In fact, you might have already reached that point. [Patton]: Well, we could start by having an open and honest conversation about our feelings. -stretches arm to Virgil-.

-hands Roman a Dora the Explorer coloring book-, [Patton]: I think we all need a little bit of... Not Talking Time!

It looks so much more professional to have a media kit, even if it's just one page, then to e-mail someone and train, write out all the information they need to know in the e-mail. When you are a celebrity in your field you’re not chasing down sponsors. [Logan]: If by "up", you mean that I am not down to do this, you are correct. [Thomas]: Ok, sorry. Agreement to Official Rules ; Participation in the Sweepstakes constitutes entrant's full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor, which are final and binding. ♪. [Logan]: Just let me know if you want to hear what I have to say—. Wocka Wocka!

[Logan]: ...You're balancing a great deal of responsibilities. But when were either of you the experts on creative content? Your job as the producer of the content is to make sure your sponsorship reads do not affect or contradict your show’s value. I have seen some blogs where a post test sponsored by a certain company and they're just trying to get their name out there. You know, no need for anything too extravagant or—. None of it makes sense! Uh, everyone get naked? If you are on their podcast hosting, then they help build their customer base by having you do sponsorships in pretty much any podcast that is available. Our goal is to increase frequency of posting for both channels, so if you enjoyed all that fun off-the-cuff stuff we did on this channel, be sure to subscribe to the new channel if you want to get more of that. [Logan]: -pops up- You know, we can't do that, Roman. You're feeling confused and you just don't know what the next step is. That way if it gets shared or put anywhere else, you can see where to go back to the source on it. You will especially need to do this if you feel like you don't really have a lot of page views or a big social media following to keep sponsors happy, the last thing that you want to do is sell ad space and only have three people click on it.

Roman... You get super insecure for some reason and, when that happens, the work suffers. Sharing it on wherever is most important to you.

Thomas used to learn all kinds of new and helpful things from puppets when he was younger! It doesn't really work like that. But you know for a lot of people it's their full-time gig.

For this lesson, draft up a version of your cover letter. Sure, sometimes your feelings may not make sense, but it's not your feelings job to make sense! For example, the sponsorship’s really easy to read on that since you are using it. THIS is part of the problem. Who are you to criticize MY WORK?! They have an audience. Back to pricing, quite honestly, the only tangible guesstimate I have ever seen is for ad space and I have to say I think it's pretty fair. Alright, come on, guys! Okay, the only way I can describe it is, like, someone dumped a million billion... JILLION piece puzzle in front of me and you know, it's up to me to put it together. [Logan]: Hmm, And I am always one for learning. The answer to that question is... the question. That wasn't helpful. [Patton]: Yeah, Logan, help us out! That sounds like an absolute miracle today compared to paying $24 a month to host my podcast with not one single sponsorship in a hundred and forty thousand listens, not one single sponsorship in seven hundred episodes or five years of podcasting. I’m using Wirecast to do a horizontal or 1920 by 1080 film on my Mac Pro, and then I’ve got the little on the top. If you are going to do a series of four sponsored posts, and it's going to take you 12 hours and your usual hourly rate is $20, then you definitely should not go below $240, at least cover your bases in that regard. The good news is that no part of the process is incredibly difficult, and I’m here to help you learn the basics, from picking a topic, to research, to animation. 2. Pardon Logan's rude behavior... and make sure to ring that bell. Take the time to rehearse your reads. [Logan]: Well, you... have my support.

The horizontal is going on YouTube, the vertical video is going on Facebook because these vertical videos get way more space in the newsfeed, and then if you click on it on mobile, you don’t have to flip your phone for the full image. HUG ME!

♪, [Roman]: ♪ Sometimes the problems at play are not all plain to see. It’s native advertising and it blends in pretty naturally. We went hard, 7 days a week with 12 hour days. [Virgil]: Thomas, you have got to do something about this! Because now, on Facebook, YouTube and on my podcast there is a direct support link. Alright, cool. [Logan]: No, that was his... that was his whole statement. SkillShare also offers team plans for companies, and these start at $99 per user per year. If you like both, you can subscribe to both, either/or/and! [Thomas]: Yeah, cute puppet, Patton! This is because your podcast becomes more than just a podcast. As a sponsor or as the podcaster, you get from the sponsor a script to read for the ad. [Patton]: -points- Agreed... Oh!

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, technology, and even lessons in learning, which I think is appropriate for this video. So, welcome to class. It's okay if nothing gets fixed right away. I then talk about the context I’m using it in and I won’t read anything that I’m not willing to at least take a look at. The bottom line with media kits is that if you're reaching out to potential sponsors, you need to have one. You can have a lot of people visiting your blog. -continues fighting-. [Virgil]: ♪ By "bad", I mean, well, "mean", but I did what I thought that I had to... which is bad, too!

When you combine all the revenue sources together, it can add up really good. Audible Gold Digital Membership.

-clicks remote-. It’s important to note that these listen numbers are calculated as the total listens per episode over a 6-week span. Be suwe to check fow my wefewwaw wink in the descwiption aftew watching this video fow a FWEE week twiaw couwtesy of Skiwwshawe! [Virgil]: -sigh- It's a puppet bit, just ignore them. [Logan]: Reality is uncertain to the point that many of history's greatest philosophical minds have spent their entire lives questioning it. ♪. If you're interested in doing a product review on the other hand, remind them that Christmas is right around the corner and you're hoping to include them in your gift guide. Thank you, you shadowy, but angelic songbird! Definitely worth it to try it. Better that than internalizing them and hoping they'll go away! [Virgil]: Could you even contribute like an ounce of constructive input to our conversation today, Doctor Do-the-Most?

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