I haven’t found a way to implement throw attacks yet. Please and thank you!. Then look for a media fire page to download the addon, Why does it keep bringing me to another website every time I click the link I get send to the website I’m suppose to wait 5 seconds to skip the ad and then after like 1second it sends me to another website and says I need VPN WTF PLEASE FIX IT LIKE I’VE BEEN TRYING TO DOWNLOAD THIS DAMN ADDON FOR LIKE OVER 3 DAYS AND IT JUST WON’T LET ME NO MATTER WHAT I DO. tôi cần nhà phát triển cập nhật mutant zombie lên, Please im begging you add a proper mediafire link i came to many website until i downliad it,BTW nice addon please improve mutants animation please, Also Mutant enderman( if possible just give the direct mediafire download link. I haven’t got around to adding sounds yet, but I plan to do so. It keeps smashing the floor even without any enemies close and he makes no sound, idk if hes supposed to make noice but he doesnt.

The Mutant Zombie is a beefed up version of the normal zombie. you can also do the mutant enderman or mutant creper because the compliment I have of mutant creatures replaces the mobs but if you can do it without replacing anything we would appreciate it very much. So, It you could do the mutant creeper for your next project then that would be so amazing and so much help for me. Welcome to the world of Minecraft. Changed the links so that they are less problematic to navigate! You need to be more specific about the download, please use adfly or just send me the media fire link, it’s impossible to download…. Can you try to get the roar effect /i love this can you import the mutant enderman/creeper/skeleton, The zombie will roar and summon minions occasionally. You can make the animation for when the mutant zombie throw you, and when it throws you, you will be given levitation for one or two seconds. If you are looking for zombie games or creature games, then our app Mutant Creatures mod for MCPE is what you need. I think this is a problem with minecraft’s delayed_attack behavior. But only air smash is not added I’ll try my best to fix the zombie not hitting targets. Yeah, I’ve noticed that this is a bug with his animations (keeps hitting ground). Apart from that, good job, Thanks for your positive feedback! If you find it anywhere else, please report the site and tell me in the comments.

I don’t know if this is a bug or not but it’s legs kinda look really weird they don’t sway they seem still like he is sliding on ice. I got some add-ons but I can’t get a mutant zombie and a mutant creeper like needed. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mutant-creatures-mod. Second of all, in the next updatd, Can you add the federation at night, sounds and better animations,throw attacks and chemical X? Can create nuke-like explosions that will damage nearby enemies by radiation. I’ve noticed something about this release of the Addon. i have the same proplem and I have both installed & experimental mode on.

you can update animation analogous mod pc I have fixed it for the next update, Is works on Minecraft 1.13 but the problem is the arms of the mutant zombie are always hitting the ground if you can fix it I’ll give this addon a 5 star rating #firstcomment, Thanks for clarifying the addon’s compatibility. The addon is perfect good job PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS ON ANY SITE OTHER THAN MCPEDL! Then, it will bring you to a Mediafire page. Fantastic addon, but if you stand near the zombie he will miss most attacks(even against an iron golem). Thank you for your feedback. Hey creator Ik how to make him come back to life, he is to weak there for when he dies he can’t come back to life, when he dies he does the fall over animation but actually dies what you need to do is give him resistance or regeneration and he will die and come back to life I found this out when I was messing around with this addon trying to make him fight 682 and made him stronger with commands, in doing so found out how to make him reanimate so I would make him more strong (not to strong other wise he will never die). It does work and it seems pretty cool but In the future, you will be able to do a hulk smash type of attack to flatten any nasties around you! The Hulk Hammer has 128 uses and does 7 attack damage when used to hit a mob. Please, add the Chemical X item!

Published on August 20, 2019 (Updated on May 18, 2020). The addon is very cool tho- but the only problem is It only attacks when it got attacked by enemies/friendlies, the mutant zombie has a less health points can you make his health 2500 point, Can you just add mega it brings me to destty, that means you don’t have the textures on… you don’t seem smart tbh, Mano amei swou está legal só falta ele dar o pulo para cima e rebater o inimigo isso vc consegue fazer eu confio em você, do you intend to make mutants fight each other, I can’t install it. What to (hopefully) expect in the next updates, Attributed Credit to the: thehippomaster21, Checked Permissions (Made sure behaviors worked). This is so accurate to the original that it’s almost scary.

