Yet it’s actually Italy and Greece which have the oldest martial arts traditions in the world. The instructor would jokingly suggest that either someone from Hong Kong had spent a lot of time in Southern Italy, or that 19th century Southern China had a Sicilian population that had previously escaped detection as the overlap was, at times, quite notable. Usefulness rating – 9/10 (only if you’re an assassin), Chivalry rating – 7/10 (only if fighting a duel). These remain the sorts of folk practices that Thomas Green might characterize as “vernacular” martial arts. The Scuola Gladiatori Roma is my favourite, partly because its address is 18, The Appian Way, and partly because their website has lots of fun photos. Rey Chow always gives us so much to think about. Each of these moves, because it involves the abandonment of old symbols for new ones, is an example of Chow’s faithless translation.

It was ideal for murdering someone in a dense crowd and then sneaking off before anyone realised what was happening. Are they objective facts, or epiphenomenal manifestations of the process of learning the system? Of course all of this brings up the question of recontextualization.

), Sex appeal rating – 9/10 (due to very firm thighs). Those with a more serious interest in the curriculum had received a nuanced overview of regional traditions, and enough in the way of a structured curriculum and solo and partner drills to keep them busy for many months. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The media landscape is not totally barren. This also gave the students, working in pairs, a chance to become more comfortable with the longer range attacks and leaping defenses that characterize the Sicilian method.

a family of assassins? Yes, everything is transformed by translation. Itrepresents the desired result coming from yearsof hard study and training, throughout which Icould meet several knife fencers with whom I usedto compare myself on the competition ground.I also had the opportunity to train with themand, sometimes, to exchange ideas and thoughtsabout this specific sports context.

On this particular Saturday the Sicilian knife was being taught on the grounds of a Wing Chun school, and many of the students (for whatever other differences they may have had) had a basic familiarity with Wing Chun. The art was developed by adapting traditional saber fencing movements to the shorter stiletto knife which the Quattrocchi family favored carrying in lieu of other traditional Sicilian knives.. Rather than perfectly conveying the life experience of the old master on his veranda in Sicily (something that we don’t have personal access to) we have transposed his understanding into radically different geographic, social and tactical languages. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery on millions of eligible domestic and international items, in addition to exclusive access to movies, TV shows, and more.

However, as Chow noted, it is precisely the ability of a representation to be stripped of one cultural context and immersed in another which makes any sort of learning (not to mention genuine cross-cultural encounter) possible in the first place. Upon first encountering the previous quote in Paul Bowman’s 2015 monograph, Martial Arts Studies: Disrupting Disciplinary Boundaries (Rowman & Littlefield), I was so struck that I had to track down the original essay. I will arrange a kidnapping if you don’t come over to see me voluntarily…. Folding, flick-knife versions were soon invented and sold like hotcakes. Sicilan knife fighting - basic footwork exercises "Punta tacco" Maestro Raffaele Irmino Sicilian knife and stick fighting school Siracusan style

( Log Out /  It is easy to sharpen and will hold up well to light daily tasks. Very soon, though, its potential as a concealed weapon was realised and it became the indispensable tool of the medieval assassin. At the end of every round people were encouraged to stop and examine themselves for ink patterns indicating what sorts of strikes had been the most effective, or what areas needed more work. The way that targets were treated, the importance of keeping one’s elbow down, fast repeated thrusts, aspects of entry and defensive stepping, all of this seemed intuitively familiar. It also analyses reviews to verify trustworthiness.

At the end of the introductory lecture students were introduced to a few basic movements and given a simple thrust, parry, counter drill. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. How similar are the two systems in objective terms? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

( Log Out /  San Michele Sicilian Knife Fighting System . The art seems to have gained a bit of a following in Germany, which has an insatiable appetite for all sorts of fighting systems. The ethnographer in me noted that it was a comparatively male class compared to other events I have attended at this school (with only a single female student registered), but the student body was otherwise pretty diverse. To what degree do these parallels exist simply in the eye of the beholder? Yet direct, frictionless, mind to mind transmission of a fighting system just isn’t possible. A plurality of the the students (who ranged in age from about 20 to their 40s) had a prior background with knife work coming out of the Filipino martial arts.

Here’s my guide to the three main Italian martial arts, and two Sicilian ones, rated arbitrarily by me according to criteria I plucked out of thin air. The stiletto knife was banned as a result, but to little effect.

Ah yes! First was the importance of speed (the system contains a series of short thrusts not unlike a Wing Chun chain punch) and second, the danger of mid-range fighting. Quattrocchi, Knife, fighting, Stiletto, Sicilian, Italian, San, Michele, Italy, Sicily I need the stick to actually walk, though, so I’m not sure how much fighting I would really do!!! This is the ancient Sicilian School of Stick Fighting, also known as paranza lunga or, in some Sicilian schools, Liu-bo. Italian System, An Maide Mear

With only five hours of training in Sicilian knife fighting I would hesitate to offer anything like a decisive answer. All in all, I would be hard pressed to think of a better way to spend a Saturday. There are a few privately printed books and a handful  of teachers operating outside of Italy. We will try to visit the jousting tournament. On a technical level, learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. I just fancy watching them at it whilst wearing a pointy hat and dropping a hanky now and again. Given the importance of the kung fu genre in popularizing the Chinese martial arts in the West, this is exactly the sort of topic that often comes up in martial arts studies literature. Would the global transmission of Sicilian knife culture be a good thing? I look forward with anticipation to the nuances William will add to this comprehensive blade system. This is a cool post, but I don’t think you can give 10/10 because they wear leather thongs…, Of course I jolly well can. Sifu Crescione (who runs a Wing Chun school in the Willian Cheung lineage), explained that he first developed an interest in the art in 2010 and had studied with a number of teachers since that time. Paranza corta, the Sicilian art of knife fighting, is still an underground secret … 3.0 out of 5 stars 2. ( Log Out / 

The traditional “San Michele” method stressed the free hand behind the back method as taught in Western Fencing. Yet Rey Chow still has much to suggest about the way that these fighting systems are being performed and culturally translated in the current martial arts marketplace.

All five sound great fun, though I’d balk at jousting. Some things did indeed seem quite similar. Footwork is an absolute must in “Il Arte de San Michele” for no knife fighter of any skill level does not possess superior footwork if he is at all competent in his art. Yet compared to so many of the arts of East or South East Asia, these small schools seem to have avoided the global lime light.

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