Single, Family, Junior and Social Memberships available! %%EOF However, the rough around the green is unforgiving. One of the most difficult holes on the course.

A good drive can set you up in a good position on this hole. Plan a visit the Osage County, Oklahoma and explore the Osage Nation’s history as you walk on ground that was once known as Indian Territory. You can take a ride in a Mercedes Benz luxury van with Roaming The Osage Historic Tours, fish in our many lakes, visit our museums and absorb the history, or even take an evening drive out through the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve. It demands a precise shot to the fairway using your long iron or fairway wood if you want to play safe on this hole. His quest took him to the Osage Nation, a remote territory in Oklahoma about the size of Delaware. This short par four dog leg left is a classic hole. Osage Nation Reservation from Mapcarta, the free map. {i�9�K��w�m����D���7�?��rZ���9����#�s���y�>��zi8��^����;�|c�����|?c|ʂ�n���׋�8�a����b� C�m��O�z��ڕQ�I$�[ҷ���������!n0�25F��V$I���qz�q�C�년�He�D�:Ѹ���UD�J�N Q���M�;�1�u�c����mTk�� Be careful not to get in the deep bunker which sits on the right side of the fairway. ���]v��*M�����F;T�z��0r��͒*���]�/�  A water hazard catches any shots that are short and/or left of the green. The approach is slightly downhill to narrow undulated green. Par is earned here. The map, created in 1900, is thought to be the only one of its kind. The population was 3,451 at the 2000 census. Long par five difficult to reach in two shots due to south wind. According to their own stories (common to other Dhegian-Siouan tribes, such as the Ponca, Omaha, Kaw and Quapaw), they migrated west as a … The county is rich in history, rich in mystery, and rich in personality! Get directions, reviews and information for Osage Nation in Tulsa, OK. Osage Nation 1211 W 36th St N Tulsa OK 74127. The green is surrounded by trouble and wind from south or north can make this hole very tricky. �0ڤ#�muNvL;I�׍�p��M��%��Cm�e��P�?z{ќ�f�P���:�m�K��M���C���_(�G�:�Y��ts�/2C4�T4�M����y���{w-��.=|_r�����ى@�A��NT~�G� e��Yթ&��;ףO�_}��9���1k�r�'�g����M���ܛ�]�nm��l�6�9�Оv�cvN����M�+�q�K5�ca�7��h���S�Dy��Y[�A sMD��zt�F]�~:�&.���XvJ8!�q`�nF��3Q}E�z������:�Ȓ>iT�kt�QK�o�7u�!K��Z�q0�_ͱ����A�|4n_5��ɫ�&�f{%���K�{�$ӛӴ�٧����I� �S:�ŠhOK�4׫�۔�v��ؤ Straight hitters can go with their driver and get on the green. Now, if that doesn’t whet your appetite, maybe Lake Skiatook will call your name as Cross Timbers Marina has boat and jet ski rentals available on some of the calmest waters in the state. The reservation boundaries for Cherokee Nation, Choctaw Nation, Osage Nation, Muscogee Creek Nation and Chickasaw Nation are now shown on Google Maps. l )P�ZY��=� h�1��Ð���@��Q=\��pm-2`$8��K� osage nation otoe - missouria tribe ottawa tribe pawnee nation peoria tribe ponca nation quapaw tribe sac and fox nation seminole nation seneca - cayuga tribe shawnee tribe thlopthlocco tribal town tonkawa tribe united keetoowah band of cherokees eastern shawnee tribe.

Be careful about your club selection off the tee as green is surrounded by trouble. This long par four has difficult elevated green. Plan a visit the Osage County, Oklahoma and explore the Osage Nation’s history as you walk on ground that was once known as Indian Territory. A long iron or fairway wood off the tee demands accuracy to the fairway. This project was an offshoot of the 2016 Flint Hills Map & Education Program that placed museum quality maps of the Osage/Flint Hills in 17 Osage County schools. ��䀙8aD��`�G_0F ۄ��Q�W�>��bvD� j��dA��`V���6a�7�ˌbV��%���k�ݝe����3��`Q)}�hY� ��|(3�9 ��Oz�~0FņblY�T��h#e�d̳�M�G�tp/��h�a?���l�U�c���FB�+��#�E�U:��sk�ͫI�Ts��� �UV�@�Ы�紲 5�sZA#ُb���4�i��d����Y>��"_c�j�V�D�Xq"��v����amX��T�g�B�y�!�]�V8t�.GU��%�h|5�_��`�H@���{H�k�n/=���AjN�9.

The approach shot is tricky as green is surrounded by water. If you go long, you are in the bunker.

