[7] The M3 was the final motorway scheme in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom in its entirety to open.[8]. Work on the eastbound service area began in April 2016 and was opened on 2 February 2017. In 2006, the government announced plans for a £45m flyover link directly to and from the A1 and M1 eastbound. Construction on the westbound service area began in November 2013 and was opened on 10 March 2016.

Minor roads can be indicated with the prefix "C" and a one-, two- or three- digit number, though it is very rare to see these marked on signposts or Ordnance Survey maps. Junction 3 opened in 1988 with only east facing slip roads.

Yet this historic state is loaded with charm for the site visitor, from pulsing cities to sensational countryside. [2][3] Road users also have the Highway Code for Northern Ireland, which provide guidance on the legal aspects of driving on Northern Ireland's roads. [1] In 1964, the Northern Ireland Government announced plans for an extensive route of motorways which saw the M1 now planned to go to Dungannon. This article is about the M1 in Northern Ireland. [5] The first motorway to open was the M1 motorway, though it did so under temporary powers until the Special Roads Act had been passed. If the map doesn't load properly, try refreshing this page. Traffic for Dublin leaves at junctions 7 and 8 as the motorway enters the countryside. Whereas the roads in Great Britain are numbered according to a zonal system, there is no available explanation for the allocation of road numbers in Northern Ireland,[1] though their numbering is separate from the system in England, Scotland and Wales. Heading south as a dual three–lane motorway, it passes to the east of Casement Park.

[6] As part of the scheme, the M1 was widened from two to three lanes in each direction between Junctions 1 and 2 along with part of the Westlink. The M1 is a motorway in Northern Ireland. [4], The most important roads are motorways, designated by the letter "M". The M3 was the final motorway scheme in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom in its entirety to open. Junction 8 had originally been planned for a different location for the M11 motorway to relieve the, This page was last edited on 10 August 2020, at 03:55. Continuing west, it passes between Killaghy and Tullydagan and to the north of Lurgan and Turmoyra, across the Pound River, south of Lough Neagh, before its junction with the M12 at Craigavon.

History - Northern Ireland Motorway Plans : Most people who live in Northern Ireland are aware that in the past there were plans for a much grander system of motorways than that which exists today.

The M1 is a motorway in Northern Ireland.It is the longest motorway in Northern Ireland and runs for 38 miles (61 km) from Belfast to Dungannon through County Antrim, County Down, County Armagh and County Tyrone.It forms part of the route via the A1 in Northern Ireland (N1/M1 in the Republic of Ireland) between Belfast and Dublin as well as being a part of the unsigned European E01 and E18 routes. Running through Dunmurry and Ballyskeagh it arrives to the south of Lisburn. [1] County planners in Armagh had also been working on plans to rebuild the then T3 trunk road which suffered from poor alignments, limited speed limits and was of failing construction, some work on which had been undertaken between 1955 and 1957. Here is a map of signposted motorway services on the island of Ireland. Several junctions were omitted from the original construction, as these were for future planned motorways, some of these have now been used for other road plans: The M1 is straight and flat on the 6-mile (9.7 km) stretch between Junctions 9 and 10 and on the 4-mile (6.4 km) stretch between Junctions 12 and 13, and an urban myth exists claiming that these were to be used as supplementary runways by the United States Air Force in the event of a major conflict with the Soviet Union.[5].

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