In the 1764 collection of strange stories Sanshu Kidan (三州奇談), a tale tells of a man who wanders into a deep valley while gathering leaves, only to be faced with a sudden and ferocious hailstorm.

Tengu (Japanese: 天狗, lit. This spirit taught the boy the art of swordsmanship so that he might bring vengeance on the Taira. Ogasa, Shizuoka Prefecture, a mysterious phenomenon of hearing the sound of hayashi from the mountains in the summer was called "tengubayashi" (天狗囃子), and it is said to be the work of the tengu at Ogasa Jinja. It also seems to enjoy sharpening its nails. Some common folk tales in which tengu appear include: During the 14th century, the tengu began to trouble the world outside of the Buddhist clergy, and like their ominous ancestors the tiāngǒu, the tengu became creatures associated with war. The Demon has long, spidery claws at the end of his fingers and has large, demonic yellow-gold eyes with black pupils. Google’s design is red and Facebook’s has black horns and green eyes. The Red-Face Demon is a tall, muscular being with black skin, coarse fur on his legs, dark cloven hooves and a devilish tail. $9.67 $ 9. They are considered a type of yōkai (supernatural beings) or Shinto kami (gods). 6. During Dalton's imprisonment in the Demon's Lair, Dalton was chained to the floor, left alone, adding that the Demon can be both physically and mentally abusive to children. They are also thought to be a parallel to the Garuda (Sanskrit: गरुड़ Garuḍa; Pāli: गरुळ Garuḷa); a legendary bird or bird-like creature in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain mythology, and influenced by Sarutahiko Ōkami, a native Shinto deity.

In this account a large shooting star appears and is identified by a Buddhist priest as a "heavenly dog", and much like the tiāngǒu of China, the star precedes a military uprising.

They began to possess people, especially women and girls, and speak through their mouths (kitsunetsuki). [13], One notorious tengu from the 12th century was himself the ghost of an emperor.

[citation needed], Tengu are commonly depicted holding a magical feather fan (羽団扇, hauchiwa). 43–44; Mizuki, Mujara 4, p.7. Fun for persons of all ages. [2] In village festivals, the two figures are often portrayed with identical red phallic-nosed mask designs. Some Japanese scholars have supported the theory that the tengu's image derives from that of the Hindu eagle deity Garuda, who was pluralized in Buddhist scripture as one of the major races of non-human beings. The Man with Fire on his Face, as Dalton calls him, also known as the Red-Faced Demon, the Lipstick-face Demonor simply the Demon, is a malevolent, supernatural demon that haunts and presumably controls the dark realm known as The Further and the main antagonist of 2010 movie called Insidious. [citation needed], Buddhism long held that the tengu were disruptive demons and harbingers of war.

[9], How the tengu was transformed from a dog-meteor into a bird-man is not clear. He also has long, sharp, spider-like claws at the end of his fingers.

The konoha-tengu are noted in a book from 1746 called the Shokoku Rijin Dan (諸国里人談), as bird-like creatures with wings two meters across which were seen catching fish in the Ōi River, but this name rarely appears in literature otherwise. The boys were often returned, while the priests would be found tied to the tops of trees or other high places. The Lipstick-Face Demon AKA the Fire-face Demon, also known as the Red-faced demon or "The man with fire on his face", is the main antagonist of Insidious.. It later ran to Dalton's room and ransacked it completely.

The god introduces the notion that not all tengu are equal; knowledgeable men become daitengu (大天狗, greater tengu), but ignorant ones become kotengu (小天狗, small tengu). [19] Inoue Enryō described two kinds of tengu in his Tenguron: the great daitengu, and the small, bird-like konoha-tengu who live in Cryptomeria trees. A face, usually purple, with devil horns, a wide grin, and eyes and eyebrows scrunched downward in the same manner as Angry Face on most platforms. $7.99 shipping.

For example, the tengu Saburō of Izuna is worshipped on that mountain and various others as Izuna Gongen (飯綱権現, "incarnation of Izuna"), one of the primary deities in the Izuna Shugen cult, which also has ties to fox sorcery and the Dakini of Tantric Buddhism. The demon lives inside a large, demonic-decorated lair behind a blood-red door in the Lambert's attic. The tengu's long nose seems to have been conceived in the 14th century, likely as a humanization of the original bird's bill. [6] Due to their priestly aesthetic, they are often shown wielding the khakkhara, a distinct staff used by Buddhist monks, called a shakujō in Japanese. M. W. de Visser speculated that the early Japanese tengu may represent a conglomeration of two Chinese spirits: the tiāngǒu and the fox spirits called huli jing. 99. A type of legendary creature found in Japanese folk religion, de Visser, pp. [7], The term tengu and the characters used to write it are borrowed from the name of a fierce demon from Chinese folklore called tiāngǒu though this still has to be confirmed. Red Suit Devil Costume for Kids Boy's Devil Costume. From: Insidious Franchise The Lipstick Face Demon is also known as the Man with Fire in his Face, the Red Faced Demon and the Insidious red face demon. These tengu are the troublesome opponents of Buddhism, who mislead the pious with false images of the Buddha, carry off monks and drop them in remote places, possess women in an attempt to seduce holy men, rob temples, and endow those who worship them with unholy power. Soon a young samurai appears to whom the tengu has appeared in a dream, and the possessed girl instructs him as an expert swordsman.

