This subreddit is shared with alumni, TAs, teachers, prospective students, employees, former employees, and many other types of people. Anything you say here will exist forever. 2017; Rutgers/New Brunswick Events; Student Amenities(Microwaves, etc) Aresty Research Center Guide; More University Discords. For the record Rutgers, I didn't need it. Here are the best courses at Rutgers. Did they take away quantitative & formal reasoning, or did you forget to put it on the list? Otherwise, it WILL be removed. The Nutrition classes (such as Nutrition & Health) are also supposed to be easy. but nature of poli is the 101. (thank you /u/blake2789). 3. i've heard mixed things about the class, but i'll add it! I decided to just make one really long fucking list and hope people like it enough to upvote and gain traction.My sources: this sub, GPA Booster Classes on FB, and prior knowledge. )but thank you, i will add this to the post! The information provided on this site is protected by U.S. and International copyright law, and other applicable intellectual property laws, including laws covering data access and data compilations. You are not the hero rutgers deserves, but the one it needs right now, Edit: I'm pretty sure astronomy fills natural science, that's a pretty easy one. Another appreciation class, but it involves theater this time. Dr Ponnusamy is the best, I'd take at least one class with her in your college career regardless of your major. Rutgers classes can be difficult, especially to newcomers. In this class you study the art of theater and its history. Whether it's a random elective or an intro class, these classes are the ones every student should keep an eye on when they need a filler class to boost their GPA. It is up to the instructor (exams are less work to grade, and so are more common in large classes). TBH it wasn't too bad but I got a C+ bc I didn't comment every week and remembering what century each philosopher was from was a bit difficult.

A “must-take” for ambitious artists in any discipline. This subreddit offers no protection from the. 2. Universities » Rutgers University (RU) » Easy Classes. Easy classes - April 2020; Easy classes circa. Accounts must be 2 days or older and have a positive karma to post and comment. SCL01:830:101: General Psych ---fulfills SCL.01:098:250: (4 credits) Global East Asia ---fulfills 21C, HST, SCL. The goal of this wiki page is to provide the user with a list of "easy A" classes. Also, check RMP and SIRS survey results for good professors. Per our updated privacy policy, we use cookies to track your browsing behavior on our site and provide you with ads or other offers that may be relevant to you. This has opened up an entire slew of options for people who want to explore new mediums of writing. To achieve this, each user should submit classes to the following categories. ITR: Creative Writing: Intro to Multimedia Composition (01:351:209) -- is already on the AHr list, but it also counts for this. Rutgers classes can be difficult, especially to newcomers. I took regular and it was easy. Rutgers has on;ly recently made Creative Writing into a minor. Students also are required to go to a theater event in New York City, and experience what they study first hand. please comment with suggestions and/or corrections. I'll upvote you but know that some freshman will post in a couple months asking for an easy writing class, Someone should sticky this or at least link it from the sidebar. 790:104:H1 - American Government Since most students learn about our government in high school, American Government is a class that you should take to reinforce all the things you already know. (thank you /u/blake2789)01:359:220: Principles of Literary Study Prose ---fulfills WCD (/u/spacepuck)01:920:240: (4 credits) Normality & Abnormality ---fulfills 21C, SCL, WCD. SOCIAL DISTANCING! Is it recommended to only take intro to environmental science through online, or is the regular classes just as easy? (/u/killermomdad69)01:355:203: Business Writing Essentials ---fulfills WCR, WCD.01:359:201: Principles of Literary Study: Poetry ---fulfills WCD, AHP. New categories can be created simply by adding on additional sections to the wiki. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 01:830:123: (4 credits) Soul Beliefs ---fulfills 21C, HST.37:575:201: Labor and Work before the end of Reconstruction ---fulfills HST, WCR, WCD, SCL.37:575:202: History of Labor and Work in the U.S. 1880 to 1945 ---fulfills HST, WCR, WCD, SCL. This no longer is a core requirement, but this class deserves a mention because of how famous it is. Update to privacy policy and how we use cookies 01:450:101: Earth Systems (online) ---fulfills 21C, NS.01:450:102: Transforming the Global Environment ---fulfills 21C, NS.01:460:100: Planet Earth (in-class AND online) ---fulfills NS only.01:460:201: Earthquakes and Volcanoes (online) ---fulfills NS only01:460:202: Environmental Geology (online) ---fulfills NS only.01:460:110: Sea Change, Rise and Fall of the Jersey Shore ---fulfills 21C, NS01:750:106: Concepts of Physics for Humanities and Social Science Students ---fulfills NS only. Students will learn about all types of dance, will learn the history behind it. NS: Concepts of Physics for Humanities and Social Science Students (01:750:106). Easy classes rutgers reddit. Since y'all keep on making posts over and over about easy A classes that fulfill NS, WCR/WCD, 21C, HST, AHP, etc. They, simply, want to stimulate your interest in the class, so it's not a hard class to take. New account posts and comments will be screened and approved at a moderator's discretion.

I'll edit accordingly and credit you, of course. It fills up 21C, AHo, HST, SCL. MASKS! NS: Planet Earth ONLINE (01:460:100) -- I'm taking this currently and have been told by friends who took the in-class version that online is far easier. Search. Be careful though, don't be like the Rutgers quarterback who failed this class which forced the coach to intervene. Can we please sticky this or add it to the side bar? The introductory poetry class can have exams. It is a pass/fail one credit course, where transfer students learn about the things Rutgers has to offer to make their transition smooth. Find out which easy Rutgers University courses you should take in the Spring. I went to a harder county college anyway.

Welcome to the r/Rutgers Easy A Classes Wiki. No abject negativity, defamation or slander. Be careful though, don't be like the Rutgers quarterback who failed this class which forced the coachto intervene. Add 01:685:100 Introduction to the Modern Middle East. This community is not exclusive to students. If these classes aren't doing it for you, check out these other options. Students will learn about all types of dance, will learn the history behind it. Whether you are taking a class that has nothing to do with your major or just taking a class to fulfill a certain amount of credits for a semester, the most important thing about these classes is attendance and participation. For Professor Krasting, he does game show study sessions before exams. Also, I haven't taken it but should you add Data 101 for 21C and whatever else it fills? You should also look at the Easy A classes thread located on the sidebar. He advertises plenty of volunteering opportunities throughout the semester and each hour= 2 pts. However, every student has room in their schedules for a couple easy classes that you take simply to fulfill a credit requirement. This class is taken by students from all majors and it is an introduction to the world of dance as an art form. Be sure to read the rules and read the FAQ before posting. All classes are 3 credits unless otherwise stated. New categories can be created simply by adding on additional sections to the wiki.

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