pavin : samari, I might go to L.A. so my mom can be on nailed it so I hope I run into you♡, Hi piper, I love your videos.

Photo Source: Sophie Fergi, Instagram (Her last Jophie post before the incident).

Just opinions dudes. I feel bad for you Piper,Gavin cheated on you, I feel bad for you Piper. i love piper STOP THE HATE OK STOP sha is an AMAZING, Dose any one know who the new squad member is? Soon he gathered more than one million followers there, and his videos got tons of likes. I am piper’s biggest fan!! Can everyone please stop pretending you are someone from piper rockelle’s squad Because your not. She has a big heart and has rescued lots of homeless cats together with her popular daughter. I am way cuter than piper! I wish i could meet her but I live so far away from where she is going on tour. all your videos like this one Surprising my best friend with a new squad member shocking reaction, Piper…you are a really strong girl and we all love you. I love all of you and go check out my newest video and my instagram @Piperrockelle, I really would love to be in the squad! Fit: Adjustable length with Lobster claw closure. So fans should rest easy and wait for the mess happening in their lives right now to be cleared up. hey piper i have something to tell you , i look a lot like you and i watched all Ur vids Ur so cool! Stop critizing.

you will love it , GAVIN RUINED EVERYTHING COCO AND PIPER WERE BESTIES GAVIN HOW DARE YOU GET OUT OF BOTH OF THERE LIFE AND COCO IS TO OVERRATED FOR HER AGE GAVIN COCO BOOOOO. Crew neckline with ribbed cuffs and waistband. OKAY for all of the people on here ya’ll really need to stop the hate on piper and saying things that are not true and for the people pretending to be piper need to stop she Loves Lev and she is happy with him and stop saying that she is running back to Gavin Face it they are not getting back together so. , I love watching your videos and I wish I could see you, piper why is walker being mean l love you l will always love you no matter what happens l love your squad l wish l could join, hey piper I watch your videos all day all night you are cool, Hi piper I am a huge fan I watch your videos every day your awesome, Hy mi Fans I actually Love You y´all Go text me on snapchat My cousin dperez4809 She could Text u and gave my phone number, hey piper we been waching u since you and coco we really want to meet you me and my cousin love jophie and liper and we miss your old squad A LOT we think you should make a video of all you so you make our day and i have lot a fun video for you and the squad.

Thank you for allowing us to see and be a part of your life. How did he message you??? She cares for her daughter and has her reasons. p.s: your a loser, Umm I think Piper exaggerates a lot with her videos,I don’t really like them,I hate her but I feel sorry for her life but when she grew up she became crazier.i don’t like her, love you can I have ur number lets be friends, piper can I have your number its for Daghter lacie she is the biggest fan please, hello I am piper and walker fan and my youtube name is Lacie kitson, Me and Gavin were never in a fight we miss each other and hate that we had to break up and me and coco are still friends . They’re a tight-knit group, alright. Piper Rockelle Popularity . Since the videos on August 22, she hasn’t appeared on anyone’s feed except her’s at all. And Lev piper is lieing. Shiny, comfortable and soft with a durable interior stretchable elastic band. Born in Georgia #2. were does piper live i want to meet her

Piper and Gavin are not getting back together I have been watching pipers vids and I saw one that had pipers garage door with the words piper sucks Hi Piper I watch your videos every day. And if you do plz follow me on instagram @lainee_m. You may know Piper Rockelle’s face from her energizing videos at Musical.Ly. See Their Announcements, Either way, fans want to know from the pair themselves, if Jophie is still real or not. Coco bear I love you ❤️ piper you are stupid,ugly,and ,fat and Sophie you are a retard and nobody likes you either , I’m so glad that I left that ugly brat for coco bear l love coco piper was so annoying and ugly ugh and yes we made out it was awesome piper is so ugly and selfish don’t call coco that because she is perfect ❤️. Hey I’ve always wanted to meet piper I just wanna let u know I love u and ur videos!!

Your email address will not be published. She is a pretty and kind person. Fit: Slim fit, crewneck, short sleeves  $45.00 LEV QR Hoodie ... Piper Rockelle Tee. Does hunter have a twin brother named tyler? Hooded neckline with drawstring, kangaroo front pocket, ribbed cuffs and waistband. we are both leos i have dreams of being in in the squad you are so sweet and nice i dont care what my friends say when i say you are my fravourite youtube, Please stop talking about this it makes us uncomfortable, He was fine with hunter but then he got mad when I was born because he was done with kids and I don’t like talking about but you ask so I will answer you, He was fine with hunter but then he got mad when I was born because he was done with kids and I don’t like talking about but you ask so I will answer you , Wait so is Hunter adopted? keep it up love you Walker Or Lev She did it for six days in a row all by herself, exactly over a week ago.

We haven’t heard, literally, from Sophie Fergi in quite a while. I am a big fan and also my sister idalit. who knows.I love you piper and even tho you dont know who i am i will defend you and if your hater have a problem with that they can come to me ,lets see if they have the nuts to do iti love you tiffany and even tho im younger than you i will keep defending you,too.BYE!! -love from india. RN it’s Piper, and so be it if she doesn’t read them and how would you know anyway. Love your new song☺. Why are so many people pretending to be me? The only thing she knows about her father is that he had a big dream – to become a professional musician. She was good at it, and then extended her boundaries and added modeling and participation in beauty contests to dancing lessons. You’ve proved that girls can be awesome at everything.!! Thank you for working so hard for us.

