The Sullivan family arrived by lime craft from Canvas Town (Melbourne) landing at Shelly Beach. The median house price in Frankston was $105,000. Visit the DHHS website for more information about what you can and cannot do at this time.

Grazing paddocks and a garden were situated in low land – water being obtained from two large lagoons. [12] Southsea has a thriving commercial area which includes two national department stores and many other well-known high street chains. Even more pessimistically, up to 20 years ago there was nowhere to eat, but now there was nowhere to park; and in 20 years Portsea would be like Frankston.

They raised cattle, grew potatoes and other crops. However, after a petition to Queen Anne, royal consent for the development was granted in 1704. In 1991 some longer-term residents of Portsea observed that old families were dying out and new, more socially aggressive ones had moved in. The outer walls were l2in. However, this never materialised, in spite of the large gap between stations, and the existence of a signalled level crossing for many years (now a bridge). Hertha Ayrton, British engineer, mathematician, physicist and inventor, was born there in 1854. During the 1950s-60s postwar prosperity enabled the building of many holiday homes in Portsea. Portsea Beach is one of Victoria's most popular and infamous beaches, being the site of regular ironman contests, but also near the spot where Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared in the surf in 1967. "It appears there has been significant tidal changes causing shifting sands to migrate in different areas, thus causing a significant change in the shape of the sandbar, sufficient enough to cause this increased refraction and resulting in waves coming in to Portsea," Mr Watson said. About 1860 he built the first pier at Portsea. Though a beautiful structure, historically … There are also ferries to the Channel Islands, northern France and northern Spain.

Portsea Island is a flat, low-lying island measuring 24.542 square kilometres (9.476 sq mi; 6,064 acres) in area, just off the southern coast of England. James Ford was at first a producer of building lime from the local stone and later a local entrepreneur in Portsea.

The Southsea Railway incorporated three stations at Jessie Road Bridge Halt, Albert Road Bridge Halt and a terminus station called East Southsea at Granada Road. "A History of Council Houses in Portsmouth",, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 17:12. It consists mostly of Victorian terraced houses, and is typical of the residential areas in the city. It was originally known as The Common, but had its name changed in 1792, taking its present name from Portsea Island on which it stands. Portsea's reputation as a holiday place for Melbourne's well-to-do citizens probably began with Charles Gavan Duffy's choice of a site at Point King, where Portsea meets Sorrento, for his holiday house. In Portsmouth Harbour, a road bridge connects Portsea Island to Whale Island, a restricted Royal Navy shorebase establishment. East of the pier is Point Franklin where a scenic walking track provides elevated views over Shelley Beach to the east and across Port Phillip bay.

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