4.3 out of 5 stars 15. The Demon is often commented through bearing a strong resemblance to the Sith apprentice Darth Maul from the science-fiction series "Star Wars." Although the Chinese characters for tengu are used in the text, accompanying phonetic furigana characters give the reading as amatsukitsune (heavenly fox). The Hōgen Monogatari tells the story of Emperor Sutoku, who was forced by his father to abandon the throne. They often appear among the many characters and creatures featured in Japanese cinema, animation, comics, role-playing games, and video games. They were now established as the ghosts of angry, vain, or heretical priests who had fallen on the "tengu-realm" (天狗道, tengudō). A Large Variety of Colors! [5], The tengu of this period were often conceived of as the ghosts of the arrogant, and as a result the creatures have become strongly associated with vanity and pride.

According to legend he died in torment, having sworn to haunt the nation of Japan as a great demon, and thus became a fearsome tengu with long nails and eyes like a kite's. According to a legend in the 18th-century Kaidan Toshiotoko (怪談登志男), a tengu took the form of a yamabushi and faithfully served the abbot of a Zen monastery until the man guessed his attendant's true form. They are sometimes called Karasu-Tengu (烏天狗, crow tengu), or koppa- or konoha-tengu (木葉天狗, 木の葉天狗, foliage tengu). [22], In the Yamagata Prefecture among other areas, thickets in the mountains during summer, there are several tens of tsubo of moss and sand that were revered as the "nesting grounds of tengu," and in mountain villages in the Kanagawa Prefecture, they would cut trees at night and were called "tengu daoshi" (天狗倒し, tengu fall), and mysterious sounds at night of a tree being cut and falling, or mysterious swaying sounds despite no wind, were considered the work of mountain tengu.

When asked what it wants, it responded that it wanted Dalton.

This creature is rarely seen, but it is believed to create strange fireballs and be a nuisance to fishermen. Today the Japanese expression tengu ni naru ("becoming a tengu") is still used to describe a conceited person. [16], The philosopher Hayashi Razan lists the greatest of these daitengu as Sōjōbō of Kurama, Tarōbō of Atago, and Jirōbō of Hira.

It is also theorized that shooting a gun three times would make this mysterious sound stop. It was played by the film's musician and composer, Joseph Bishara, who also portrayed Bathsheba Sherman in The Conjuring.

This is most likely due to the red markings on both their faces and their blackened skin. This explains why most people suspect that it was him behind Alison in the end of Insidious Chapter 2. "Heavenly Dog" or "Heavenly Sentinel") are a type of legendary creature found in Japanese folk religion. [11], The Konjaku Monogatarishū, a collection of stories published in the late Heian period, contains some of the earliest tales of tengu, already characterized as they would be for centuries to come. The important thing is that he is not a spirit, but an actual demon which makes this guy much more dangerous than other scary characters in the Insidious movies.. When he later raised the Hōgen Rebellion to take back the country from Emperor Go-Shirakawa, he was defeated and exiled to Sanuki Province in Shikoku. [38], Two stories from the 19th century continue this theme: In the Sōzan Chomon Kishū, a boy is carried off by a tengu and spends three years with the creature. As these stories are often humorous, they tend to portray tengu as ridiculous creatures who are easily tricked or confused by humans. de Visser, pp. In other provinces a special kind of fish called okoze was offered to the tengu by woodsmen and hunters, in exchange for a successful day's work. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by …

Insidious (2010) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Red Faced Demon Insidious animated GIFs to your conversations. 4.2 out of 5 stars 806. The Demon hurts Dalton whenever he makes noise. Sōjōbō thus befriends the boy and teaches him out of sympathy for his plight. [26], The tengu's unpleasant image continued to erode in the 17th century. Worshippers of tengu on other sacred mountains have adopted similar images for their deities, such as Sanjakubō (三尺坊) or Akiba Gongen (秋葉権現) of Akiba and Dōryō Gongen (道了権現) of Saijō-ji Temple in Odawara.[30]. A boy from the Further is seen dancing to the same song earlier in the film. This story often involves other mountain spirits, such as the, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan, Treatises on the Apparitions of Spirits and on Vampires or Revenants,, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with dead external links from March 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Wikipedia articles with style issues from August 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2016, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. A section of the Tengu Meigikō, later quoted by Inoue Enryō, lists the daitengu in this order: Daitengu are often pictured in a more human-like form than their underlings, and due to their long noses, they may also called hanatakatengu (鼻高天狗, tall-nosed tengu).

In the first film, it was the closest Insidious entity in the Further to capturing Dalton's physical body. Get it as soon as Fri, Oct 30. Though the Demon never speaks in the film, it is capable of speaking, as Lorraine mentions that in a dream she spoke to it and it responded to her in words. The earliest tengu were pictured with beaks, but this feature has often been humanized as an unnaturally long nose, which today is widely considered the tengu's defining characteristic in the popular imagination.

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