Thank you for all your help i dont know what would have happened if i did not find this site and talk to you about all my questions. He has a pretty big indoor cage and an even bigger outdoor one. Tortoise size chart. Whitney (author) from Georgia on July 08, 2010: You want the temperature closer to 90 on the hot side. This is a 6.5" female's fat, stubby tail. Whitney (author) from Georgia on November 12, 2009: It's a pet store reptile... :-/ Ok... No decorations. 2 females will still fight. Personally I use a caliper and measure in centimeters. Today, I'm sure they'll be hiding. The 20 gallon aquarium will severely stress out the tortoise because 1)it can see out of the walls and will want to get to the other side and 2) it's WAY to small even for a baby. i got a sweet deal on a 165 gallon aquarium so i got it i already wraped a material around it so she cant see out and i have not moved her into the new tank yet. One is I am pretty sure a purple pansy and the other is a burgundy color not sure what it is. You can easily set up an enclosure outside and build a lid to it, which is ideal to prevent predators from getting the tortoise. It's normal. Common Health Problems with Russian Tortoises.

We just brought home our Russian Tortoise yesterday, March 9. Just hides, water bowl, and food bowl. A Russian tortoise egg - woah, that's big! They are very smart and can escape if not housed properly while outside. The growth of a tortoise isn’t connected to its age. (Well ACTUALLY it's a she lol but we didn't find out for about six months so the name stuck. Limit dark greens like spinach, as it's an oxalate which will bind to calcium in the body and cause kidney problems. any herbivorous terrestrial chelonian reptile of the family Testudinidae, of most warm regions, having a heavy dome-shaped shell and clawed limbs. The authors of the article I attached above studied wild gopher tortoises, and counted rings on abdominal scutes. I plan on it. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. wonderful and very helpful. I just love him! I'm pretty sure I have a female now, her tail is longer than I'd expect and she does curl it to the side. ok got it i lined my enclosure i have about 5 inches worth of bedding i took your advice i cut an old flower pot in half to make a temperary hideing place and the rest of my supplies will be here tomorrow. i have not seen the bugs since the substrate dried out.I have really excellent vision. Whitney (author) from Georgia on May 05, 2010: I'm not sure, as white things isn't the best description. Why does he own a tortoise?! In Arizona we can get to temps of 114 or so where we live in the summer.

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