"Q��~:e������ʪ�FM�kpVd5H��(V���Wn�M�'�_5�X:ڊ��*5����7��2M28�9�f .Գ�U'���gs�q"����w2ܩ�c�5 Osage Township is a township in Becker County, Minnesota, United States. This short drivable par four has trouble everywhere. The long par four plays mostly into the wind. 423 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[407 35]/Info 406 0 R/Length 82/Prev 155700/Root 408 0 R/Size 442/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream It is a long par four that requires both length and accuracy.

OSAGE NATION HISTORIC PRESERVATION OFFICE ... OK, the archaeologists would also include searches of the Osage Allotment Maps, Oklahoma Geological Survey Archives (Norman, Oklahoma) for early USGS 7.5 and 15-minute topographic maps and aerial photographs, plus the GLO map archive Be careful as out of bounds run on the right side so taking the short route can cost you strokes. Be careful on this hole because you will be needing a precise shot to earn your par. The practice area is extremely large and the two-ended driving range has 5 teeing areas and enough stations for more than 40 people to hit at one time. Two good shots and you are set up for a great score on this hole. From the Pioneer Woman to the Osage Nation and from Bluestem Falls to views of the Tulsa skyline at the Postoak Lodge, Osage County is Oklahoma’s vacation destination spot! OSAGE COUNTY, OKLAHOMA has Pawhuska as its county seat and is home to the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. 441 0 obj <>stream

Cq�,nY1��8��� � I��M_7e�ra�b,��N�����EZ]��+�w8��;mٲ���l�ٙ�Ʋ4��A!�XM���fsh��7�d�����n8����1�����"��0Ȝځ��К�_C�t��U>6�"}�dH��؍?�i���gn}��Y�4\wh�j�ǦSդnz��<8.:�������7~Wk�7qƚ����V�f�bw�ҁ�@6�WvWt��|-�.�Փ��E�]�L%������xt�c����l�,���VQ��X���l�H�76ii>�����l�6�~�V>+2�? ��8�4�ԐFZ�| 1� �gP��}$����)T�-%[* Ð�5���G0�W�H&���y��ڄ1Jn�y� ��&�0 Par can be earned here. Osage County Tourism Advertising Grant Forms. The population was 774 as of the 2000 census. At Willowbend, you’ll enjoy your golf game to the fullest with our modern cart fleet provided to members at no charge. Long hitters can get "home" in two shots on this downwind, dogleg right par five. One of Willowbend's signature holes has trouble everywhere. KU� ���D�H�� +xq��� ��x�^]P!��c�ߋmAXi�$�d�0!�NJứ.H� ���P�&�x%�1�y�����\!�9T��b��!��w!i�K�e� ��h�ه)DIz��˜�Z�P�������t�O}?�q?UW~�;�O{_�������{9�_��Q.���&J�A�B�@�B0�����mS�����q�{{k��/��y�9��(tR��3%�� Bunker on the fairway comes into play and it makes the second shot difficult to the small green surrounded by water and bunker. %PDF-1.5 %���� ]�گ�����.\����;}�֫/-@-���p����1�D�E�D�y�Ǻk��m�~誡U��1质�jB: .5[G�x�֏AG�[g�du;3��uʇ�5�-ƣΐO�z��*vU�(��p�D�fX�>v�A��u�7�)��@���WiޠF��2vu�cư;&]��le!H���c�;qj�>׬o�V�仐�N���fUz�u��ؘ�q-�W$[��5_ӻ�p}7|���3cVa�w����~!����H�M+��!�����o)�:��v��o��G��iyB��� ynv�nk��܂��M����Cٜ�,Y�O�]��`Q�U���[}��F%���!��"���mη�����n���k�C��v�\l����=���9�4� �)zQ��%�M�e� This long par five can be reached by long hitters in two shots. Stay tuned, we'll send you the best deals via email soon. Tours of the Drummond Ranch Lodge, where her Food Network show is filmed, are available at various times during the year as well. Like much of the area that was set aside for Native Americans, it … This short par 4 has trees lined up in the center of the fairway. Willowbend's signature short drivable par four has water and bunkers running on both sides. ܈j� j�6A=\�:�8m��K��㶉)�-Vqc>4�4�����@S�a~��� Website. From the Pioneer Woman to the Osage Nation and from Bluestem Falls to views of the Tulsa skyline at the Postoak Lodge, Osage County is Oklahoma’s vacation destination spot! A good shot to right center of the fairway can set you up in a good position. title: tribal_jurisdictions.gws

It is the county seat of Mitchell County. Par is a good score on this hole. This is Osage County, Oklahoma — where the country is beautiful, the folks are friendly, and the smiles are always free!

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