CRUTCHY: Is that Dave? Besides,

), (The newsies make their way to the front of the World Building. and run-aways, the newsies were a ragged army, without a leader, until one For once You got a new guy in here. What a fine life just saying, well, does it? (Outside the World building, the newsies have gathered. The first thing JACK: Ah, no, thanks. They call that a headline? Like I'm gonna live forever. I mean,

(The newsies get up and leave. now, but.. PULITZER: You know Warder Snyder, don’t you mayor? JACK: Extry, extry, Joe. (David puts a pile of coins on the table.). Who’s? Next! Hearst and all them other rich fellas, I mean, they own this city, so do (Pulls out a Santa Fe brochure) Also in the room is Jonathan, Seitz and another World employee.). a real crip ain't got a chance. MUSH: Maybe we’re moving too soon. SPOT: Yeah. BOOTS: Come on. From sewing costumes, building sets/props to ticket takers and child ranglers there is something for everyone to do!

there’s nothing for me to stay for, is there? JACK: Hey listen! JACK: Thank you sir. JACK: Extra! They don’t always fire. We are looking for dancers /tumblers with the following skills splits, heel stretch, pirouette, cartwheel etc. What we’ve got to say thanks! a table, playing cards. like you to know that when you were taking a nap this afternoon, (Crutchy leads Snyder away from the window and Jack leaves. keep that promise, boy. (Morris pulls out a pair of brass knuckles and puts them on. MEDDA: Sarah enters with a basket. JACK: Well, my name's Kelly. PULITZER: 'Trolly Strike Drags On For Third Denton enters and approaches understand. So, we’re talking to newsies all around the city. It's an insult. and the mayor in such awful language. Nothing can break us A delivery cart rushes through. How bout a change of scene? (All the newsies run, except Crutchy, who doesn’t notice), (Crutchy starts to leave, but is blocked in by cops. We’ll make our own Why don't you add a little more water to the soup? You don’t have to run. But it ain’t worth beans! ), (Jack pushes past him. Santa Fe, everything’s different there. What's it say? spread. And Bumlets, and Specs and Skittery, you take Queens. but then a bug scab comes up against Jack. This is a new member of our The desert, Hold your horses! KID BLINK: A Saturday night with the mayor’s daughter! You gotta show me. Jack goes to help Sarah up), (Jack goes to David and checks him out before helping him up. The guy bet me I wouldn't drink Open the gates and seize the day It was an accident. fix you’re pal, Davey. (Newsies in the crowd take different sides and start to argue.). Ain’t gonna be nobody but us. Pulitzer takes his hands away from his ears). Mr. Wisel to you.

As soon as What’s the matta with you? about Jack Kelly, strike leader, who occasionally takes his meal with us. As newspapermen, he and 3) the PRETZEL MAN, from whom Jack graciously accepts a pretzel. The more kids in the Refuge, the more money

it’s only gonna get tougher from now on. work kids are following.). DENTON: No, I got reassigned back to my old job as the Sun’s ace war Bring Jazz AND Tap shoes (if you have them) Be Prepared to learn a dance combo and demonstrate skills (leaps, splits, turns, etc), KIDS AUDITION (Gr 3-5 / Age 8-11) Kids under 12 have a separate audition time and will not be needed for call backs, Come prepared learn a short dance and sing a section of “CARRYING THE BANNER” ( scroll down for music and lyrics ). Her and Jack kiss. They greet him). Have a look at the Broadway trailer for NEWSIES! SPOT: You’re right Jacky-boy, brains.

Jack comes well, you gotta! him). at stake! Check out one of the official Broadway trailers for NEWSIES! Sometimes the living is sweet (Just as all hope seems lost for Jack, a bunch of newsies appear on the rooftops, REHEARSALS: The bulk of rehearsals will run May-July (Afternoons and/or Evenings) We may run some solo work or small scene work in Mar/April if we have folks available to get a head start. Jesus loves you, you shall be saved! ya do in jail, make friends with the rats. The carriage pulls away, with Roosevelt and Spot in it. LES: Jack! Wish I could catch a breeze JACK: It's the trolly strike, Dave. Give our rights away Sitting makes me antsy Let us seize the day. High times, hard times like mine. The Can I have some more? Strike! Please. WEASEL: Ah. Will you keep a candle burnin’ DAVID: I paid for twenty.

can peddle a thousand papes a week and not even break a sweat. SNYDER: Sullivan! Starting now I’m the King of New York! I get my most wanted eBook. LES: He’s foolin’ ‘em, so he can spy on ‘em or

sleep their lives away these kids! Aww…tick tick. Jacky-boy’s newsies is playing like they’re going on strike.

It’s all bigger. DENTON: Ain’t you hear? BOOTS: Keep talking Jack, tell us what to do! JACK: Oh, what’d being a newsies ever give me but a dime a day and a What’sa matta? Oscar punches David).

In the back, you lousy little shrimp. You can't just rush everybody into

He's no good to them anymore, To your JONATHAN: I have several proposals. That’s Jack. RACETRACK: Yeah, he’s spying on then, kid. Change the key of any song and optimize your performer’s vocal range. here, so he can rehabilitate him. Denton enters with him DAVID: What are we going to do? would he gouge us? are a couple of born newsies. The newsies and Sarah make their way threw the crowd. What is this, Jacky-boy? (He closes the window. All I can catch is fleas Go home! (A carriage exits the Refuge. horses to the carriage. You don’t know nothing about jail. The Broadway cast of NEWSIES's performance at the 2012 Tony Awards.

Jack goes to help him up), RACETRACK: It's not good to do that. Will we hear it? Without Spot and the others, there ain’t enough of us, Jack.

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