and West Coast history, offers an interesting insight into the behaviour of a people who were becoming integrated by the northern experience. Your email address will not be published. They operated along the coast of British Columbia from Vancouver and Victoria up to Skagway, Alaska. The official counts vary from 343 to 356 persons lost. The captain was deceived by a faulty barometer indicating calmer weather was coming and told rescue ships to return to port and await the calmer weather the next morning. On the morning of the 26th, with slightly calmer winds, rescuers returned to the reef and were shocked to find the liner gone. But it’s only now, 100 years later, that commemoration is beginning.

Smith swims over the wreck of the SS Princess Sophia. The rescuers again had to move to shelter as winds picked up to gale force. Hidden just below the surface at high tide, it is visible at low tide just above the surface. Initially the captain hoped high tide would free the sturdy ship, and with a wireless message sent, and rescue ships soon to be on their way, the situation did not look immediately life threatening.

The  Princess Sophia was built in 1911, entering service in 1912 as one of several, passenger, mail and freight steamers built for the Canadian Pacific Steamshipo Line.

The official counts vary from 343 to 356 persons lost. Surrounding ships were notified by wireless and in three hours the first steamer came, but cannot get near owing to the storm raging and the reef which we are on. But Coates said what is intriguing is how the disaster has slid from memory and has only begun to resurface in the past 20 years. Victoria Times Colonist-SS Sophia disaster, British Airways flight makes emergency landing in Vancouver with 25 ill crew, Ontario nurse charged with 8 murders of elderly patients. With that in mind, I have posted a new, never before seen list of 461 names of people that may have been lost when the Princess Sophia sank in 1918. That information is not just historically interesting, it is important to families and their descendants when a loved one is lost to maritime disaster in Alaska. At the end of the list is a link to download the complete list, color coded and in .pdf format. It's complicated, Kristallnacht
: Creativity Emerging from the Shards of Tragedy, Stage Left: As virus fears close productions, keep calm and support the arts, Stage Left: I and You taps illness rom-com trend, Pedro Arrais: Cabinet-maker turns 1928 truck into a panel van, Pedro Arrais review: Hyundai Venue ideal for a first-time buyer, Click here to see the latest Discover Magazine. Reluctantly in the face of the situation, Cedar turned back, finding its own shelter with difficulty. The Princess Alice, for example, arrived near Vancouver on Nov. 10, 1918. Plumous anemones give the SophiaÕs wreck an otherworldly appearance. The French connection: How studying in France fundamentally changed Emily Carr's art.

“People from Alaska would come down in the winter to live in Vancouver or Washington, Oregon or California. On October 23, the ship left Skagway Alaska close to midnight, and about 3 hours behind schedule. The Times Colonist is looking for newspaper carriers to work in the Reader Sales and Service Department. The ship channel is only a few km wide, and the reef made that passage even narrower, and a threat even in good weather. Contests and offers from our advertising partners. For example, the rescue attempt was large co-ordinated out of Victoria via radio. Although the ship sank in American waters, it was a Canadian ship and carried many passengers from the Yukon, so is considered the worst maritime disaster in Alaskan , Yukon, and British Columbia history. records 299 new cases of COVID-19, three more deaths, Kevin Greenard: Why we avoid speculative stocks, Kevin Greenard: Changes to the Canada Pension Plan, Liberals' new aid bill faces calls for changes, and for a pause on business audits, Vancouver housing market posts second-best October on record as sales rise 29%, Popular local restaurant group launches online market, North American stock markets rise on hopes of decisive U.S. election result, Man convicted of sending death threats to Dutch princess, 'Hostile' crowds ignore COVID-19 rules in Vancouver: police, Wolfpack forward Adam Sidlow left shocked, angry and saddened over team's demise, American athletes, coaches from Island teams closely watching U.S. election, Dr. Bonnie Henry calls for fewer spectators on sidelines of community sporting events, Toronto Wolfpack doomed to transatlantic failure thanks to rotten foundation, FC Edmonton hires Eric Newendorp as president and general manager, Toronto Blue Jays ace Hyun-Jin Ryu named finalist for American League Cy Young Award, Golf generated $18.2 billion in economic benefits for Canada in 2019 : report, BCHL deals with COVID scare, influx of WHL players, Three bodies found, one man injured in rural area on Vancouver Island: RCMP.

