Pluto in the 8th House When relationships do end, Pluto still doesn't stop fighting. It's often the area that you grasp for with the most longing, but where the attainment of your ideal vision ends up being difficult or impossible. Your career, social status and image are radically transformed as Pluto crosses your Midheaven (MC), the highest and most visible point in your birth chart, and enters your tenth house. google_ad_height = 600; © 2019 - All Rights Reserved. You like to appear in public and would like to take part in the creation of public life, whereby you may actually be more interested in feeling important. The challenge is to see the real demands of everyday life and to resist the temptation to use them as an escape from your inner world. Unless you live for 248 years (duh) you won’t experience Pluto transiting every house in your birth chart. Determination and drive for power may tempt you to try to dominate every group, including your friends and colleagues. If Pluto is in the Second House in your chart, given this planet’s raw power of transformation, this placement can work for or against you.

Your need for self-expression - be it sexually or creatively - can no longer be ignored and you could throw yourself completely into a love affair or creative project. You are very intense, with the capacity to drastically alter your personal environments. In the best scenario, a third-house Pluto gives depth of concentration in school and in any learning throughout the chart holder's life. Bring the needs of your body and soul in harmony and avoid the dangers of Pluto. As Pluto crosses your Descendent (the door of the 7th house), you’re likely to meet a dark handsome stranger who has a magnetic effect on you. Once you have recognized this challenge, you will become a much appreciated haven for your partner, especially in times of crises.

Unfortunately, you have a tendency to vent your aggression verbally and do a lot of damage. You are a true survivor and have no illusions about life. Others will sense you’re a money magnet during this time and respect you for it. You are financially very astute. This is a perfect time to undergo therapy, release the past and reinvent yourself from within. Events take place that feel fated and take your life into a totally new direction. Pluto in the 6th House Depending on the aspects to Pluto, you may reach the celestial heights of your profession or plunge into humiliation .. or both. It could be a high profile wedding or a marriage that breaks that does it, corruption at the top, you shooting into fame or your company folding. You want to get under people’s skin and discover all their juicy secrets, having a knack for the truth. Seventh-house Pluto chart holders are also sensitive to which person in an interaction holds the most power, and if it isn't them, they will try to win it. It depends on aspects to the 7th house. Delve deep into your subconscious and ask how you can conquer your inhibitions and live out everything currently slumbering within you. Their opinions on how the world should operate can be so deeply held that they appear to operate unconsciously as a part of who they are rather than as ideas which are separate from them and can be debated. Intimate Lover - What sort of Lover are you? Pluto will teach you to turn crises into personality productive development sessions, which you should not resist.

Their need to create perfect art can squash their creative spirit. It rules the underworld, things that are hidden, replication processes, phobias, obsessions, slow growth, group factor, transmutation, beginnings, endings, birth, death, isolation, coercion, disappearance, kidnapping, anonymity, bacteria, viruses. As the Dalai Lama said, if you think you’re too small to make a difference then try sleeping in a room with a mosquito. Your body has incredible physical strength and powers of regeneration. Pluto Houses: A General Overview Pluto in 1 st House / 7 th House Axis: “I am” vs. “the other is” (Existence) Pluto in 1 st House: The soul has entrenched herself in lifetimes of solitary existence and overt self-reliance. Others can sense your weaknesses and will strike where you’re least aware of them yourself. Home: Personality & Relationship Astrology, Astrological Relationships: Compatibility & Attraction, The Soul's Journey Through the Houses: A Deeper Understanding of the Houses in Astrology. Pluto in the tenth house will foil your plans and force you to change your attitude about the outside world. If you to express your emotions immediately and not wait until the volcano erupts, you will set a lot of things in motion during your lifetime. If Pluto is in the Eleventh House in your chart, you evolve through your friendships and group activities. You’re ready to live life to the full, fearlessly, passionately, embracing the good and the bad with equal relish. Otherwise, you run the risk of letting your frustration out on your family. In astrology, we still consider Pluto a planet, although its cosmic status, so to say, has been disputed for years now. You could have problems with authorities because it is difficult for you to submit. Pluto in the second house is a classic story of 'from rags to riches'!

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