With a modern, progressive outlook, one would notice certain unequal portrayals when reading this work. According to Screwtape, the speaker, I have herein just demonstrated that I am victim to his master’s creation of the belief in subjectivity within experience. 139, no. In all of these examples, the reaction to the fear of judgment is a means of making man leave God, with the fear itself not being an issue. Even though the bulk of the letter focuses on Love, Screwtape thinks it depends on the situation and Screwtape explains, “In the mean-time, get it quite clear in your own mind that this state of falling in love is not, in itself, necessarily favorable either to us or to the other side.”(Lewis, The Screwtape Letters, 241) Screwtape is talking about how falling in love would not be good for either God or Satan and it seems he is encouraging Wormwood to stay in a sort of grey area so he does not have to deal with the whole aspect of loving another person and everything it comes with. Study questions, project ideas and discussion topics based on important themes running throughout The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis. Access Full Document. In the novels The Great Divorce and The Screwtape Letters he takes his readers on a ride of sadness, depression, and hatred. Lewis addresses the topics of Christian morality with a twist: it’s written from the perspective of devils. Asked by Gracie s #423654 on 5/2/2015 4:52 AM Last updated by Leslie F #440682 on 5/2/2015 5:36 AM Answers 1 Add Yours. He was one of the most well-known Christian writes in the world. Wormworth’s, C. S. Lewis, one of the greatest spiritual writers the world has known, wrote the Screwtape Letters to mock the evil works of the devil and give us an understanding of spiritual warfare that is constantly going on all around us. NY: Random House, 1989. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, it is apparent that Wormwood’s patient is an Everyman, for Lewis wrote in a captivating way which relates each reader to the character whose soul hangs in the balance. The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Web. While Lewis’s remarks on sex were original, attacking sex as a sin is a common motif in theological writing. Because of the clearly intended audience, the meaning of this work is not as subjective or malleable to the reader’s interpretations as many other novels. The phenomenon which Screwtape refers to as ‘being in love’ is implied to be the thrill of casual sex or sexual experiences with multiple people, yielding a fleeting feeling that fails to hold up in the long run. The Patient may be trying to replicate the way that others pray, thinking that if he says things similar to what they say during prayer, all will be good; however, this attitude takes away the spirituality of worship altogether. On the other hand, sex in almost every major religion is discouraged unless the party is in a committed monogamous relationship, leaving many confused on how to approach this topic. We naturally see our own respective beliefs or interpretations as objective truth rather than opinion. This divide—experience versus fact, ethereal versus concrete, real versus subjective—is addressed from senior devil to junior as a construct of the Devil himself: “The general rule which we have now pretty well established among them is that in all experiences which can make them happier or better only the physical facts are “Real” while the spiritual elements are “subjective”; in all experiences which can discourage or corrupt them the spiritual elements are the main reality and to ignore them is to be an escapist. Professor Cootsona Potgieter, Raymond. This Study Guide consists of approximately 49 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - In different ways, it is seen that the theme of love is used. However, Lewis provides a logical explanation for his belief, allowing for him to appeal to both the theist and the atheist alike. Expand on the question whether this reality to abstraction is a permanent feature of American society as it relates to political campaigns. EBSCOhost, proxygsu- toc1.galileo.usg.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=fh&AN=57639474&site=eds-live&scope=site. Lewis once again makes a good point by saying, “So we see there is justification for holding on to our belief in Reason. Lewis contends that Christians are generally intelligent, reasoning people capable of understanding God's plan and God's will. A modern reader, who would have a deeper scientific awareness and a conditioned skepticism of religion, might not become as fully immersed in the work as someone from the 1940s.

If the Patient remains praying to a false version of God, the prayers may be incomplete or otherwise not received. In this case, Lewis’ writing lends itself to easy immersion, the reader naturally assuming the role of Wormwood’s “patient.”.

