<> x�3R��2�35W(�2�300P@&�ҹ Excessive stress can have a negative impact on the survival of the joey. Position the box with the entrance facing away from the direction of the prevailing rain and wind. %%EOF <>


stream The common ringtail possum is not solitary, unlike many other species of ringtail possum, and usually forms small groups, typically of one adult male with one to two adult females and their offspring from the last breeding season. Ringtail Possums make dreys out of leaves and bark and are far less likely to take up residence in a ceiling.

5��~d��c�+:� ��Ā��R�����$G�O�L����(yy��B�B~.���K/��Cŀ� �3X&sJ)G�S �����1p��+�- S��.��E�r��1*F~Cy��LmOI�-��jI跙���o��`gf���ՠ!�/?�=�U>e��+du��1�k�x���(#��W�B-|�6g@#�ovU0��XָM��mJ�F����8�H�D�|H���g��5p��#WN} �2 {Hè1 � v����2z.��w Sb�n�C�*�ۦϲbݤc�g�rYTܵ{BY��2IЁ�XM(B+-��Q�ӠC�V9"��.�r�m6�/Ic�VE(wz�v�8J�&� �� j��m�9�[p�\�ap���4���k B2�s�>�Q,��7AD�ɷM��B���. 70 0 obj �ʁt�1H��@aL*9�K?$��H�%_!�+�� C�

In Queensland, wildlife volunteers are not licensed to relocate any species of wildlife. endobj endobj The invertebrates: a new synthesis, Oxford: Blackwell Science Ltd. endobj

Therefore, possums often have to resort to sheltering in ceilings.

23 0 obj

The newborn babies crawl into their mother’s pouch and stay attached to a nipple from 42 to 49 days, remaining in the pouch for another 4 months or so. x�3R��2�35W(�2�300P@&�ҹ endobj <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>] Unlike the brushtail possum, which in suburban areas will happily nest in the roof of a house, ringtail possums prefer to sleep in nests of their own making, surrounded by foliage. Known occurrences, collected specimens and observations of ringtail possums.

Common ringtail possums are to be found along Australia’s eastern coastline, Western Australia’s southwestern corner and in Tasmania. Wombaroo!FoodProducts!10Oborn!Rd,!MountBarker,!SA!5251!

The organisation was originally formed as the Australian Koala Hospital Association Incorporated in late 1993 by Dr Jonathon Hanger. endobj <> 92 0 obj They are well adapted to living in trees and are not often found on the ground.

As possums and gliders are marsupials, it is important that deceased females are always checked for live pouch young. endstream


It uses its long prehensile tail as a fifth limb to enable it to climb and jump from branch to branch and between fences and powerlines.


<> stream endobj Tammar … 13 0 obj During the day, the ringtail possum produces faecal pellets, which it then eats. endobj 54 0 obj Consider when you hear noise in the roof; possums usually leave the ceiling at night to forage while rats tend to stay active in the ceiling throughout the night. 0000006060 00000 n Ringtail possums are territorial, marking their territory with scented secretions. endstream

/Contents 16 0 R>> stream

It is important that they are assessed quickly as they will be suffering from severe injury such as fractures, internal bleeding and infection. �ʁt�1H��@aL*9�K?$���B�%_!�+�� �� <>/Group <>

endobj When they’re not using their prehensile tail to hold onto things, they often carry it curled in a coil, hence the name ringtail.

They are herbivores. 80 0 obj <>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>><>>>] endobj

The box should be installed as high as possible, a minimum of 3 to 4 metres high in the tree. It is important that orphaned possum and glider joeys are transferred to an experienced wildlife carer as soon as possible as they have very specialised heating and feeding requirements. The Common Brushtail Possum is typically a solitary animal however the Ringtail Possums and Short-eared Possum are more social within their family group.

They live in tropical or temperate areas, rarely in drier areas, usually in dense brush forests which are plentiful with eucalyptus.

The ringtail possum in its natural habitat will climb through brush and shrubs, as well as trees, and transfers its weight through fairly light branches. Their fur is light grey with reddish brown tinges, they have a white patch behind the eyes and ears and lighter coloured underbellies.

�ʁt�1H��@aL*9�K?$���H�%_!�+�� �� endobj

endobj The smallest are the Feathertail Gliders (Acrobates pygmaeus and Acrobates frontalis), which may reach about 15 g and 19 g respectively. endobj

stream If possible, wrap the mother’s entire body in a blanket to help maintain her body heat (or alternatively wrap a towel around the pouch area of the mother). �ʁt�1H��@aL*9�K?$���X�%_!�+�� x� endobj stream stream endstream endobj <> �ʁt�1H��@aL*9�K?$���X�%_!�+�� Y� The entire aim of raising possums, however, is to release them! There are 10 species of possum found in South-east Queensland including: Any possum or glider that has been hit by a car, must receive immediate veterinary treatment. endstream About the same size as a cat, the common ringtail possum is gray, with orange-brown tinges on its legs and tail, and white patches on its belly and behind the eyes, and a white tip to its tail. stream 87 0 obj The common ringtail possum numbers have not been calculated, but populations seem to be stable and they are not threatened.

