He looked into Pipers eyes, and noticed that her eyes were now a mix of their regular changing color, and a bright gold color. There is nothing explicit in this whole story.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. 3 WE HAIL THE TAXI OF ETERNAL TORMENT Percy must reunite the Greek demigod and the Roman demigod camps to fight a new threat, one that would destroy them both. Can't wait for the next one to come out! He would make Percy Jackson a god.

He knew Artemis wasn't trying to bring him in, at first, but when he avoided her to make it look realistic, she realized that she needed to up her game. The gods are cruel, and cowardly, and petty. I had escaped Camp Half Blood narrowly, and New York by the skin of my teeth.

But at my door was a baby in a basket, she had blonde hair, which reminded me of Annabeth, and bright blue eyes just like mine. The door opened and the sound of the bell rang, before she could acknowledge the door,there was a tap on her shoulder, she looked up to see a tall blonde with brown eyes he smiled down at her, she of course smiled back. A name that could mean everything. It's just...I've got a lot of life left to live". Annabeth ran straight into my arms crying. Percy simply leaned in closer to the goddess his eyebrows scrunching up in confusion. The gods must have thought that I was a traitor too, give that you saved me. All of the 12 Olympians and Hades were in the throne room busy doing the one thing they do the best. He himself is the result of one such broken oath. She should have been sent to Camp Half Blood when she was twelve, I'm just wondering when they are going to come for her. A peacebringer. And Artemis is at the end of her rope. Hestia looked at the group of teens before smiling and snapping her fingers. In a way she reminded him of an uglier, older, smellier Aphrodite. Piper moved back to Jason and took his hand. "I can't tell you" I told them "It is for your safety that you don't know, the Gods can't bother you then". How will Percy deal with everyone knowing?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 57,143 - Reviews: 257 - Favs: 675 - Follows: 751 - Updated: DONT READ OMG this is bad pls i was like 12. she shouted.

Athena was busy working on a battle plan. 28. Also, over the time, Percy and Piper had noticed other small changes in each other, and their behavior towards each other. Rated T for slight violence. He stomped his foot, causing a massive earthquake that even thought the gods off their feet, but it did not bother Piper or Percy, leaving them standing.

"Heard something. 5. Who will it be? Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 13 - Words: 40,465 - Reviews: 178 - Favs: 263 - Follows: 248 - Updated: The great prophecy looms large as Percy nears his sixteenth birthday. AU After Mark Of Athena-Flames welcome! "Actually, he did escape Tartarus. First Argument Of Many How did she have a baby when we hadn't even gone all the way? I'll try to post this on a regular basis. Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 18,221 - Reviews: 70 - Favs: 125 - Follows: 144 - Updated: Percy is forced to become a god. Don't play dumb mom. Acting like spoiled children, because someone doesn't agree with us. Percy immediately noticed the look that Annabeth was giving Jason, and it made is blood boil. Most of you probably don't want to put up with me forever anyway so why cause yourselves misery?". Hermes has known the current whereabouts but doesn't tell the others. "Nice meeting you Anna.

The rule to allow Percy Jackson to remain mortal, wins.". There are many MANY more books that come from this but The Lightning Thief is where it all started. When the third war starts between only the gods, Zeus desperately tries to find Percy. Piper was shocked that Percy’s earthquake didn’t affect her. Athena scoffed. He also starts a war. will percy take this offer? "Mother, you've got to stop hounding Percy! Will Annabeth accept godhood as well? Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 36 - Words: 40,282 - Reviews: 523 - Favs: 511 - Follows: 496 - Updated: Percy refused immortality, but realises his mistake. left kudos on this work! Good luck. I turned them down. Percy Jackson is our ally, not some escapee from Tartarus on the run!" Neither would admit it, but they each had feelings for each other now, after running from the gods … Athena was just going over some theories of where Percy Jackson was, how he was able to evade them for so long, and where he was planning on going, when her daughter called her. "Perseus Jackson. Depends on who you ask and who cares enough to answer back. I love him! He then joins the Hunter's of chaos and leads the life as an assasin and general. But few knew his identity. She replied still eyeing the door. "Percy!" Work Search: But will the long time away change him? Still, being a god that helps other demigods, that might not be too bad. And do not worry time outside of Olympus will be frozen so do take your time.

Her daughter looked absolutely sickly.

Poseidon just started laughing. "Well not in your life, punk" Ares yawned.

His insight, Hermes, isn't that what you claimed? Dionysus was sitting on his throne, looking bored. She looked up towards the young man, his sea green orbs seemed lost in confusion. "It's a scale from Apophis, the Egyptian god of Chaos. "I don't regret it! Few knew that he hadn't been to his home planet for 450 years. "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief," Piper, Jason and Leo looked at each other and said, "Finally," they were happy that they would finally learn about this Percy Jackson and what made everyone care so much about him. He is offered to be a god once again, but he has to fulfil a condition.

“No I cannot. A wall of water, not controlled by me, slammed into Artemis, knocking her down.

I've already finished writing it.

"Percy doesn't want to be immortal! "How dare they do that to my baby" she cried while hugging me.

Paul asked while walking into the room. Well, he'd been right.

