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OUT WEST is a popular song by JACKBOYS & Travis Scott | Create your own TikTok videos with the OUT WEST song and explore 15.4M videos made by new and popular creators. Main song lyrics are Buddah bless this beat shake it out west (Bag it) slangin out west gold metallic knife, I can shake it out west. Ayy, bag it out west (Bag it), slangin’ out west (Yeah)Gold metallic knife, I can shank ya out west (Yeah)I just put a drum on a new Kel-Tec (On a)I just put my cum in her p, now it’s wet, I used to jump off the back of the bus (Yeah), now I jump off of a jet (Yeah)I used to tell the lil’ baby, “This us,” then I got over the shtI used to like her, but now that I love herThe way she was drankin’ my spit.

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Gold metallic knife, I can shank ya out west (Yeah) I just put a drum on a new Kel-Tec (On a) I just put my cum in her pussy, now it’s wet I used to jump off the back of the bus (Yeah), now I … Shake It Out West Tiktok Song Lyrics By JACKBOYS & Travis Scott.

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