Business | Thu Mar 31, 2016 10:17am EDT "The engine block design, coupled with the particular block heater installed in these vehicles, causes the unit to be susceptible to overheating when the vehicle is parked and the block heater is plugged in –increasing the risk of an underhood fire," Ford said. On this test mule, the placement of the blue-capped urea filler and the green-capped diesel filler are consistent with their placement on current Cummins-powered Ram 5500 chassis-cab trucks.

The fire department told us the fire had started in the engine. There is only 1 MILITARY GRADE truck that has a good crash test rating, FORD FSUPERDUTY, HARDEST WORKING TRUCKS ON THE PLANET!!!!!!! Fuel capacity has also been added - lots. If a Ram 5500 runs into an M1 tank it will lose. HEMI V8 RAM - I admire your continual Fiat support, the biggest looser brand that builds the most unsafe truck with the worst crash test results & reliability track record (I'm speaking from direct personal experience with my own vehicles, close friends & families plus company vehicles). | May 13, 2016 5:15:11 PM, You don't have the money for a gasket? On September 1 after picking the truck up from getting the decals the battery light came on. While the Long-Hauler concept was a truly mammoth creation, the test mule we see here is something more mainstream in terms of scale. Ford said it was not aware how significant the damage was to the two MKCs involved in the fires. By the time the fire department got there, the front tires caught fire and blew into the field which started a 5-acre fire which did slightly damage some decks on a few homes. My family had a Ram with an oil leak and our Chrysler mini van had problems and electrical problems galore. I looked in my mirror to get over and to my horror I saw smoke pouring out from under the truck out the back. Get upfront price offers on local inventory. All Rights Reserved. is the bed strong enough? I had a Dodge Van that caught on Fire within the Engine Dog House, it was a 381cu, and had an Intake Leak. I know because we own 9 Fords between our business and personal but since the truck was only at our shop and not in service yet it would be brought in before it was ready to go into service the Ford dealer. ​, 11/02/15 My family and I had just came from a store at around 6pm, truck showed no signs of misuse or damage for I have had this truck for more than 10 years with no serious problems. Thirdly, Ford said it would recall about 4,800 heavy trucks F-650 and F-750 to replace parking brake connector clips. We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage you to visit, Looking at these pictures, the ill-informed wonder why we’re devoting spyshot coverage to a vehicle that already exists, a, Ram’s reasoning behind testing such a vehicle is a little bit mysterious, but we have a few ideas. A guy ran up and started with his fire extinguisher, but we couldn't get the flames down enough to get the hood opened. Most reliable is hog wash from fanboyz. ... Chrysler wants to toughen-up the image of the Ram pickup. The next day the fire inspector informed me that there was a recall that was not performed on the truck and the defect was a switch under the hood that caused engine fires. Does this one crumble like foil when hitting a wall at 35 mph? Let Rams @$$ kicking commence. Ram the only choice for me. Another 1,543 will be recalled in the United States and its territories, Ford said. GM inspiration at work once again. Some people say why didn't we bring it in when the external fan came on but honestly most people would have even noticed it. None of the semitruck would pass small ofset crash test, but you know in which one I would rather be sitting in when in head on head collision. If you cant pass your crash tests you aren't crash worthy/as safe as a vehicle that does. Are you this business? I bet I could drag your ford off road and still out perform fords 4x4's. As soon as I pulled over the smoke was coming out from under the hood as well as flames were starting to come out too. Wiring and bumper mounting are two more challenges, as evidenced by this vehicle’s cobbled-together appearance. External fan came on a few times as soon as the truck was started while we moved the truck in and out of our shop and would not shut off unless we turn engine off and restarted truck. This test mule suggests Ram is pretty serious, whether it's destined for the current-generation Ram HD or perhaps the next, likely due for the 2019 model year. At 11:30 pm our neighbors had notified us that our truck was on fire. "So is this Ram 5500 dualie pickup something with production intent? Other amenities include Wi-Fi capability, a laptop storage area and a safe inside the cabin. The company’s. You can bet Ford intends on regaining its crown with the next F-450. "Ram originally toyed with the idea of a Ram 5500-based dualie pickup in 2012, with the Ram 5500 Long-Hauler concept, which went over the top with an 8-foot truck bed and a Mega Cab configuration. Ford what it's work, I just saw a Superduty drive by with both rear bumper corners cut out and steps fabbed up in the openings.

The bed they used is from the gen 3 HD trucks that stopped in 2009. Ram Trucks | Heavy Duty & 1500 | America's Longest-Lasting Pickups! Video Of A Real Flying Car That's Actually Flying, Land Rover Defender Murdered Out With Matte Black Wrap, New Wheels, Toyota Teases TRD Sport Trailer That's Made From A Tacoma, Enter Now To Win This Ultra-Rare 200-MPH Cadillac CTS-V Championship Edition, Land Rover Baby Defender Coming In 2022 Initially With FWD: Report.

Hemi V8's "problem free" Ram also had a major transfer case gear oil leak. Dodge 4500 and 5500 Flat Bed Shown with our Popular Removable MidGate for Storing Tools, Buckets, Fencing Tools, Chainsaws, Etc. 2020 Ram 5500 Crew Cab DRW 4x4, Knapheide Service Body Job Ready: Now They don't make a capable enough 4x4 truck for my needs.

