Harry was pleased with himself and laid beside her on the bed, watching her enjoy the effects of his dexterity.

Sirius shrugged. Hermione blushed lightly at the innuendo. She didn't want to wake anyone. "We're looking out for the boy."

“Are you really, dears? She pulled on her favorite pair of dark jeans and a red jumper. "I don't have my wand or I'd clean it up." He was quite sure that Moony knew the secrets of the universe, and if Moony couldn't answer a question, Padfoot could. It didn't stop his ears from hearing her scream her orgasm out for the world to hear, Sirius' name yelled in sheer ecstasy. He gulped, but this time Hermione heard it and looked down at him, "What's wrong Harry, are you alright", Hermione said in a concerned tone as she pulled away from him, still not noticing she was still in Harry's fantasy outfit. “I like you too, Harry,” she said, patting his shoulder with a sigh. Harry, proud master of a sack of his favourite candy and a new book all his own, put one hand on Padfoot's broad back and The Weasley boys and Harry chuckled over his embarrassment and Molly looked over at the kitchen rather uncertainly, “Oh, but how long will they be? Upon finding out, Rita Skeeter wrote a scathing article about them being together before Hermione was of legal age and cited their marriage as 'necessary due to Black's lack of morals or female attention,' meaning she was sure that Hermione was pregnant. I'm not sure where you got that assumption." His Alabaster skin on his chest caught the moonlight peaking in through the window. After her rescue from Malfoy Manor, Luna decides to reward Harry but finds out she isn't the only girl who has the same idea. His face was buried between her thighs and Remus realized quickly that he'd just seen a whole lot more of the wife of his best mate than he'd ever wanted to. "Hit him?" I did have to watch you shower for half a year when we were on the run.

He winked at Hermione. Her eyes lingered over Harry and Ron, a sisterly affection coming from her eyes. Unofficial illustration for Changes by TriDogMom. "Yes, Hermione. Countless mornings Remus had happened upon them cuddled up together in Sirius' large bed. Hermione looked at Harry puzzled. We need to get Hermione out of here. Unable to let go of Remus' disappearance like the others have, Hermione follows every lead she gets. He'd seen them just that afternoon, bringing Anabelle by to play with Ethan as he and Tonks chatted with Hermione and Sirius over tea. Hermione frowned. Hermione licked before popping her mouth off of the man.

After several years Harry and the Scoobies move onto new universes to explore the multiverse. Eight years after nothing but dead ends, she finally gets one she just knows won't be cold. She released her grip on his hair and laid in ecstasy with her eyes closed for a few minutes, allowing her body to come down from it's high. "But Mrs. Weasley said you guys were interested in each other.

“Oh but when did this start?” she asked, shaking her crying head. She felt a swell of magic surge through him and into her, prolonging her orgasm even as she felt his cock swell inside of her when he drove it back in hard enough to make her teeth crack together. Time to get you completely sodded,” he told him, grinning.

“What have I said?” he asked, his eyes thinned suspiciously. More Sirius than Hermione, but as partners they were fluid and dangerous, not to be messed with under any circumstance. Twelve years ago, Harry had thought his life would never be marred by such loss and destruction again, but it wasn't only Voldemort that caused such travesties.

Harry couldn't help but grabbing her waist and pushing her waist down to grind on him harder as she began to kiss and bite down his neck and up to his earlobe.

Twenty year old Hermione Granger caught Sirius' eye in more than one way. I think using my wand will be fine." She could be found pressed up against his side, arm looped around his waist comfortably whenever they walked through Diagon Alley.

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