So when it came so abruptly, the only thing to think was that there should’ve something big for this to happen. To relax after work he created short comedian videos and uploaded them on Musical.Ly. Can u do a tour in London plzzzzzzz, Hey Piper how r u She actually is being nice to you a you are being rude. A bunch of people love your vids and you are amazing. , Hi piper i love your video i want your phone number, Wait hunter the editor is your brother? He attended middle school and was a member of the basketball team. This story is about piper rockelle's squad. Wipe... BBY Piper Rockelle bby, bby heart, butterfly, daisy shoe charms. Tumble dry low. Fit: one size fits youth or adult small (8"w x 5"h) Fabric: 100% polyester mask, double layer Care: Hand wash only CAUTION: Not for medical use. She did nothing to you. Xxxx PS: I seen the gavin Magnus things but I think you should just move because he was making you upset and you don’t even need him! Kanye West surprises Kim Kardashian with… Read More »Kanye West surprises Kim Kardashian with ‘Surprise From Heaven’ – Resurrected Father’s Birthday Wish! She is an amazing person, so is Tiffany. I’m sorry about your dad piper. I HATE HIM, I’M HONESTED…I HATE GAVIN MAGNUS, What pavin id over I understand they were young but is it really over.

Tiffany is Hell, Tiffany Rockelle has a lemon face, I misssssssssssss Pavin Tiffany Rockelle ruined everything, Tiffany in not pleasant or has a pleasant face because look at Gavin youtube she is very mean and i am not saying to be mean i love y’all both but Tiffany let just not talk, Like I mean it’s nothing bad I just wondered because we would like to get to know them, Why do we not know hardly anything about your mom or the rest of your family it’s like you guys are hiding something from all your fans, hey guys its me piper can we stop all the hate please i know is was Tiffany Rockelle and mm dont be rude she is my friend and thank you and im not fake im real, hey guys its me piper can we stop all the hate please i know is was Tiffany Rockelle and mm dont be rude she is my friend and thank you but next time dont be rude and im not fake im real, I love you piper but u and Gavin is the cutest couple. Piper I am such a big fan. Oh my gosh. the more views and subscribers, the more money for her. because her dad wasn’t ok of Tiffany having a newborn baby and i cant seem to find Tyler Hill, Hey Piper also good job for saving cats in need, Can u do a tour in Nebraska plezzzzzzz u made me think I can become anything I want to be I love u, Hey Piper how r u but the one behind the cam called Hunter ray hill # LIPER super cute xx write piper and Lev should get married, ❤️❤️❤️Love the new squad piper and walker should date ❤️❤️❤️. But now, as she’s stopped posting altogether, there’s no way to know anything of it. Boo Gavin, I saw the video about Gavin kissing Coco, Piper you are my favorite Youtuber I watch you everyday, i wish i can go to your Best FREINDS live but i cant, Piper has a new boyfriend named walker or lev, that so sweet good job to your channel I love you so much. So im Piper i gonna ask this thing of you wanted too be in the squad ? Grab Details Here, Walker Bryant Celebrates 14th Birthday with a Fresh 1 Million Look Amidst Indi Star Breakup, So, Did Sophie Fergi Leave the Squad? I am so happy now you’re a teenager you like 13 years older I’m very happy for you .keep your squad save I don’t know why I’m saying that you know a little kid so I don’t know you that well but I don’t know why I’m saying that to you but stay safe wash your hand and and I know I’m supposed to say my name first but my name is Sophie beaubrun Still, she posted videos on YouTube and photos on Instagram less than a week after her flight, while she was still in Texas, with the other also making a surprise trip to see her. Emirichu and Daidus Are Really Dating, Here’s the Proof, Sophie Fergi and Jentzen Ramirez Definitely Broken Up Now! Strawberry BBY graphic joggers  Fit: Classic lightweight fleece jogger with elastic waistband and ribbed cuffs Fabrication: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester pre-shrunk fleece Care: Machine wash cold with like colors. She was born as Pipe Rockelle Smith on August 21, 2007, in Georgia and was mostly raised by a single mother. gavin didnt cheat on piper they just broke up! PIPER IS SO BEAFITUL AND TALENT SO FOLLOW HER ON YOUTUBE. #aiden #aidenmesa #cocoquinn #ellianna #emily #gangang #gavinmagnus #indie #itsmelev #jenna #jetzen #lev #logan #mesa #piper #piperrockelle #pressely #rockelle #sophie #sowyer #squad … I watch all your videos, next time you’re in colorado we should meet up i would love to meet you and i ship #Liper, Your brother and I have the same birthday date, your right demon princess but lev could be a pervert and plus that could be piper and when your done with a youtube video then who knows if he is a pervert , i honestly thought she was an only child. Even now the “daddy question” is really painful for her. You may be wondering, what.

If you see this I don’t want to be one of those creepy people who are like “please be my friend, just because your famous” I would want to be your friend because you seem pretty genuine and not fake and I need those type of people in my life so piper if you ever see this and if you want just give me a comment back I would appreciate that even if it’s just a ft during this time or even a text it would be nice to talk to someone who’s not always trying to stab me in the back and stuff.

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