Once the information is updated and the holds are released, your order will attempt to be processed in the subsequent batch for your region. Cuz I do t want to wait five more weeks. Thanks. Multiple people (including me) are reporting their orders out on hold after oculus made a payment check which rejects some debit cards (both Visa and Mastercard), as well as some PayPal account.

Went back on hold. This will allow us to continue to take the unique considerations of VR into account while offering a more consistent way to report bad behavior, hold people accountable, and help create a more welcoming environment across our platforms. I've posted in a number of threads, and as the information isn't cascading well, I hope this centralized post will clear up some of that confusion. I hate to say this.. but your OFFICIAL Oculus forums right now are filled with absolute rage. Personally, I haven't had any payment at all. But the site does highlight how strong demand has been for Oculus Quest 2, with some countries experiencing significant backlogs. I’m just wondering is it on its way. **, Press J to jump to the feed. The shipping estimate on that page is not dynamic and will not change based on order status. This said, if your payment fails, your order is skipped for the current batch as we must proceed with the successful orders. A month delay isn't going to kill anyone. How reliable would you say these new estimates are? I solved mine by removing all interaction between oculus and my bank by transferring money to PayPal, and making payment there.

Kindly check the app under automatic payments and see if oculus is on the list. 5. Click Cancel Order. NerveGear. Question/Support Multiple people (including me) are reporting their orders out on hold after oculus made a payment check which rejects some debit cards (both Visa and Mastercard), as well as some PayPal account. When I updated my info the Accenture again charged me for 49EUR, but this time the payment went into processing. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. When oculus tried completing the transaction for my Oculus Quest order my bank blocked the order seeing it as potential fraud. There are plenty of exciting videogames coming to the platform such as The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Population: One, Blaston, Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing, Rez Infinite, The Climb 2, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, Myst and Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister. I just had to respond to a text message from my bank saying "was this you?" So I was finally able to get a order in while the rift was in stock last week and the order status has been "opened" until today when it changed to "on hold". It’s a similar scenario for the official accessories like the Elite Strap or the Elite Strap with Battery and Carry Case, both options exceeding a two-week wait. oculus rift s. pc vr gaming. I know shit happens, that's life, I can move on.

My order is on hold. Oculus Quest order on hold. Should I re-order the Quest then, but with an Account. I ordered within 20 minutes of pre orders going live. I'm confused I thought it took the money when you pre-ordered it. It’s been over a week since Facebook Connect and the official unveiling of Oculus Connect 2. There was no intentional deception, and when I found out, I was heartbroken. It took about two days when that happened to me few days ago. You should probably be emailing this post out to customers. Again, places like Amazon, Best Buy or Walmart may offer a quicker solution for North American customers. If your payment fails for any reason, your order will be placed on a payment hold. However, depending on … Oculus starts putting pre-orders on hold because of payment issues. If you have any trouble with the steps above, you can contact Oculus Support to cancel your order. Don’t what that means exactly. Thanks for hanging in there with us. Defy reality with Oculus.

As there is quite a bit of confusion swirling around, I want to make sure that we clarify a few things about failed payment, order processing and shipping estimates in a single location. Why can't i find a page explaining what the statuses mean? Now trying to solve it with their support but they are not helpful at all. Hopefully it works. upgrade your vr After clearing up the case with my bank everything should now be ok.

I'm sure there are tons of people who are excited for the Rift but don't follow it as actively as people on here, so why would they just send an email to someone about all these problems they were unaware of? It was Processing shipping the. Please make sure that you have sufficient funds available on either your credit card or PayPal, and reach out to the associated banking institution to make sure that there are no special fraud holds or other reasons why they may block the payment. Yes, I sincerely apologize for my initial comment on the 1-3 weeks email. As for the rest of the world shipping dates from Oculus do vary but they aren’t too bad, the worst affect countries being the US (3rd November for both versions) and Canada (11th November for both versions).

I ordered it again with an account. VR Focus - The Reality of Virtual Reality, Cradle of Sins to Host ‘Beat & Battle’ Event Featuring Steve Aoki, Headhunterz…, Viveport Developers to get 100% of Content Revenue Until the end of 2020, Oculus Quest Jails Prison Boss VR in December, Craig David & KSI Perform ‘Really Love’ in Your Home Using AR, LBE VR: Past, Present and Post Covid Future, AI-Driven Dynamic Filmmaking is the Future, From Environmental to Social: XR Tackles Global Issues, The VR Job Hub: Ready at Dawn & Squanch Games, The VR Game Launch Roundup: Time to Grapple With Zombies & Interior Design. Looking for another solution. I don't think it was the issue you spoke of that caused the issue, but it helped with the solution so thanks. Edit: I've now tried to transfer money to PayPal with bank transfer instead of linking through card. That's sucks man. Thanks for your input. This is making me nervous. Thanks for posting /u/TheTwistgibber, I can understand that it's a thankless job at times. I am more concerned that the estimate is just a placeholder, and while Oculus will do their best to get us our unit for that timeframe, it's the luck of the draw if you will actually get your unit by then.

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