[69], The defendants also argued that Liang pulling out his gun was still falling in the line of protocol, because "lack of lighting is commonly perceived as a sign of criminal activity. My eight-year-old daughter loves this journal. Instead activist Kevin Powell spoke at the service. Visit https://forbescouncils.com/ to see if you qualifyFollow Forbes Councils on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ForbesCouncilsFollow Forbes Councils on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/forbescouncils/ [65][66], On April 19, 2016, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun sentenced Peter Liang to five years of probation and 800 hours community service. Many of Liang's supporters demanded that all killers should be prosecuted and that there should be no such thing as selective prosecution, scapegoating, or racism. The film is inspired by real events that took place at the Louis Heaton Pink housing complex in Brooklyn on the night of Nov. 20, 2014.

[26] His lawyers planned to submit an appeal to Judge Danny Chun while Liang remained free without bail. It pitted the unjust death of an innocent young black man against the unjust scapegoating of a young Asian police officer who was frightened, poorly trained, and who committed a terrible accident. [27][36] Media reports initially surfaced that indicated both officers text-messaged their union representatives before calling for help,[21] which were later refuted as false by both the police union and the District Attorney office. Liang was convicted of manslaughter and official misconduct on February 11, 2016. On February 10, 2015, Liang was indicted by a grand jury (seven men and five women)[1] for manslaughter, assault, and other criminal charges (five counts total)[2] after grand jury members were shown footage of the unlit Pink house, and passed around the 9mm Glock used in the shooting, testing the possibility of equipment failure - concluding that the 11.5-pound (51-newton) trigger could not have been fired unintentionally. [59] However, he was fired from the NYPD one day after his partner was convicted.

"[48], New York City councilwoman Margaret Chin stated that she was satisfied with the grand jury indicting Liang but she also asked for leniency in Liang's sentencing. [60][61] He pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released without having to post bond, and suspended from his job without pay. [11][12], Peter Liang (born c.‚ÄČ1987), a Hong Kong American, had less than 18 months of experience with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) at the time of the shooting.

[10] He was not a resident of the Louis H. Pink Houses, where he was killed, but lived in nearby Brownsville with his domestic partner, her daughter and their two-year-old daughter. The rumors were later debunked by the District Attorney's office, but the Daily News did not issue a retraction or apology. Peter Liang discusses the 3 benefits of journaling: the power of now, the power of gratitude, and the power of reflection.Connect with Peter:https://profiles.forbes.com/members/comm/profile/Peter-J-Liang-Founder-Leadership4Kids/472412b6-5acd-497d-94ce-6e0df3f7caa9Learn more about Leadership4Kids:https://www.leadership4kids.com/#ForbesCouncils #journaling ----The Forbes Councils are invitation-only organizations for senior-level business professionals.Not a member? [29] It was reported that Gurley actually ran after hearing the gunshot, and didn't realize he was bleeding until collapsing on the fifth floor.

According to the prosecutors, seconds earlier, Officer Liang, who is left-handed, pulled out his flashlight with his right hand and unholstered his 9mm Glock with his left.

I LOVE this journal. Liang had a court date on February 11, and turned himself in that day. I am a health services researcher and epidemiologist with a primary focus in colorectal cancer prevention. Peter Liang was the first on-duty NYPD officer to be charged and convicted of manslaughter since 2005. [52][53][54], Congresswoman Grace Meng also sent out her voice; however, she did not say anything meaningful that defined her standing. [74], The incident received national and international coverage, in part due to the time of its occurrence shortly after the August 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; the July 2014 death of Eric Garner in Staten Island, which also involved police officers; and the Ferguson unrest after Brown's fatal shooting, which had attracted public attention. Kids need this, and parents do too. His trial started on January 25, 2016. [24] At the time the gun was discharged, the light in the stairwell on the 8th floor was broken and it was pitch black. ", "Thousands protest prosecution of NYPD officer", "Thousands Rally in Boston Common Calling for Equal Justice for Officer Peter Liang", "National Rallies Planned for Indicted NYPD Officer Peter Liang", "Many Asians Express Dismay and Frustration After Liang Verdict", "10,000 protesters rallying in support of ex-cop Peter Liang", "Supporters rally behind convicted cop Peter Liang", "Protests planned after NYPD officer Liang found guilty", "Race 'Doesn't Matter': Reactions to Officer Liang's Indictment", "NYPD Officer Indicted in Shooting of Akai Gurley: Reports", "Watch Brooklyn Protesters Demand Justice for Akai Gurley", "NY police shooting that has divided Chinese Americans will be tried by jury", "NY police shooting case divides Asian American", "NYPD Officer Peter Liang Indicted In Fatal Shooting Of Akai Gurley", "Officer Indicted in Shooting Death of Akai Gurley", "NYPD Officer Peter Liang found guilty of second-degree manslaughter in fatal shooting of Akai Gurley in Brooklyn housing development", "NYPD OFFICER TESTIFIES AT MANSLAUGHTER TRIAL OF HIS FORMER PARTNER, PETER LIANG", "Police department fires partner of ex-officer Peter Liang", "Officer Guilty of Negligence in '03 Killing", "Prosecutor rips Peter Liang's defense in Akai Gurley killing", "Why was Peter Liang one of so few cops convicted for killing an unarmed man? [64] Both radioed for an ambulance, as Gurley's girlfriend unsuccessfully performed CPR. [25] Liang's gun accidentally discharged as he opened the door and the bullet ricocheted off the wall and struck Gurley once in the chest.

[56] On December 27, 2014, 200 people marched in Brooklyn to protest the fatal shooting of Akai Gurley on the same day as the funeral for slain NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos, who was killed in the 2014 killings of NYPD officers, despite calls from the mayor to postpone demonstrations.

[72][73], After the settlement of Liang's trial, about 260,000 dollar funds were returned to the donors. Liang fired his weapon; his shot ricocheted off a wall and fatally struck Gurley in the chest. [80][81][82], On the following Friday, February 12, 2016, Gurley's family, in a joint statement Friday, demanded 'The NYPD permanently end all vertical patrols and stop using the NYPD as your security.' [41] On February 5, 2016, while Liang's trial was ongoing, two NYPD officers were shot while conducting vertical patrols at a housing development in the Bronx, although both were expected to survive.

[10], The continued conduct of vertical patrols has also been scrutinized in the wake of Gurley's shooting. According to Landau's words, that the instructor of the police academy that he and Liang graduated from, gave them the free pass to the course by helping them to cheat on the exams.

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