Emigrant Ships to Australia and the Cape of Good Hope, 1857-1858; Emigrant Ships to Australia, Cape of Good Hope and Natal, 1857-1859. One passenger from the India, Mr Patterson, died at sea, however he is listed on the Grindlay. The ship's captain, James Green, either erroneously believing he had already passed the harbour's southern headland or mistaking a smaller break in the coastline known as The Gap for the port's entrance, drove the ship onto rocks. She carried the eighteenth of 37 shipments of male convicts destined for Western Australia. Copper fastened throughout, iron knees. Usually from British Isles or colonies. 20 AUG 1906". The place has potential to yield information that will contribute to an understanding of the cultural or natural history of New South Wales. Australia in 1788, after the American Revolution. Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. The Dunbar shipwreck is significant, particularly in relation to its interpretative potential, as a rare example of a shipwreck associated with a significant loss of life in close proximity to a major port and centre of population. The place is important in demonstrating the principal characteristics of a class of cultural or natural places/environments in New South Wales.

Choose from the following ships passenger lists to Australia & New Zealand: URL: http://olivetreegenealogy.com/           This guide shows the duration of passage voyages to Australia according to the era.

[1], The Dunbar anchor used in The Gap memorial appears to have been one of two anchors reported to have been removed from the actual wreck site in 1910 by a local syndicate interested in preserving the memory of Dunbar. The inscription reads: DUNBAR C.P.

Over 160,000 convicts (most Crew member James Johnson was thrown against the cliffs from the impetus of the collision and managed to scramble to safety, however he remained undiscovered for two days. [1], The Dunbar Anchor Memorial comprises a large (approximately 4-metre (13 ft)) iron Admiralty pattern anchor, attached to the natural sandstone rock cliff face above the southern end of The Gap. Because of their own population growth, NSW refused to accept This page was last edited on 3 October 2020, at 23:19. The "Dunbar Disaster", as commonly referred, shocked the inhabitants of Sydney and Australia generally. There appears to have been little physical weathering at the site. A site significant for the impact that the loss had on the colonial population and which is retained in the social fabric of Sydney to this day.

The place has a strong or special association with a person, or group of persons, of importance of cultural or natural history of New South Wales's history. The Dunbar however was initially deployed as a troop ship in the Crimean War and did not become involved in the Australian trade until 1856.

2 Murray Street, Darling HarbourSydney NSW 2000, Australia. The rock inscription was carved by an onlooker at the scene of the shipwreck event on 25 August 1857, five days after the event, and apparently re-cut by another individual on 20 August 1906, 49 years to the day of the disaster. Only one out of 122 survived, Able Seaman James Johnson, who managed to cling to the cliff face until rescued some 1–2 days later. As at 27 October 2003, The Dunbar Group comprises: The Dunbar wreck site and its associated relics are a significant component of Australia's maritime heritage by virtue of the shipwreck's impact in 1857 on the developing colony of New South Wales, its influence on the improvement of navigational aids in Port Jackson (construction of Hornby Lighthouse) and its potential for interpretation through public education programs. The disaster ranks as New South Wales' worst peacetime merchant shipping tragedy.

The British Government first sent convicts to New South Wales, Such was the impact of the 1857 disaster that the contemporary population wished it to be retained in living memory. The National Archives of Ireland has a searchable index database on the Internet for transportation records of Irish convicts sent to Australia between 1788 and 1868, PRO - Immigration to Victoria 1852-1879 - A searchable database The nature of the event is still retained in the social history of Sydney and NSW. The vessel India was burned at sea in 1841. The remains of the bodies of twenty-two victims were recovered and interred in a single large tomb in Camperdown Cemetery in Newtown. It is unknown which tools were used to make the inscription, which have subsequently been picked out by dark pigment (paint?). One of those anchors appears to have formed the memorial established at The Gap in 1930. A later enquiry blamed the disaster on insufficient navigational aids in the Harbour. Due to extensive salvage by SCUBA divers in the 1950s and 1960s, the site's integrity has been severely eroded. Ship rigged and well fitted out throughout, the vessel was, at the time of launching, the largest timber vessel constructed in Sunderland.

Representing the most significant shipwreck loss in NSW, the appalling nature of the disaster and the extreme loss of life and property are remembered in annual memorial services at the victim's graves located within St Stephens Cemetery, Newtown. Clara - arrived in WA in 1857: SOURCES: This 708 ton ship was built in Sunderland in 1853. It comprises one of the "bower" or main anchors from the vessel, another example of which is retained on the wreck site underwater. Index to Assisted British Immigration 1839-1871 Search for names of immigrants from Britain to Victoria, Australia between 1839 and 1871. The tragic loss of 121 lives, many women and children, had a devastating effect on the community and ranks as the worst peacetime merchant maritime tragedy to befall NSW. The site is also known as Dunbar Group. [1], Significant local interest was generated in relocating the wreck of the Dunbar and relics from the site.

The Dunbar anchor memorial and the cliff-top cutting are unique items in NSW in terms of land-based memorials to historic shipwreck events. the historic rock cutting on the cliffs above the wreck site. A timber safety rail fence surrounds the memorial precinct.

The rock inscription was cut five days after the tragedy by C.P. The collection, now owned and managed by the Australian National Maritime Museum, is representative of the types of materials imported to Australian during the 1850s. United States. in 1803. The Dunbar anchor memorial was established by the local government as a permanent memorial of the horrendous loss of the Dunbar (ship)ship, its passengers and crew, in 1857.

[1], The second item, a rock cut inscription, was inscribed on the flat (horizontal) sandstone cliff top above the actual wreck site location. Copper sheathed. Index file 63 Vessels arriving by year Version 7.0.0001 Last updated 16/11/2008 The Dunbar Anchor Memorial acts as a public focal point for the interpretation of the tragedy. A rock inscription overlooking the site records the loss, and is a tangible reminder of the tragedy which occurred below. It was installed in the bell-tower of the adjoining St John's Primary School (now demolished) where it became a tradition for generations of head-boys to announce the start of each school day by ringing it.

As an easily accessible monument to a significant shipping tragedy at the entrance to Sydney, the memorial and associated rock cutting, demonstrate the contemporary community's reaction to the impact of the Dunbar disaster to their world.

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