Did the fan keep coming on because the computer was telling the truck something was hot?

Factory truck beds are adequate for most uses, but even the most capacious bed is not large or convenient enough to haul oversized cargo. "Ram originally toyed with the idea of a Ram 5500-based dualie pickup in 2012, with the Ram 5500 Long-Hauler concept, which went over the top with an 8-foot truck bed … A few minutes later all the indicator lights came on and the truck lost power. That would set the stage for a Ram 4500 or 5500 pickup, giving truck customers two 10-lug options for their tow machines. You have no idea what outcome to get from any crash test.

But the modifications are extensive and the cabin has been converted into a Mega Cab passenger compartment complete with leather seats. HomeAutomotiveAuto Manufacturers TOP, Research top Auto Manufacturers recommendations on ConsumerAffairs

Hahahahah LMAO!!!!!! Ram, Ford and GM need to do something with product development to respond to the sharply slowing US economy. Also, the wiring harnesses' looms reportedly need to be adapted for the combination we captured.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Total load capacity is 37,500 Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) - so that's quite an upgrade from a one-ton pickup.

Ford guys are the biggest cry babies..followed by GM & Mongolian Imports.. Every RAM article they mock Chrysler ,yet on a Ford article lets say 4/20 posts on a single Ford article slam Ford, Ford guys cry and say RAM guys are the worst for spamming .. @ugly Fords, where you been all theses years???

Posted by: Dave Z.

Last updated: 01/13/2016, About six months ago around midnight my 2001 Ford truck caught on fire in the engine compartment and the fire was caught by our security camera. I popped the hood and jumped out looking for my fire extinguisher and in panic could locate it.

I would have brought it to was father then my local mechanic so it wouldn't have made it either way. I am happy, they are the new crash test safety leader. Ford has Chevy covered in H.D. Helping to counter what Ford has done with 450 and its configurations and availability. Is the Ram brand finally going to bring a more attainable, real-world version of the Long-Hauler concept to showrooms? It is more an irritant to Ford's marketing folks than it is a real response to the demands in the market for an HD in the Ram lineup. Maybe they should work on making their Super Duties actually hold some weight, he's F250 look like they're dragging their asses when you put a load on them. Gm and Ram have been trying to duplicate FORD for decades. Such a vehicle would be ideally suited to do battle with the upcoming Ford F-450 Super Duty, a model that, in its previous generation, claimed top towing rights away from the Ram brand for a time. Yet evidence shows/proves Ford guys are the biggest spammers, cry babies because they know Dodge RAM are and were always the best ! Affected are 2016 model year Ford Explorers and Lincoln MKCs from the 2015 and 2016 model years. Reading is not your strong suite. Chrysler wants to toughen-up the image of the Ram pickup.

WOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!! Won't matter what ram does, ford will just add their magic spring dust, no need to enhance anything else. C/c pickup bed conversion. If I were a ram engineer I would be trying to build a stronger cab so that ram truck owners wouldn't have their legs cut off in a 40 mph crash. About 48,000 vehicles are affected by the three recalls, Ford said. I turned off the radio and air thinking maybe it's a low battery issue. Still, we know more than a few weekend racers, off-road enthusiasts, equestrians, and overland travelers who’d love to have a big Ram as their tow vehicle, so maybe the company is onto something here. When heavy truck fails agains static, solid barrier, it will crush lighter truck even with better safety ratings. It will push other manufacturers to get better as well and I am sure, that all of them are working on it. Fiat-Rams are not long lasting and their dealerships and service is the worst! Makes zero sense. I am beside myself with this.,,, Posted by: HEMI V8 | May 13, 2016 4:21:15 PM. The following day I made a phone call up to our local mechanic to see if he could check out why the battery light was on since they are a half mile from where I lived. The whole thing rides on a Kelderman air suspension and 19.5-inch Alcoa aluminum wheels.

Fords chasing a moving target. It only said it once so I can't remember exactly. Ford Motor Co (F.N) said on Thursday it will conduct three separate safety recalls including one of sport-utility vehicles with a defective engine heater that led to two fires in Canada, in which no one was injured.

This is an obvious test mule we're looking at. "Nobody asked for aluminum," and "I smoked in my Mustang and it caught fire in the 1980s so all Fords are bad." I've never heard of some kind of recall in these models of trucks, Ford company should be responsible for all these damages. Take your own advise. ©2019 Total capacity can now reach up to 170 gallons by means of a second frame-mounted fuel tank as well as a third, optional bed-mounted auxiliary tank. Why did the battery light come on (I did take a picture of the dash when I was pulling into the shop after we picked it up from getting decals and it shows the light on. Ram's gambit here in the HD realm is a micro market move. Don't need a Ford or Chevy truck. Pulled the truck out of the shop and let it run for about 30 minutes while I cleaned it to see if maybe the light was on because the truck had been sitting in the shop. So stop making yourself look more idioctic by grabbing straws to put down other brands when we all know your pos junk truck is becoming obsolute soon if Sergio cannot find another sucker compnay (or GOVT) to bail them many times now?! Sounds like a blunder(Ford). That's physics. The frame is still the slightly longer CC version with 60" Cab-axle. With all the attention the 2017 Ford Super Duty is getting (first introduced at the 2015 State Fair of Texas, it doesn't surprise us that Ram is looking to do something interesting.

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