These lists are meant to spotlight new and interesting armor, so the armors listed here are generally unique in some way, aside from a few recolors/retextures that I thought were particularly creative or difficult to search for. This outfit includes boots, gloves, a hood, and silvery skull mask. A well-dressed man. Features a longcoat with engraved steel pauldrons over a steel breastplate with the white tree of Gondor.

Black Elven armor? Howards Conan PICCraftable at the forge under the Studded category.Inspired by a piece of Conan art, this armor includes a dark studded cuirass with a scaled leather look, red waist sash, and fur collar, over brown trousers and wrap boots. not the Elven-light one). I also really like the antler-handled weapons that come with this pack. Comes with a choice of 3 different helmet options. Northguard Ranger Armor PICCraftable at the forge under the Ebony category.This one has a very similar look to the Monster Hunter Armor above. True Thief Armor PICLocated in the Riften Thieves Guild.Lovely high-detail dark leather set with engraved steel pauldron and bracer. This one is dark brown and leathery, with carved tormented faces and a masked helmet with glowing green eyes. There are several light, heavy, and cloth options to choose from of varying levels of tastefulness and badassery. Warmage Armor PICCraftable at the forge under Daedric category.Wonderful detail in this dark leather armor/robe hybrid. 2048 HD Stand-Alone Fur Robe and Hood Male Variant PICCrafted at tanning rack or purchased at Riverwood TraderBased on the mantled apprentice robes, this robe and hood are textured to appear as though they are made of buckskin and leather, in shades of brown and white. Gondor Armor PICCraftable at the forge under the Steel category.This is a plate outfit resembling the Gondor guard armors from LotR.

The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Blades Hakama PICCraftable at the forge and found in a sack outside the Sleeping Giant Inn.A black wrap robe, boots, gloves, and helmet suitable for walking the earth like Caine. GIRLPLAYSGAME All Rights Reserved. You’re welcome. Diablo III Tyrael Armor PICCraftable at the forge.Surprisingly, this plate set is categorized as light leather. The armor was originally crafted by an Orc high on Sleeping Tree Sap and requires more of the sap to upgrade the armor. Diamond Armor Smithing PICCraftable at the forge.A nice looking black and gold plate set with gemstones inlaid at the chest and (optional) shoulders. Crimson Ranger Armor PICCraftable at the forge.Another one of my favorites. Masters of Death - Rise of the Brotherhood PIC 1 PIC 2 PIC 3Craftable at the forge under the Ebony category.A very nice set of Assassin’s Creed-inspired breastplate-style armor. Yharnyam Set PIC (no good male pics, sorry)Located in Morthal abandoned shack - guarded.The first Bloodborne-themed armor has arrived - a long gray hunter’s coat over gray pantsuit, with a masked collar and peaked hat. Real Damascus Steel Armor and Weapons PIC (no male pics, sorry)Craftable at the forge under the Dragon category.This is a heavier looking plate armor that resembles the ebony mail with a wavy retexture characteristic of ancient Damascus steel. Matys Mithril PICCraftable at the forge under the Miscellaneous category with Glass perk.This is a LotR-inspired mithril chain and plate design with an elven aesthetic and nice detail. Drow Armor Set PICLocated inside Brood Cavern.This is a deep black tight-fitting set inspired by fantasy drow elves and reminiscent of the nightingale armor. An Elven Armor that thieves, scouts and assassins actually can wear proudly. Tribunal Robes Standalone Recolored Sets PIC 1 PIC 2 offers 2 more sets in burgundy/black and black/gray.

Tera Armors Collection. Consists of a brown leather cuirass over a red linen shirt and tan trousers with brown leather boots, bracers, and hood. It’s armor like this that makes playing a male character worthwhile. The new armor is designed mainly for a spellsword-type character, but is suitable for anyone looking for a really exceptional silver Elven armor and accessories.

Inquisitor Set PICCraftable at the Skyforge under the Elven category.This outfit takes the Thalmor justiciar robes as its model.

Mandu by Neo PIC 1 PIC 2Located in a pouch in Embershard Mine.This is a heavier looking armor that comes in black and white versions. The outfits has a black/brown theme with hints of chainmail and leather straps. Includes cuirass, boots, gloves, and hood. Exiled Blades Armor PICLocated in a chest in Esbern’s room in the Ratway.A mashup of Blades armor and steel plate with a big fluffy fur collar and an armored brown fur hood. Choose black, white, brown, or green/brown. An elaborate winged helm tops off the outfit. There’s a huge variety here and I’m only going to post 10 of my favorites to give you an idea, but it’s safe to say there’s something for just about everyone here. Each piece has several variants for a more custom look for your character.

The Wanderers Surcoat PICCraftable at the forge under the Steel category.This is a lovely crimson/charcoal.brown retexture of Iorveth’s kilted armor with badges from the holds of Skyrim on the sash. Great detail and use of colors. Has a similar look to the Thieves Guild armor, with a bit more of a streamlined and flowing appearance, as well as a black hood and full face mask.

What is the crossbow mod you use with the contractor armor?

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