In a scene after he has put the drunken Roger to bed, the detective comes close to his first sexual consummation in the novels.

He is lame, impotent, and distressed at the moral decay of his daughters. Chandler's early short stories, published in pulp magazines like Black Mask and Dime Detective, featured similar characters with names like "Carmady" and "John Dalmas". Tall, and big enough to take care of himself, he likes liquor, women, reading, chess and working alone, and is educated enough that he boasts he can speak English "if he's required to." What makes The Big Sleep such a rich novel, in addition to its mythic associations, is the question of what keeps Marlowe going. Booker Prize-winning novelist used his crimewriting alter ego to dig up Marlowe and play with the bones.

Mysteries and Detective Stories Q: I drafted my own work without proper plotting and storyforming - which is where I hope Dramatica will help me out. Marlowe has been adapted for film, television, radio, comics and audiotapes by all kinds of writers, sometimes quite successfully, particularly in film and radio, and sometimes rather disappointingly (television). Marlowe’s wealthy client General Sternwood knows how deals are made behind closed doors, and can read through the papers’ version of events to see that Marlowe has concluded the case. He is educated enough that he can speak English if he's required to'. In fact, Marlowe is in the Wade house the day Roger Wade apparently commits suicide. Short fiction: Five Murderers, 1944; Five Sinister Characters, 1945; Finger Man, and Other Stories, 1946; Red Wind, 1946; Spanish Blood, 1946; The Simple Art of Murder, 1950; Trouble Is My Business, 1950; Pick-up on Noon Street, 1952; Smart-Aleck Kill, 1953; Pearls Are a Nuisance, 1958; Killer in the Rain, 1964 (Philip Durham, editor); The Smell of Fear, 1965; The Midnight Raymond Chandler, 1971; The Best of Raymond Chandler, 1977; Stories and Early Novels, 1995. This recognition results in part from the wide exposure and frequent dilution Chandler’s work has received in media other than print. This is a no-brainer -- a collection of the wit and wisdom culled from the greatest series of private eye novels ever, offering the "rude wit," two-fisted wisecracks and bruised romanticism Marlowe was known for. Marlowe is in fact Chandler’s great achievement, but that accomplishment in itself imposed a limitation of a sort.

The private detective cannot let the matter lie, unhappy with hearing only other people’s opinions. Ohls, the only policeman Marlowe likes or trusts, consents to leak a document so that Marlowe will use it unwittingly to flush out the racketeer Menendez, knowing that Marlowe will be abused psychologically and physically in the process. In The Long Goodbye, the business of detection is subordinate to the themes of personal responsibility, betrayal, and the mutability of all human relationships. Eddie admits to buying police loyalty, with inside informants keeping him up to date.

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