stream stream <> stream

�Jf�z��Lż!�S6�Injj����-W=�~&���ىbn�XVެ��'v����ZJ)��X�^9�U�����T�����1f#oX`)a���(���mIc6IU�P���J_@dt��\�v�0���l�:�%�h���A�}�e��(���h���wr��c�TJt8�(���ð�nqF���3���C~�̼���ȹ�>���ߋei�Ht'~i@�&� 6���J0/�i�bhT�(�!β��6�\�s���*�6\��=M�pD�����C�!�tiF�⥖ ��/iu �ò݁ZE�߂���7[��Hh�zN/���P�C�cM�C��k�j�#H�� �7� ���0����'8p.������ߝ����#����V~B�emg�⡐݆��::����J���F��D3c�W�Ǖ������ʘ�CQ����/H�yz���������M�����؊�|�6�t��"A;! <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>] �ʁt�1H��@aL*9�K?$���R�%_!�+�� �

53 0 obj

endobj It sleeps in family groups in well-protected rock crevices. 6 0 obj Rock ringtail possum. 77 0 obj If the possum is a female with a baby on its back, BOTH mum and baby will need to be seen leaving prior to closing up their access point. <> Call an experienced wildlife rescuer immediately who will attend and attempt to catch the joey with specialised equipment. Such family groups live in nests which they build, called dreys. There are a few important points to keep in mind, when you are making or buying a possum box and installing it.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Wombaroo For further information about Wombaroo Products Write to: PO Box 151 Glen Osmond, SA.

Red Kangaroo. x�3R��2�35W(�2�300P@&�ҹ

stream <>

9 0 obj 33 0 obj endobj 97 0 obj 20 0 obj The common ringtail possum eats leaves of a variety of both introduced and native plants, and also fruits and flowers. Some possums have a gliding membrane and are referred to as gliders.

<> <>


If the chosen wood is smooth a few pieces of dowel or similar, arranged like a ladder but attached to the inner wall, may assist the animal climbing out of the box. About the size of a large rabbit, they are smaller than brushtail possums and distinguished by their long, white-tipped tails. <> stream startxref

stream endstream endobj endstream

40 0 obj endobj

<<92D8F4BD33991A4E803DA8E481E0BDA9>]>> )���Ф�����δ �Lh�w}6�Las?G~�Y��JPn�Y� �7��C�uP�ʽ`;L5�!zn#��\\�|>,kK̎��tn{�� endobj

Alternatively, using a humane possum trap often works to capture the possum so that appropriate treatment can be sought. endobj If the possum dies, please check carefully for any live pouch young.

12 0 obj

11 0 obj Common Ringtail Possums and some gliding species usually have twins, but may have one or three joeys. endstream GORDONRICH!!!!!B.E.!(Chem.)!Hons.! 86 0 obj



38 0 obj

28 0 obj endobj

Queensland possums tend to be smaller than their southern counterparts.


endobj %PDF-1.4 %����

– Skin condition (dermatitis) – Possums in chimneys endobj Possums & Gliders of South-east Queensland.

0 Signs that a possum may have ingested poison include: If you suspect that a possum has been poisoned, please contain the possum in a box or pet carrier and transport immediately to a wildlife hospital or vet. 0000002081 00000 n


<> 372 13 <> stream 17 0 obj


Between 1-4 young are born, and they attach themselves to one of the four teats in the mother’s pouch. 71 0 obj Pseudocheiridae (Ringtail Possums) is a family of mammals. endstream endobj

To this end, from the moment you decide to be a foster carer, you need to plan for the needs of the possum, its growth and development, and its eventual release back into its native habitat. 11-13 days after mating over 20 infants may be born, although an average litter consists of 8-9 infants. Results are shown in the chart below (Figure1) Fig.1 shows the percentage of young Ringtail possums surviving after treatment with antibiotics co mpared to no antibiotic treatment.

The Australian Reptile Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is regarded as one of the country's premier attractions and is the only zoo in Australia committed to saving lives with a spider and snake Venom-Milking Program in place.

<> <>

32 0 obj 0000000567 00000 n Safely remove the possum from the road (if it is safe to do so). �ʁt�1H��@aL*9�K?$��B�%_!�+�� ��

73 0 obj

<> 75 0 obj 25 0 obj

Take the animal immediately to a wildlife hospital or vet. H��W]o�8}ϯ��2P3"%�0l����lڢq�$� K��֑JJ�������b�Mw0�����s�=������w�%�����%9s���E���q�������|�t #ˇ��K]� �2!�_>�]�,s���§�&LP���m�X�Q�w���������������헛[g)��X������2[~;�Z�]� ��>I�&y��k�qM"�S=Ψ�"��r�w}�Tt~�5�GG� �"�=�>1ЅODPQ�>פ�H�!.U��[�Umӭz����+�U���I��q,SLz�d�2���Y"ߐw�~V�rQ���$��3WL��M�u��x,�D����i0�y�'o��[�'�U�~Cn�i�O7�����a�]�&~@90��9�z�;q֣q+��JdA�������. endobj

If the sides are smooth preventing the possum from climbing out and if the chimney is accessible from above, a rope or sheet secured from above and dangled down into the chimney may give the possum something to grip onto and climb up.

trailer The Common Brushtail Possum is typically a solitary animal however the Ringtail Possums and Short-eared Possum are more social within their family group.

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