Phanteks Online Store. My MOBO only has two SYS_FAN headers, so I guess I'll need to chain them 3 and 3. It seems like this also means that the fans can only go one speed...which is kind of a bummer. Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 ATX Mid-Tower with Front Mesh Ventilation, Minimal Design, Tempered Glass Side Panel and Single Headset Jack

View and Download Phanteks Eclipse P400A Series installation manual online. Also for: Eclipse p400 series, Eclipse p400s series, Eclipse ph-ec400atg, Eclipse ph-ec400atg_d, Eclipse ph-ec416ptg, Eclipse ph-ec416pstg. 2x 120mm Black Phanteks Case Fans: P400A DIGITAL-RGB CONTROLLER: Front I/O: 2x USB 3.0, Mic, Headphone, Power Button, Reset Button, D-RGB Mode, D-RGB Color: Included Accessories: 3x 120mm Digital-RGB Phanteks Case fans: CASE SPECIFICATIONS: Dimension (WxHxD) 210 mm x 465 mm x 470 mm 8.3 in x 18.3 in x 18.5 in : Form Factor: Mid-Tower: Materials I also acknowledge that this is my first build, so that doesn't help. My MOBO only has two SYS_FAN headers, but I'm going to be running six fans. Upload. I probably would not attempt this though. This manual is applicable for the following products: PH-EC400ATG PH-EC400ATG_D PH-EC416PTG PH-EC416PSTG ECLIPSE P400A FRONT I/O ECLIPSE P400(S) FRONT I/O Press J to jump to the feed. Finish your build with water blocks and fittings from our Glacier Series line. I can't really control the RGB of the fans.

I've been struggling a bit with the fans too so I understand how confusing it is when you first start. I'm guessing this plugs into the MOBO SYS_FAN header, correct? Also for: Eclipse p400s. Another EDIT: I've read elsewhere that 3-pin connectors(they shouldn't be called PWM since PWM(Pulse Width Modulation) is what the 4th pin actually is) can adjust fan rotation but only if the MOBO supports it:,can%20get%20a%20fan%20controller. I'm also a first time builder and I don't know what SATA cable you're talking about or maybe I'm just blind. I see three long cables, not daisy-changed, one coming out of each of the fans, marked as 2150(not sure if this is relevant). There's another cable that has 3 pins and 3 holes, but the manual never really specified where it went, so I just left it alone.

Phanteks P400A PC Build Quality. If I won't, that means I'd have to daisy chain the top and rear fans to the front fans, correct? Also, it seems as though fans are typically .1-.3A. I got mine yesterday from newegg and I saw they were already out of stock. This is what I'm dealing with now.

EDIT: Okay, I just saw on an image for the Phanteks controller on Newegg, that the MB DRGB connector is only to use the MOBO colouring software(this should really all be in the case manual). F O L L O W T H E I N S T R U C T I O N T H A T C O M E. W I T H T H E V E R T I C A L G P U R A C K E T . Cookies help us deliver our Services.

If 1 is true, can 3rd party fans be run from that controller? Phanteks Evolv Shift Air Fabric Side Panel, Phanteks Eclipse P300A Air Mesh Front Panel, Phanteks 220 mm Premium Shielded High speed PCI-E x16 Riser Cable 90° Adapter. Some websites state that you need both in order for it to work? The Phanteks Eclipse P400A breathes performance with its full metal mesh front panel. Thanks to engineering improvements we have been able to create an Ultra-Fine Performance Mesh that brings the best possible performance while keeping dust from entering the system. Phanteks Eclipse P400A ATX Mid-Tower (PH-EC400ATG_BK01), Mesh Front Panel, Tempered Glass, Fan Controller, Black 4.7 out of 5 stars 186. I'm using the Aorus X570 Elite motherboard which has two DRGB headers. I also acknowledge that this is my first build, so that doesn't help. You can control the front 3 fans with the case buttons as long as you don't plan on using the motherboard to control the lighting. I don't think it needs to plug into the MOBO if you just want to use the front panel buttons. If so, does this only need to be attached to the MOBO if I want to use the RGB Fusion 2.0 software? The cables that power the fans are mixed in with the ones that you can use to daisy chain. $61.99. and the other used for the power if I'm not mistaken. Are these the power cables for the fans? The single fans were in-stock so I guess I lucked out. The colors are static, and the shades of the color are pretty much the same: blue, pink, green, and orange. This appears to be daisy chained. Would they require an additional power source? This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. It's a long video but he's building in the P400A DRGB case and he talks about the fan stuff a little. I appreciate any help and clarification you can give. This manual is applicable for the following products: Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Enclosure Phanteks eclipse p400 User Manual, Enclosure Phanteks PH-ES314ETG User Manual, Enclosure Phanteks Eclipse P600s User Manual, Enclosure Phanteks Eclipse P400A Series Installation Manual, Enclosure Phanteks ECLIPSE P350X Installation Manual, Enclosure Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Installation Manual, Enclosure Phanteks Evolv Shift User Manual, Enclosure Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX User Manual, Enclosure Phanteks Enthoo Series User Manual, Enclosure Phanteks Enthoo Evoly series User Manual, Enclosure Phanteks ENTHOO ELITE User Manual, Enclosure Phanteks Enthoo Primo User Manual. There's a SATA cable coming out of the top of the front panel, where a bunch of the other wires are coming from. I don't think a fan hub/controller is a requirement, but I guess this depends on the MOBO.

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