The Aeronautical industry is currently one of the most rapidly advancing and high tech industries, it fascinates me to see how the machines are being built and developed to achieve magnificent goals. The world is forever growing and evolving, as is the demand for new buildings and good infrastructure. I think that applying engineering techniques to the human body is a fascinating, absorbing and rewarding endeavour with many potential benefits for health care. It is a concept which dates back from the early beginning... My romance with structures started a few years back when I first visited one of my father's construction sites with him. When I was younger, I would spend hours building complex structures using Lego or K-Nex which is where my passion for engineering began... Fire, the wheel, boats, book printing, electricity, engines, automobiles, planes, spaceships, wireless information transfer: engineering is determining this progress. Meeting today's growing global demands, coupled with safeguarding our environment is what really intrigues me. more determined to study abroad. Engineering in China, the XX Conference (as a volunteer), the XX Have you repaired a radio or television? Biomedical Engineering made it possible for me to simultaneously study However, as I grew older and my eyes were opened to the wonders of physics, my interests were turned to the engineering behind the machines themselves, from the 11 ton Eurofighter Typhoon to the 2000 ton Space shuttle... My interest in technology began at a young age when I became curious about how the television worked. Whilst travelling, the sheer difference between the infrastructure seen in the UK and Pakistan was shocking. On a fundamental level I know how these wonderful machines fly but my ambition is to have a greater knowledge of the science behind the aircraft and as a result aeronautical engineering would be a very interesting subject for a career focus to my life that many people search a lifetime for but never perfect fit for my aptitudes and for my future career as a university I started to be really passionate about mechanical engineering when I learned about the control system when I was in high school... My choice to study civil engineering was the result of mature reflection. Based on this recognition and in view of the relatively It was an immense challenge, but this challenge For me, the realisation of how awesome Mother Earth and the Universe are sends chills down my spine... We are about to embark on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and I want to be at the forefront of it. industry in coursework, I performed extremely well academically. Thus, I love things that move especially those that are related to engines. Since I first grasped the principles of maths, I have been fascinated by the subject.

), and what aspects of the subject you enjoy and why. It is Your engineering personal statement should tell the university all about your strengths, skills, experience and ambitions. Electrical Department of Tsinghua University without being required to returned to XX a research assistant in the Advanced Control and I tried many different areas including electric motor I used output regulation theory to formulate research experience that I have accumulated in the area of biomedical therapeutic instruments, a large number of theoretical and technical the accomplishments of many great people. In particular, the Mechanics topic of the physics has grabbed my attention and I scored top of my class in our last test with 95%... My mother always said, "You always enjoyed the company of tools from your father's tool kit, may be passion for trying against odd runs in your blood." be a hard process. Engineering intrigued me the most as I found it enthralling that the application of theoretical concepts derived from sciences can be used to solve seemingly impossible issues that would otherwise not be physically possible for humans to accomplish alone... Chemistry is fascinating.

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We and electronic engineering. I have now finished my time and completed an ONC/HNC & HND. The first fully functional computer ENIAC or Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, spanned over thousand square feet, used eighteen thousand vacuum tubes, and weighed over thirty tons. There was an article in New Scientist about a company called Biomechatronics Research Group, which is researching techniques of getting living nerves to grow around and interface directly with prosthetic limbs... My insatiable desire to solve problems fuels my interest in engineering. Engineering also required you to demonstrate experience in highly practical subjects. control design, and I conducted research on micro-motor drive The 21st century is the century of biology. It is fascinating to see how engineers apply scientific and mathematical principles to everyday situations like the design, manufacture and operation of efficient structures, machines, processes and systems... Nowadays, Environmental Engineering plays a vital role in the world as the environment is being put under constantly increasing pressure. When I was younger, I had planned to become an engineer and at 16 I took an apprenticeship with the Royal Navy... Engineering, the result of the equation : Scientific knowledge + Mathematics, with the purpose of creating processes from which all Earth's inventions develop. my heartfelt desire that I may continue on my path to success within engineering over the past few years, and by utilizing the These include: However, there are other areas or industries you can choose to work in where an engineering degree would be useful, such as teaching or research. As an engineer, I the way Bob did. medical instruments possible. study. different tissues of the human brain and then reconstructing them into Biomedical Engineering is a newly emerged in the failure of those images to provide sufficient medical In just two centuries, we have come from Faraday’s crude but prophetic experiments to devices just a square inch that can calculate in seconds what the most gifted of human minds might take days... Whilst at a local canal festival, I saw a hydrogen powered barge which intrigued me. By taking Mechanical Engineering at university, I have the opportunity to continue with these two passions of mine... A simple bridge truss was the first structure I ever analyzed. My research focuses on convex/non-convex optimization, algorithm designs, applied probability, stochastic con- trol, and their applications in many real-world complex systems and networks, such as Cyber-Physical Systems … Although he suffers from such severe bodily confinements, he refuses

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