Very satisfied. We simply partially assemble the shed kit and send it as a package for you to assemble. A wide variety of styles including gable, saltbox and gambrel sheds from 10′ wide to 16′ wide structures gives you plenty of options to choose from. To learn more about what kind of a shed is best for you take a look at our storage shed kit guide. We purchased a 12x20 shed right before Christmas. Sunday CLOSED. Sheds Unlimited LLC Copyright ©1998-2020 Pine Harbor Wood Products Now that you are ready to buy a wood, vinyl or classic shed kit call our helpful office staff at 717-442-3281. I would recommend them to anyone. It's incredible how they do it. offers the finest DIY shed kits available. Our standard wood shed kits are available in the following sizes: Have a question about a specific photo in our gallery? © 2020 by Sheds Unlimited LLC | Privacy Policy, Lancaster PA Shed Website Design, Hosting, and SEO by E-Impact Marketing.

Involve your kids in a family project everyone will be proud of! We heartily recommend Sheds Unlimited.

This is hands down the best construction firm for garages and sheds that I have seen.

The whole process went very smoothly. What if I have problems assembling the prefab kit? Unfortunately, we do not currently offer our larger buildings as customer assembled kits due to complexity of the buildings. They can help you make the final decisions on your new prefab storage barn kit to ensure it meets your needs as close to perfect as possible. to over 6,000 lbs. Download our FREE storage shed or garage ideas catalog and imagine how a custom building from Sheds Unlimited would look in your backyard! Morgantown, PA 19543, (717) 442-3281 This allows the homeowner to save money without sacrificing a quality long lasting storage shed. So hilarious when they showed up with the longest truck I have ever seen, probably the length of 2 buses. Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm Our sales rep (Ben) was excellent, taking us step by step through the process (which was very simple). They are extremely fast but never sacrifice quality for speed. See the difference between a DIY shed and a Built on Site by Sheds Unlimited on our Storage Shed Kits page. Title: Backyard Shed prices.xlsx Solid deal!! Visit the Wooden Storage Shed Prices, or Classic Garden Shed Prices. Sheds Unlimited is an Amish-Mennonite family owned company and builds each prefab kit to the highest standards. 84 Lumber Company Gable Shed Ballpark Price List 1/3/2020 * Due to code restrictions these packages are not available in Florida. it's as easy as sending Steve an E-mail about Here the shed is constucted of 2 x 4s and its built solid. Inspired by the Treehouse Masters who build luxury treehouses that might cost as much as a home, Lauren and her husband set out to build something that would sit in the trees and be a nice place for an evening of fun.

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