However, he points out that by changing the nature of sex, one can utilize sex to draw man away from God. Lewis is a book of thirty –one letters in which a retired, senior demon named Screwtape coaches his newly educated nephew, Wormwood. Lewis, C.S. This passage is a perfect example of what I see the broad purpose of the piece as a whole to be. Answered by Leslie F #440682 on 5/2/2015 5:36 AM There are many topics on which you can write a five paragraph essay. Lewis does not take such liberties to approve of sex before marriage or sex with multiple partners; he even has Screwtape talk of the normalization of casual sex as a great victory, saying “…By persuading the humans that a curious, and usually short-lived, experience which they call ‘being in love’ is the only respectable ground for marriage;…a marriage which does not do so is no longer binding” (Lewis 93). How does Screwtape describe the slippery slope from irritation or annoyance with another’s behavior to all-out anger and hatred? Lewis’ characters have a psychological basis for being so relevant, as stated in an article about The Screwtape Letters in USA Today, “Lewis’ training was not in psychology, but it may as well have been, as his insights into the nature of human weakness illustrate an incredibly wise merger of the emotional, theological, and philosophical aspects of being human” (Puterbaugh). Because of this reality, Screwtape advises a discouragement of deep studies of the sciences, claiming “they will positively encourage [a man] to think about realities he can’t touch or see” (Lewis 4). It is no surprise, then, that the Patient can be seen as the Everyman; Lewis has a talent for interpreting specific aspects of humanity into his writing. The Screwtape Letters. Screwtape warns multitudinous times that this girl—and everything having to do with her—is exactly that type of thing from which the Patient should have stayed away. The Screwtape Letters is a compilation of life tips and advice on how to move a patient more towards the Devil and away from God. This idea of endless unique outlooks to every text is described by literary analyst and English professor Ross C. Murfin as the literary criticism of “reader-response,” which raises “theoretical questions about whether our responses to a work are the same as its meanings, whether a work can have as many meanings as we have responses to it, and whether some responses are more valid than others” (Murfin 337). To wayne the Patient away from the church, once again, strengthening his awareness of flaws or characteristics about others that irritate him is a primary tactic. The Screwtape Letters and “Bulverism” bring about many comparable topics, but the most significant theme that occurs within both works is the act of moving the patient away from the “enemy” or God. In this way, prayer can be a fantastic advantage for the devil if a human thinks that he knows what God is. In most of Lewis’ works, he is critiquing a worldview that is prevalent in our world and addressing an issue that is counter-productive to our society. Access Full Document. Why might C.S. When he died, the Patient was no longer vulnerable to Wormwood’s attempts and was instead admitted into Heaven. In The Screwtape Letters, the topic of love appears continuously throughout the text. . In the last letter Screwtape writes to Wormwood, the younger demon is warned that due to his failure to seize the Patient’s soul to feed the higher demons, Wormwood, himself, is now to become food for his own uncle. Past this, and regardless of belief in this notion, Lewis calls to attention many flaws in the church, Screwtape himself saying that “One of our great allies at present is the Church itself” (Lewis 14). The patient could have many jobs but I see him as a writer. Through these two paradoxical versions of gluttony, Lewis points out that this is not a weakness man can easily avoid. Because the patient is not even given a name, and Lewis does not delve into his personal life but rather focuses on the devil’s part in it, the reader can easily insert him or herself into the patient’s position and recall times that the same or similar instance has occurred in his or her life. Lewis contends that Christians are generally intelligent, reasoning people capable of understanding God's plan and God's will. Get tips and ideas in OUTLINE. The Screwtape Letters essays are academic essays for citation.

By not thinking pure thoughts, Screwtape himself is a victim of bulverism and becomes closer with the Devil. At the same time, Lewis makes sure not to demonize sex, continually speaking of how it is a pleasurable act created by God and explaining that the sin lies not within sex but rather with how it draws man into a dangerous, self-medicating path. In his attempt to author a theologically sound work, Lewis exposed several key weaknesses of man, discussing human susceptibility to sex, gluttony, and fear, as well as how to conquer these influences through virtue and faith. Reading, Writing, and the Study of Literature. Early on when the patient converts to Christianity, Wormwood is told to take advantage of man’s natural fear of judgment by exploiting the judgment of Christians (Lewis 10). To attribute this unreasonable sexual standard to the work of demons in the early 1940s, whether metaphorically or otherwise, is socially progressive.

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. If one can only see others’ faults, then one may assume himself to be perfect. C.S. Raymond Potgieter covers this idea in a summary of The Screwtape Letters clarifying that “Prayer must never be directed at the Enemy, but center on the person himself or on some confusion or blend of ideas about the incarnation and deity with attempts to appropriate experiential feelings validating the experience of God” (Potgieter).

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