She still hadn't caught him, even if she would let him go anyway. Thalia Annabeth and Grover shared a look, before looking back to the gods. He had saved the world twice for these people, and they didn’t trust him. How will each god deal with Percy's secret. You may have eluded me for a month, but you will not evade me now!". Soon, he wins, making Percy leave.

I rolled my eyes. 7. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", 1. He ran back to his apartment, packing his clothes in a small bag, he would have flashed there but turns out gods can track you when you do that, plus it was starting to weaken him.

30. Orjust when Percy leaves Camo-half blood and turns into a god or something.

A thought from Athena's mind sent to the father. 8 WE CAPTURE A FLAG 4. He has been for the last three hundred years, But what about the hundred years in between. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

6. He cursed silently as he yanked his bag on his back, getting his secret stash of money and a few bags of nuts and dried fruits, he was more prepared this time, for that he was grateful. "I see you have changed." "Annabeth, are you pregnant?" "No Percy, please don't do this" she begged. Also, over the time, Percy and Piper had noticed other small changes in each other, and their behavior towards each other. "What?" Athena blinked back to the present. 4.

I won't let her life be ruined because of the Gods. an au in which percy accepts zeus's offer to become a god in tlo. Gotta go. 16. "Yeah, apparently the ladies love it so, yeah."

He is forced to go away and the Olympians try to track him down. The mum silently moved down covering her eyes, causing the baby to stop giggling for a moment, before the mother would dramatically remove her hands from her face, causing the baby to giggle some more. JuneyB, UmbriaXYZ, brachioo_o, bookobsessed69, minimickeymh, Iamobsessedwithbooks, AmzArch05, Lea_Ag, Absoltrainer, ChicaRandom, NaliaDemigod, damdemiwitch, Flaremage, Pauliina, Stories_Aus_Bundle_TM, Meadowswish, whispering_willowing_wisps, Mintycloud, ThorTheCat, Emily_M_Brook_Nerd, aws7982, Glewair, angelcullen09, MadameDirector, MooredMermaid, Areyoulostbabygir1, DeathbySalesmanMarketKids, LiveryFaith, AngelMaster16, Captain_dirtbag, charmix1511, Jazzybits, Silver_Fox45, NightshadeArt, Dauntless_Shadow, Ally451, Koala_Girl_02, SongBirdie, Joooop, BooksAplenty19, natsukirei, Black_Thanatos, Nessa2685, Maryammejnounbenelhaj, Slytherin_Princess95, Surprise_And_Fear, astromoner13, Maxguevara36, percy2jacksons, Definite_Destiny, spiralsofthoughts, Elizabeth12, EleanorCinnamon, dreaminginshadows, Alfalfasaur, Shadowsingeraxolotl, ShellBlue, black_cassiopeia, Bunnyyong, AzarOra, iSpitonFire, fumiko13, weeping_angel_2spooky, sereiscent, Marseille14, Crazy_cat_kid_2020, TheRavenclawWitch, AbbyCrashing, Ihatemylife_andmyself05317, killmehades, wherever_my_way, Shlad1212, Hmwilk23, MidnightBunnyy, VioletAnimatron, TheQueenOfStars, Aussie_Pan_Duh, ReedDragonwitch, The_Dark_Sapphire, JJY221, Sider21, lovergyrl100, AlexNico, oceansdaughter92, Hanaa3714, HautBanane, ob_la_di_ob_lah_da, Lottie_Tsubasa, Etellerandetklogt, KoalaKat, JuliaMed, Lady_Elizabeth_Jayne, Snowcapped_hotcocoa, MistyDragon, Elliolympus, Afbc34, Thunderstorm586, dimpledsunflower, Vic_tsk, Alaskabound, xKiranx, Something_1987, Kaetbab, Stonewall82, I_was_never_normal, LadyArthem, Kjar_Rokulaine, ToyBonny, G8rguy, Sunshinysunshine, Dap4e, Eeveelution23, MYCOOKIESVENOMOUSYESTHEYBITE, Poemado, WildFireZ03, miksi, draco1221, QueenOfTheGarden, Quantumsouls, cottonorbit, CraneTheVillain, BloodyKnight04, Wolf_Queen97, BetterNameCame, SHINee_is_life, lcloudburstl, Lalettriceinsaziabile, stilsstilnski, PJO_Blackjack, ThePumpkinKingsWife, Pottyandweezlbe89, Faedra, cutekittygrowl, dragonstorm, aisaru86, AquaEclipse, starfire31803, PoseidonPrince, TheRavenSaidNeverMore, TheHiddenStar, LeinaRissa20, LJF, hiddenfangirl03, OnceAfan_alwaysAfan, DavinaH, tanteikun1412, Probably_Insane, HickoryDaisy, MultiFandomTrash_6, TheGhostKing44, sapphcatra, wisteria_writes, kuroneko22, MeiMei013, AliceFalls, RainbowSalt83, Quip344, IHateTheCold, Icecream5650, Topy1994, Yuko_Than, anadiangelo, Jessicaonepiece, Ksmith024, Suimin_1395, Fandomlife23, ginpctter, Alyajackson97, hamc2811, brieflydeepperson, 15meli57, ChatrBox16, Bolt_1994, SecretlyReadingAtMidnight, TheBigShortTM, Procrastinatingonlife, imissjason, Firey_Mana, pan_peterparker and eddiespots

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