β The C 4v point group is isomorphic to D 2d and D 4. γ The C 4v point group is generated by two symmetry elements, C 4 and any σ v (or, non-canonically, any σ d). h�bbd```b``��! At MgO(100) surfaces dehydration was observed for both the alcohols and the acids at 100 K with hydroxyl groups being observed by surface vibrational spectroscopy. The sum of the electrons in the occupied MOs defines the many-electron ground states A1 in Td and C2v, and the excited states T2(A1) result from the excitation of one electron from the HOMO 3a1 (7a1) into the LUMO 4t2 (9a1).

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[��ᷦ9����,g. Carbon monoxide entity at the transition state near a pyrrole nitrogen atom. Along this path a point is reached at which the diameters are the same; this is the achiral intermediate (center) with Cs symmetry.

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