A moderately heavy-bodied snake with smooth scales and a short, tapered, and slightly prehensile tail that has a blunt tip.

The record length is around 48 inches, although such behemoths are rarely seen, even in captivity.

Male rosy boas are typically smaller than females and have more prominent anal spurs. While one has clear stripes from head to tail, others’ patterns are more mottled.

If they’re a Borrego, for example, the snake is lighter than usual. The pattern is still mottled, but the contrast between the two colors is sharper. These are the result of genetic combinations that are bred in captivity. These snakes vary in appearance. They were the first to be discovered and named by scientists. Snakesforpets.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. If your snake has a strong feeding response, gently nudge it with an inanimate object (such as 12-inch forceps) before reaching into the enclosure to pick it up with your hands. Most rosy boas range from 24 to 36 inches and are perfectly suited for keeping in a 10- or 15-gallon terrarium. While breeders do introduce morphs like axanthics and albinos to their captive collections, they’re also mindful to keep the subspecies separate. Some almost appear unicolored. For those that don't, page 31 is the account for the Desert Rosy Boa.

These have the darkest appearance.

They’re cream and brown/red. We offer ours limited access to water, especially if they are feeding regularly. Rosy boas do great on live reptile food like domesticated mice, and will eat these for their entire lives.

They share some of their habitat with desert rosy boas. That’s because they occur more frequently than other mutations, even in the wild. They’re very variable in color and pattern. Axanthic rosy boas are, in a way, the opposite of albinos. A depth of 1 to 2 inches of substrate will result in easy maintenance and also allows your snake to burrow, adding to its feelings of security.

Females give birth to live, independent young between August and November. Today, people in the trade call them rosy boas or ‘triv trivs.’. Required fields are marked *. If the heat tape becomes too hot, the snake may become overheated and a fire hazard can be created. There is a line of coastal snow rosy boas that are a shiny cream/off-white. And while one snake might be orange and white, others might be grey and white or grey and brown/red. Range Map | Relevant/Recent Phylogeography. As with many other snakes, the Coastal Rosy Boa lives a fairly secretive life.

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