It did reduce my PSA but I could not sustain it. They have been a TREMENDOUS help for cancer patients and have a TON of life saving information they give out freely and they do real research into treatments for cancer that are outside of the toxic Big Pharma Big 3:   The best that we can suggest is to contact Healing Strong and Cancer Crackdown for any need in financial resources. And just like the effect antibiotics have on your digestive tract, the “bad” bacteria recovers much faster and proliferates causing undesired and unhealthy consequences.

They lived on game, fat, and fasted for the majority of the year, just like people today who stay in nutritional ketosis either full or part-time and thrive. This is reputed to create hydrogen peroxide, all the cells create it, cancer cells and normal cells alike, but the cancer cells respond by regaining their ability to die, yes, die, apoptosis it is called, and the body or the immune system is all the time commanding them to kill themselves, but they cannot listen because of lack of oxygen. I have kept myself alive for many years though. It represents the worse case of pollution that our corrupt government chooses to protect at the cost of human health and lives. Interestingly enough, food that have an initial acidic pH (apple cider vinegar with “the mother”, lemons, most fruit, & most vegetables) all leave an alkaline ash, and initially alkaline foods such as breads, dairy and meats, all leave an acid ash. Here is a link to get their information: Thanks for article!

I did a quick google, found nothing.

No you could not look up anything said like a real scholar would.

Likely causes blood trygliceride and cholestreol count to be high as well. I started taking bicarb and within 3 days my PH changed from 2.4 to 7.2.

The answer lay in a report done in 1910 by Abraham Flexner at the behest of various rich interests who wanted to advance the use of pharmaceuticals which their companies produced.

I was researching for a key note speech for a speaker at an osteoporosis function when I ran across a scientific work on the element ‘aluminum’. Then they are pushing you out the back door into hospice care to die since “they did all they could” because there is another cancer victim coming in the front door to start “cancer treatment” -And they need your bed.

Every single day, tens of thousands of people, just like you, are curing cancer (and/or preventing it) from destroying their bodies. According to Marks and professor Pantellini along with this low intracellular Potassium. Cancer cells have 18 times the receptors for sugar than normal cells so the cancer grabs the sugar first. This discounts thousands of references that the great W.H.O. I hope that everyone reads this!! Yes, the body will utilize the process of gluconeogenisis to provide the minimal amount of glucose needed for organ and brain function, but it doesn’t over produce.

Have done this for three years and I never get sick, ever. This is in line with the findings of the late great French scientist Antoine Bechamp who believed that illness is the result of  a combination of toxins and an unhealthy cellular terrain. It cannot be compared to a processed Honey Nuts and Oats which is made from flour. Too bad more people don’t know this. It all adds up to increased cancer.

“. I have my machine now and the oxygen helps my body reverse whats happened. Mom died of a stroke in 2002 at the age of 82. I think the focus on Warburg’s famous study with mostly stage IV cancer patients was the use of an extremely alkaline substance Cesium Chloride. [link_aff href="" target="_blank" a_aid="54fd974f499c5"]See the Truth About Cancer® here.[/link_aff]. Hence, according to Warburg, carcinogenesis stems from the lowering of mitochondrial respiration. You keep your body as it was at 10 years old you would live for 100s of years but what about age?

c) Don’t use tap water for hydration or food preparation. Then did radiation treatments. However, NO DOCTOR heals anyone, the human body figures out how to heal itself! It is essential to remove these 4 to starve the cancer. What does that have to do with Otto? Low Potassium causes changes in the Genetic structute of RNA and causes spontaneous cell mitosis. The protein of the cottages cheese can be easily admitted into the cells. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”. It was explained to me while employed vat a hospital, that when a surgeon opens up a patient and discovers cancer riddled organ…. This is in contrast to healthy cells which mainly generate energy from oxidative breakdown of pyruvate. 63.5 is the MAXIMUM grams of protein this person should have in a day. [16] Thousands of publications claim to have determined its functions or causes.

According to Nobel Prize Winner Otto Warburg, normal cells deprived of certain nutrients usually die but some adapt by becoming a type of cell with fewer energy and nutritional needs, a simpler cell - a cancer cell. To lady with sick daughter-first, I am sorry your daughter has this fight…prayers for you all! This lack of the body to recovery due to lack of amount of stem cells to recover, is the true, irony. Using a readily available scale you can approximate you lean body weight.

Simply stated, cancer cells have low oxygen because they quit taking in oxygen for respiration as part of the cancer process itself. Unfortunately as usual when fungus is mentioned as a cause, which has been long proven, their deadly DNA mutating mycotoxins (toxins) are not mentioned. There is much more to the Keto way than what your post implies. He has tried through diet to change the PH in his body. No surprise that when 27 of 27 new lung cancer diagnosis’s where given antifungals only, all 27 were cancer free in weeks. 7. Well written! So many of them coming down with Cancer !!!!

Thats LEAN body weight, not your total weight. While it explored thousands of facts it also gave a great deal of attention to the dangers of the substance especially when clever science managed to purify it and thus making it water soluble. Warburg regarded the fundamental difference between normal and cancerous cells to be the ratio of glycolysis to respiration; this observation is also known as the Warburg effect. However I imagine that stress has actually been ubiquitous throughout history and in every society today, and cancer is not equally present in previous generations nor throughout all nations and cultures.

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