The Mutant Zombie is a beefed up version of the normal zombie. Here you will find a mod for Zombie mutants. And no mutant enderman! I tried messing with files too but it still doesn’t work. He has different types of attacks and is aggressive towards players, villagers, and iron golems. If you want more mutants, click the button <>. I don’t want to turn off the mob grief gamerule. The iron golems dont attack mutant zombie Click download, and then open in Minecraft. F4FD3413-9F74-467F-94EA-341E8236CA1C.png This Addon adds the Mutant Zombie Boss BASED ON the zombie from the PC Mod Mutant Creatures. i redownloaded this mod and the zombie doesnt seem to lay on the ground for his ressurection and he doesnt drop the hammer, and im the same person adding in text im on xbox version 1.12. how did you get it downloaded? I want the mutant Zombie wear a armors They are in a mutant creatures add-on but they are not good like this is. Hello there!

Note: The Mutant Enderman won the poll, so I will adding him as the next mutant very soon! The addon will add such mutants as Zombie & Husk, Creeper, Skeleton and Stray , Drowned Man, Wolf, Skeleton Pigman. Repeat with the resources, Something is wrong with the mutant we’re its keep repeating itself to hit the ground #firstcomment, This is an error with the Addon’s current release. Also, I have not tested this on any XBox version, so I am not sure about the ID error. I was planning to create the Mutant Creeper after this, but I think that more people want to see the mutant enderman so that’s on my list of priorities now :). Can you fix the big where I hear footsteps? the zombie is pretty cool to see for the first time but he has no audio nor does he do anything else besides walking around and doing the slam attack so if u can please add those to the mod in a update it could make this mod one of the best iv ever found on here, but overall it is a pretty cool mod.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, Add Zombies Mutant Creatures to Minecraft for Zombie games, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments, Minecraft mod and map with your favorite fnaf character Freddy, Do you like dog games and animal? Nobody else would like it I have to say that this mod was one of my favourite and now I can’t download it anymore , To get past adfly, skip the ad, click the link and download the file Im xbox version 1.12. i have the same problem and im on 1.12 on xbox one, Hey man.

I would like to, of course, give thanks to thehippomaster21 for the zombie’s inspiration. I would like to give thanks to thehippomaster21 for the zombie’s inspiration. He changed it to look like it . 4 when you flnish the mutant zombies, add new mutants, You can create addon mutant enderman, addon you create it very good. sorry about that. Removed zip file download (It was outdated), Added a form for voting for the next mutant creature, Added hulk hammer and mutant zombie resurrection, Resurrection (This is really tricky, but I have began work on it. The Hulk Hammer has 128 uses and does 7 attack damage when used to hit a mob. So please, I would like the mutant creeper.

Then, there is a 70% chance that he will rise again with 40 health. if you have an idea, let me know! Now I don’t want to reenact the series completely I mean I can’t really but if you could make a mutant creeper that would be so so so much help to me. MCPEDL is the one and only site that should provide access to this addon. I’ll release a version in which the zombie does not destroy blocks. Hmmmm…. Is it the only MUTANT MOOOB YOU HAVEEEE!!!!! It will make quick work of both the village and its residents, If you do manage to defeat the zombie in combat, he will collapse for around 6 seconds. (I think it’s an error with 1.12), The arms don’t work it keeps hitting the ground, That is an error I’ve noticed with this version of the Addon. :), Um whenever I keep tapping the links on mobile it has me stay on the website it takes me for a second but not enough time to skip the ad and automatically sends me to another website it won’t allo me to download the behavior and resource packs PLEASE FIX THIS, I want to defeat it NOW NOW It’s very dangerous, Can you do a mutant enderman and skeleton and creeper please I want them all to fight, Why every mob are every mobs (skeletons,creepers,zombie,…..) are neutral, Plss add a mutant skeleton because his cool, The mutant zombie breaks through wooden wall and grass and walls but it dosent break through bedrock and ice, Hey I really like this because Mutant Creatures is one of my favorite java mods. Works perfectly now, august 3rd on 1.16, on a server. It works even with a sh*t ton of mods. I have fixed the ground smashing glitch. After you will add the abilities like the resurrection and others(if it will ever be possible) , will you make more mutant mobs? Thanks for the future advice. Thanks for advice! Please do more mutants and chemical x soon. May I ask permission to use some of your code in an addon I’m making? Missing Dependency with id ‘effd77e3-da5c-4fea-88f2-e3bc65e29a01’ and version ‘0.0.1’.

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