I have also found mention that it evaporates at room temperature(volatile oil), which leads me to ask if the safrole, good or evil, should even be a consideration for dried and stores roots? I’ve heard before that this is how the Indians would harvest the bark to preserve the resource for teas for their ailments and cures.

All help would be appreciated! I think she really only allowed it for the sake of nostalgia, as she had drank her share of it in her childhood. It is amazing to hear that they seem rare in these parts as I have always grown up (including in Maine) seeing them all over. The leaves are dark green, between 3 to 5 inches long and turn an assortment of colors in the fall. Flower small showy, fruit, dark shiny blue ovoid in a red cup attached to a red stalks, maturing late summer. In fact, my red mulberry has only oval leaves and no “mittens” at all. Lol….. Would it be possible for you to do a video of how you prepare the root and make the tea and post it on youTube?

The best tea comes from the outer-bark of the root.

There's a reason for that. Comments, suggestions, Put in a blender in small batches and blend until a powder. Funny story in relation to soda production and drug production. Safrole was ordered off the market and the state of Louisiana nearly left the union. The root has been used for tea, sparingly. But, as Dr. James Duke, below left, the author the Handbook of Edible Weeds, has written, safrole has to be put in perspective: Root beer with safrole was 1/13 as cancer-causing as alcohol in beer. I see sassafras trees growing in the woods of NH all the time. They are very easy to identify, once you know what the leaves look like, and since the leaves are edible, it’s worth learning how to ID them.

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We just washed and boiled the roots in about a quart and a half of water.. That made a concentrate and we added enough water to that ( once strained ) to make a gallon. I live on Long Island, NY and I have a wonderful one in my backyard. I just came across this article, and was so surprised at the comment that you didn’t find much sassafras in CT or in New England!

I was SO excited about finding sassafras this weekend near Stockton, MO.

The bark heals itself within the growth season. The found a young sapling and mailes it to us 10 yrs ago. A foraging family in southeastern Connecticut searching for wild edible food to identify, photograph, and create recipes. Leaves: alternate, simple, glossy above, toothed, unlobed or lobed with one or many, sometimes deep lobes; upper leaf surface glossy, glabrous or slightly scabrous; lower leaf surface glabrous, or slightly pubescent on the veins and in the vein axils only.

You may repost it with credit, if you wish. The lab rats who got extremely high doses ended up getting tumors in their livers and we got root beer tasting like bubble gum. It’s hard to find near me .Anyone who has some extra roots i would be willing to pay for you can contact me at carlscheuer@gmail.com, I drank it as a child and it’s a fond memory. I’ve loved Sassafras ever since I was a boy in North Carolina. I sprouted one this spring. …i would be tremendously grateful if u could send me sasafras root for tea…i would be tremendously happy for any amount u can send.. I am in PA. It fills in young tree stands and edges along with elderberry, mulberry, honey locust, and juniper. The Bark? Here in PA, my brothers and I used to chew the green bark off the twigs and eat it.

I sacrificed one sapling for tea, after confirming there were plenty, and dug up another to take home! Otherwise, cut the tree and grind the stump or paint the cut surface with a systemic herbicide like glyphosate or girdle the tree (see Control Options). It’s illegal to buy, possess, manufacture, or distribute it. White mulberry invades forest edges and disturbed forests and open areas, displacing native species. Wiki User Answered . Stir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, pork, and vegetables. Ive gotta try using them! The area is Cootes Paradise

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