Shanelle created a storm recently when she spoke out on social media against child immunisation. Because ignorance thrives in silence.

Email us at or call 0207 782 4368. Erin Molan has taken a swipe at the wife of Gold Coast Titans star Bryce Cartwright, slamming her ‘dangerous’ comments seemingly linking vaccinations to the Holocaust. Here's an article that needs to be revived, because Bryce Cartwright is refusing to get the influenza vaccination and claiming that making him do so is "voercion". All times AEDT (GMT +11).

“The obvious danger of these [social media] views being heard is that they take hold in even a small way, and the population suffers as a result of decreased herd immunity," said Dr Dunlop. If you are unable to import citations, please contact “In most cases, those that do choose not to immunise are rarely open to the idea of even a discussion around it, and listening to the evidence for and against,” he said. This is something we see everyday [non-experts giving advice].

Kathryn started incorporating “new power” concepts into her work while co-presenting the virtual School for Change Agents (, the most widely used free online course in the NHS. Fellow Titan Nathan Peats and Manly's Marty Taupau both hesitated to get the shot due to past adverse reactions, but eventually had the injection. And she revealed in a social media Q&A why she won't use nappies on her children - instead wanting to teach them to go to the toilet in the garden. "You may be concerned that too many vaccines at a young age could "overload" your child's immune system, but this really isn't the case. “The truth is both Shanelle and Bryce Cartwright are loving, devoted, informed parents who are raising two beautiful, healthy, thriving children,” Winterstein wrote. Vaccination DOES NOT increase rates of autism,” he concluded. A conversation about the current state of vaccines with Heidi Larson.

The two women have had their social media accounts restricted in the anti-vax crackdown. In the health and care world, power is still closely held. Once gained, it is jealously guarded, and powerful people have a substantial store of it to spend. The pregnant wife of NRL football star Bryce Cartwright has revealed the couple do not believe in vaccinating their children or having them wear nappies. Most either serve as information repositories or emphasise the evidence rebutting antivaccination claims. It is closed, inaccessible, and leader driven.

It’s about the way ideas spread and how technology enables that to happen at pace.

679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. Continuing her vaccination tirade, Winterstein said “the corruption and coercion is so blatantly obvious to me” when it comes to the NRL possibly making players who won’t get a flu shot sign waivers to be allowed to play. The 20-year-old - who is married to Australian rugby league player Bryce Cartwright - even insists that she will home-school her two kids if it means they avoid being vaccinated. The real story behind the success of Shanelle Cartwright and influencers like her is not social media in itself. Cartwright’s partner, Shanelle Peeti, ... A few controversial social media posts later and Folau, whose contract expires at the end of this year, is on the outer. We do not capture any email address. We don't let hard facts about human health become a matter of opinion - for one. Whether you’re a clinician working to promote vaccinations locally, a public health practitioner, or an interested citizen, here are three key steps for getting started. In order to respond effectively with the “urgent action” that WHO demands, we need to recognise the shift in power that defines our times. It is open, participatory, and peer driven. It is made by many. “But I also do like the fact the NRL do seem to be supporting the player at the moment still ... they're not going in really heavy at the moment, saying, 'If you don't have the flu shot [you're out]. You can WhatsApp us on 07810 791 502. In a recent series of posts, Cartwright explained her decision not to vaccinate her children, citing her own experiences of developing “allergies and autoimmune disorders” as a result of vaccination, leading to a “(sloooow) process of healing.”.

The back-rower is one of the code’s most high-profile anti-vaxxers and he and his wife revealed last year they would not vaccinate their children. Our. Studies have shown that vaccines don't weaken a child's immune system.".

“The irony is that the NRL strongly emphasise the importance of players understanding what ingredients are in the daily supplements/products they ingest but when it comes to vaccines they’re meant to inject into their bodies, the NRL have a different set of rules regarding this product.”, RELATED: Shanelle Cartwright hits out at critics over anti-vaccination stance, The Wintersteins and Cartwrights are on the same page.Source:Instagram.

While NSW coach Brad Fittler said the players refusing to be vaccinated might change their minds when they take a financial hit. Still others feed into wider conspiracy narratives—“governments ‘hide’ information that we believe to be facts.”. Watch the Sunday Footy Show LIVE: #NRLSFS The challenge for many health professionals is that they have grown up—and shaped their careers—inside a system that takes the opposite approach to that of Cartwright and her allies. As content is shared, it is adapted and amplified for and by different groups. Earlier this week Shanelle Cartwright – wife of NRL football star Bryce Cartwright – went public via social media to her more than 7000 followers about her decision to not vaccinate her children. Shanelle Cartwright is a 20 year old mother of two young children and a social media influencer. “I’ll home school before I vaccinate,” she said, sparking a huge backlash from medical professionals.Patience running out with Cartwright.

Does it suggest that all opinions are created equal? The global reach of communication networks enables pockets of vaccine hesitancy (and consequent lower vaccination rates) to emerge in geographically disparate spaces. "You don't s*** your pants because you know it's uncomfortable and yucky. That angered Cartwright’s wife Shanelle, who took to social media to lash out. They compare themselves to being persecuted Jews in the Holocaust.....yeh.

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