It sticks with you. Hi, Stacey! For bringing that childhood flavor back and easy to make! Thanks! There’s no question it would work, I just worry about the flavor and texture. I buy 2 cans pretty much every week. My granddaughter  and two of her friends are making dinner tonight. Just curious. This took me right back to my childhood. You are so welcome! I wonder. . Oh! Kraft Yellow American Cheese. It's not 100% gag-inducing but this for sure doesn't taste like actual food.Texture: Overwhelming, taste bud-melting mush, punctuated by substantial amounts of grit and slime. If it can it will be a great pantry staple to have on hand. Now, the funny part is that we all knew it contained bologna, not ham, but we called it ham salad anyway! To my knowledge, growing up in western Pennsylvania in the 70s & 80s, I don’t ever recall getting this from the actual can. The result was not far off from my memory. Oh yes,  they are going to decorate their camapes with slices of olive so that “it will look fancy”. I’ll admit, I do love me some vienna sausages from time to time! But I found a recipe in an old 1960s pamphlet for Deviled Ham Canapés. Hope you enjoy it!

This looks so good!

Good even! Think I found the one. The truth is though, that it doesn’t. I wish he woke me up like that every morning. Easter ham and will run some onion and hard boiled egg through my trusty meat grinder. Salt, Sodium Chloride is a natural mineral found on the earth and is mined as Rock Salt and refined. Let me know if you find out. She’d mix the ham and mayonnaise, while I got to hand grind sweet gherkins with an old grinder that suction cupped to the counter, then add them to the mix. How cool are you, and brave for admitting that you once ate that horrid canned stuff with childish oblivious pleasure. Miscellaneous – Off Topic & “Lighter Fare”,  

However, I guess everyone else had the same idea…NO deviled ham. I will have to try it. I used to love the real stuff as a kid but these days I have sworn off meat products for health reasons. It's enough to send a person running for the hills -- or, at the very least, breaking ground on an underground bunker and stocking up on batteries, board games, and cases and cases of reliable, long-lasting canned meats. Thank you for the recipe!!!! It’s going to be tough to let this sit for a couple of hours in the fridge! Those sandwiches sound amazing! Ha! Makes great sandwiches for parties. Yeah, keep it mayo-free beforehand, until you open up a jar! Throw me to the zombies -- anything is better than this.Bunker-worthy?

So if you're considering prepping for our impending doomsday -- and if TLC's current programming is any indication, you fucking better be -- you'll definitely need to know which canned meats (the brand is irrelevant to what's inside the can) are the least disgusting. Hard no. I have a feeling that I’m about to try your recipe and go for it ! Thanks, it’s next on my “to-do” list! Well, to be fair, it approximates the taste of ham, like an expertly made synthetic ham. Home › Forums › Miscellaneous Forums › Miscellaneous – Off Topic & “Lighter Fare” › POTTED MEAT. I really like your website and can’t wait to try some recipes. I hope you’ll enjoy it! . I asked what they put in it and he told me he adds a small amount of ground bologna and food coloring to make it pink. Oh man, I loved deviled ham but have hesitated to buy the canned stuff for my kids.

It is very tasty with crushed pineapple and mayo. I had pinned it MONTHS ago but today was the day! I also despise Miracle whip & love Dukes. There are other brands of similar canned pork meat products, but Spam—made by Hormel Foods Corporation—is the original and the best-selling of the brands. We were poor, it was cheap, resulting sandwiches were awesome! sweet as it should be — which is just very slightly sweet. Oh yeah. Mmm! It's swimming in a murky bath of what appears to be skim milk but what is most likely water.Aroma: It smells exactly like canned tuna.Taste: It tastes exactly like canned tuna. Or want to hear again.Aroma: A somewhat subtle mix of cat puke peppered with bursts of acrid window cleanerTaste: I honestly feel like an atomic bomb's worth of salt just went off inside my mouth, embedding itself within my DNA, ensuring that all my future descendants feel the effects of 2016's luncheon meatpocalypse.Texture: It looked solid at first, but as soon as my fork came within an inch of the thing it crumbled into a pile of cold, grainy mush.

They  are all 8 years old and want me to teach them how to “cook easy food”. . Yours is less salty, fresher tasting and I saved a bundle. I hope your family enjoys it! I remember seeing the deviled ham but I don’t remember eating it. Appearance: I have fond memories of eating Vienna sausages at my grandmother's house as a kid.

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