling some of the electrons out of their outer shells, that the entire molecule will disintegrate into separate atoms. Don't forget that gangster started his own religion to safeguard his profits and semi-legitimize his worldwide criminal enterprise, just like Ron Hubbard did. It attacks microbes and parasites.

When I started school in the 40's we had tablets which had a paper brightness of about 70. Most allergenic people are hypo chlorhydric. Diatomaceous earth, Sodium chlorite flakes, Test strips, Plastic bottles, Empty Capsules Immediately fallowing robbing these electrons, the nucleus becomes entirely unstable and literally explodes (thus the severe die-off reactions of nausea & vomiting the FDA warns of).

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