Before doing so, I sanded each head with 100-grit and then wiped it with lacquer thinner. 4 ~ the WHITE covers the entire tail section.

18 ~ Last step: Curve WHITE downward to suggest scalloped sides. On you will find one of the largest selections of guaranteed quality antique decoys and vintage sporting collectable's in original condition available anywhere, including on the internet.

These got my first experimentation with ground walnut shells (from Harbor Freight). These decoys have been used, but in my opinion, they were either used very little, or carefully.

Longtails  are spread out over Alaska and one of the more prominent open water sea ducks. 7 ~ MOROCCAN HENNA eye and its BLACK pupil.

Se ofrecen servicios de aduana y de seguimiento internacional del envío, - NEW AVERY GREENHEAD GEAR GHG COMMERCIAL GRADE LONG-TAIL OLDSQUAW SEA DUCK DECOYS, Resultados que coinciden con menos palabras, Excepcional 100 año de edad Mason desafío Pato Señuelo Detroit gallina Mallard De Madera Mi, Leave feedback about your eBay search experience - opens in new window or tab. 21 ~ Drape the long Tertial feathers backward over the speculum and almost onto the tail. Under $95.00 - apply Price filter. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. Todos los derechos reservados.

3 ~ Paint the upper halves of each side pocket White. 13 ~ The speculum is the reddish-brown, too. 1950) Craddockville, VA, c. 1980 A turned-head decoy displaying glass eyes, an inserted oak tail, and the maker's incised "McNair" signature on the bottom.

+ 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1.

9 ~ The Black is at both ends of the bill.

The greyish back feathers – with little brown or reddish – tell me it is not a fully mature female. These 2 birds were in a boat basin. This decoy is also has a highly detailed feather pattern that refracts light. OldSquaw are hunted best with a #6 shot steel or hevisteel load as they are a great decoying bird and will come in close landing in the decoys. The main question is what do you want to hunt along with them thats what decides your final location. Drakes only are available. Time left 2d 6h left.

Dozen- 8 drakes, 4 hens and for a limited time a Free Seaduck DVD, 90’ OF #120 TARRED MAINLINE FOR DECOY SPREAD

Save old squaw decoy to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed.

It is unusual to find this species anywhere near shore. These Decoys while looking from the Ducks view are the same size as plastic decoys and take up 40% less space. I have not hunted a lot of Oldsquaw over the years. Oldsquaw Duck Hunting Aleutian Island Waterfowlers offers world class longtail hunting as a secondary species during a King or Pacific Eider hunt. 1 DOZEN 36” DROPS OF #60 TARRED STD 119-120 Standard Weighted Old Squaw: These Sport Plast decoys are the perfect decoy for those sea duck hunters who want a quality decoy at an affordable price.

These decoys are weighted keel. Guarda la palabra old squaw decoy para recibir actualizaciones por correo electrónico y avisos en tu feed de eBay. 6 – Bring the warm grey ELEPHANT SKIN up on the sides – but leave a White upper portion.

A foam bird with a truly durable hard plastic head, these decoys are a nice complement to the old Herter’s Model 72 diver decoys that many of us grew up with – and still gun over.

Its allot of action and fast paced as these little white aerobatic flying machines  come screaming into the decoys  or just pass bye sometimes.

Rather, they were an occasional bonus when he would be gunning Broadbill from his Great South Bay Ice Scooter. Consulta cada anuncio para ver las opciones y los costos de envío aplicables a los envíos internacionales. The Long Liners are the best you can buy. 16 ~ The MORROCAN HENNA blends softly downward on the chest.

19 ~ Bring the ESPRESSO BEANS back on the sides at a rearward angle.

I have a new email address, New updates coming as time permits! 11 ~ Just the upper “ring” of the chest is dark brown.

Old Squaw for auction.

Algo salió mal. They generally stay out over open water and congregate on reefs and underwater ledges where theres lots of food source. 8 ~ I used the ELEPHANT SKIN on the face – but MOCHA LATTE is a better color – same as a BLACK DUCK face. 8 ~ BLACK on both ends of the bill – like the Drake.

The Long Liner Old Squaw : The Long Liner Oldsquaw is a low profile Decoy designed for the serious Diver Hunter. Pemberton Signed Hand Carved Duck Decoy "Old Squaw Drake" 1991. 16 ~ The pupil is Black – to finish the head.. 17 ~ The ESPRESSO BEANS on the back follows a complex pattern. Aleutian Island Waterfowlers offers world class longtail hunting as a secondary species during a King or Pacific Eider hunt.

Each of these realistic floating duck decoys is cast and manufactured using taxidermy ducks as models—not an artist's interpretation of what a duck should look like. Parker & Gus show the Old Guys how it’s done – Youth Waterfowl Weekend 2017, When the Broadbill was King on Great South Bay.