As soon as it cleared Sentinal Island’s shelter, it encounterd gale force winds, snow,  and huge waves as darkness increased. “Back then, folks would move back and forth across the border and had a level of kinship that was quite remarkable,” said Coates. “For me it was as though all the ghosts on the ship were waving and telling me it was OK for me to be there,” said Smith. Required fields are marked *. Soon after leaving, the ship ran into a blinding snowstorm in the narrow Lynn Canal. answered the distress call. Jacques Marc swims over the stern winches on the wreck of the SS Princess Sophia. I am writing this my dear girl while the boat is in grave danger. The list follows the description of the loss of the Princess Sophia in the alphabetical (A-Z) section of this site. There were no survivors, with the exception of one of the passenger’s dog. Pugh had survived several previous steamship groundings in his time in Alaska, but this time none of the 350 passengers and crew survived when the Princess Sophia went down on Oct. 25, 1918. Red balloon points to Vanderbilt Reef in the middle of the narrow Lynn Canal fjord leading to Skagway Alaska. Annette Smith, 66, and a resident of Alaska most of her life where she skippers a whale-watching boat, has dived to the Princess Sophia more than 200 times, probably more than any other person.

Coates said the death toll alone, about 10 per cent of the non-Indigenous population of the North, should have made it more infamous. We struck the reef in a terrible snowstorm. All money raised goes to education and literacy programs on Vancouver Island. One of the primary functions of this website is remembering not just the vessels lost in Alaskan waters but the people lost with them. Share Your Stories. My insurance, finances, and property, I leave to my wife (who was to be) Miss Dorothy Burgess, 37 Smart St., Longsight, Manchester, England, All rights reserved @ Radio Canada International 2018. Pond (Winter and Pond) – NOAA Photo Library. A subsequent inquiry ruled that some or all of the passengers might have been saved in a brief window on the 24th before the winds picked up, but that the Captain had ruled against it, presumably fooled by the faulty barometer and hopes the weather would calm. records 299 new cases of COVID-19, 3 more deaths; 18 active cases on the Island, RCMP looking for woman last seen Oct. 30 in Sayward, Youth seriously injured after being struck by vehicle while in Nanaimo crosswalk, Driver in hospital after semi-truck crashes near Woss, Suspect arrested in Campbell River graffiti spree, Youths ticketed for 3 a.m. swim at Oak Bay Beach Hotel, Royal Bay Secondary reopens after evacuation due to possible gas leak, Seniors surveyed fear dying of loneliness more than COVID-19: advocate, Obituary: John Fryer: Titan of labour movement was a founder of BCGEU. “So there was these white, ghostly shapes waving in the current. Only the mast of Sophia was sticking out of the water, and of the 344 or more souls aboard, passengers and crew, there were no survivors. If you have difficulty finding it once it is downloaded, unless you have directed it otherwise, it goes to your default download file. Cedar left its protected harbour and headed out towards Vanderbilt Reef. Now the submerged wreck of the Princess Sophia has become a destination for divers. Nobody on board survived, save one pet dog who swam to shore. I also included the most comprehensive list published in book form. Rescue ships arrived but during the day could not remove the passengers due to the still rough conditions. The last thing anybody wanted to hear about was a ship carrying 50 to 70 drowned bodies, the Princess Alice, whose last passage had already earned it the dreary nickname “The Ship of Sorrow.”. The wreck and sinking of the steamship Princess Sophia exactly a century ago has been called Alaska’s worst maritime tragedy.

The Sophia is Alaska’s worst maritime disaster to date. Smith can still remember her first visit when she followed a rope down to midships. Wiki- E.P. I made my will this morning, leaving everything to you, my own true love and I want you to give £100 to my dear Mother, £100 to my dear Dad, £100 to dear wee Jack, and the balance of my estate (about £300) to you, Dorrie dear.

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