Revisa el carro de compras para más detalles. Hunt with Alaska’s Top waterfowl guides team X-Treme, WHEN ONLY THE BEST DUCK HUNTING WILL DO | BOOK YOUR X-TREME HUNT: 1-877-359-3003, WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO | BOOK YOUR X-TREME HUNT: 1-877-359-3003. As usual, my topcoats are latex paint. The drake Old Squaw Measures 18 1/2" from beak to tail and the hen measures 15" from beak to tail. • Heron/Egret Decoys • Cormorant Decoys • Small Shore Bird Decoys • Dove Decoys • Crow Decoys Traditional / Crow Motion • Pigeon/Wood Pigeon Tradtional / Pigeon Motion Decoys • Seagull Decoys • Owl Decoys • Deer/Antelope Deocys • Predator Decoys • Misc Decoys • Closeout Decoys • Rigging Supplies • Decoy Bags • Calls • Blinds • Hunting Accessories • Dog Supplies • Game Cleaning • Audio & Video • Contact Us • Home.

5 ~ the undertail section is completely White. 1 ~ As with the Drake, WHITE goes on the head and upper chest. 15 ~ The upper edges of the sides stay WHITE.

Another South Bay Duckboat – ready to hunt!

22 ~ Paint the few tertials with a paler grey – I use GRACEFUL GRAY but you can just add White to the Elephant Skin. I use sample jars of Behr paints from Home Depot (although I buy full quarts of certain colors that I use on lots of different species). This decoy is also has a highly detailed feather pattern that refracts light. 23 ~ The Tertial edges trimmed with White will make them “pop”. From Guides to everyday hunters this decoy will perform year after year. As I do with most of my foam decoys, I put a tough skin on these Oldsquaw. Price.

• HOT DEALS • Featured Items • DECOYS • Duck Decoys • Goose Decoys • Windsock/Rag Decoys • Motion Decoys • Crane/Swan Decoys • Pintail ~ Rehabbing Herter’s smaller decoys, Re-painting L L Bean Coastal Blacks and Mallards, LIDCA Contemporary Decoy Exhibition – RESULTS 2016. We have had %100 success in all our locations harvesting Oldsquaw.

I actually have a dozen of these, but this auction is for 4 due to size and shipping constraints. Made of Hi-Density foam with plastic eyes. I mixed a little WHITE into some OXBLOOD (Behr PPU 2-20) to make the pink – because I have the OXBLOOD on hand for Drake Mallards. We all know how plastics and slick foam decoys shine.

Over $160.00 - apply Price filter. These decoys are weighted keel. 2 drakes, 2 hens, original paint.

I just learned, though, that Homer is now offering a “magnum” Oldsquaw – built on the same body as their Eiders.

This stops the problem of reflective Decoys on sunny days. The state bag limits are 4 long tails  per non resident hunter per year. Due to there abrupt changes in flight pattern and constant aerobatics these little ducks have made the most seasoned waterfowler 12 ~ The lower portion of the cheek patch also gets the MOROCCAN HENNA. Es posible que las cantidades y los montos de las ofertas de subasta no estén actualizados.

He did not pursue Oldsquaw in particular. 4” LONGLINE CLIP ON EACH END FOR ANCHOR and How to DVD $39.95, 90’ OF #120 TARRED MAINLINE FOR DECOY SPREAD.

Mark S. McNair (b. After the epoxy cured, I coated them with an oil-based primer – and hung them up to dry. Similarly, instead of the DARK STORM CLOUDS (Behr 740-F4), you could just mix a little FLAT BLACK into some FLAT WHITE – to get a cool grey.

The drakes offer a beautiful mix of white, brown and tan plumage and of course carry the long black tail, similar to a full plumaged drake pintail.

12 ~ The ESPRESSO BEANS continue onto the cape…. I was able to photograph them from my car, parked so that the light was behind me and shining on them. Made of Hi-Density foam with plastic eyes.

17 ~ MORROCAN HENNA suggests some feather edging on the back. Homer Oldsquaw These decoys are from the Homer Decoy Company in Piqua, Ohio. Última actualización de esta página: 03-Nov 15:32. 7 ~ Most of the back gets the ELEPHANT SKIN, too. Specialized in hunting the little white rockets as they come whistling bye towards the decoys. Due to there abrupt changes in flight pattern and constant aerobatics these little ducks have made the most seasoned waterfowler look bad .

The long-tailed duck (Clangula hyemalis), commonly known in North America as oldsquaw, is a medium-sized sea duck.It is the only living member of its genus, Clangula.This was formerly used for the goldeneyes, with the long-tailed duck being placed in Harelda, but the latter is the type species of the genus. 2 ~ Bring the White well below the neck seam.

These Sport Plast decoys are the perfect decoy for those sea duck hunters who want a quality decoy at an affordable price. The Oldsquaw below were a pleasant surprise.

So If you want a Unsinkable, Guide approved and tested Decoy. 1 ~ Paint White onto head and upper chest.

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