Go Fuck yourself you’ll get more pussy that way. excuse me ma’am, but there have been floods and earthquakes since the begining of time dude. Comin’? and I don’t fuck anyone in my own bloodline. Now.

He is alone in the universe, but he connects. One of the toughest most hardcore bands in the UK. BBLLLAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Sean: How are you doing that? University of Utah: In. You’re gonna study plants?

Where’d you get the beer? And I’ll tell ya. 2: Rebellion, freedom, love, yeah.

Sean: You’re not Jesus. Stevo: Chemistry’s the wrong fucking major for a guy like you! Mark – Hey Steveo, Fuck you.

You know a drunk’s just going to drink twice as many beers to get drunk, so you not only have a drunk on your hands, you have a drunk who’s fat and gross.

But other people ideals forced on someone else, even if it is something like freedom, is still a rule; not anarchy.

You exist in a world of dreams Bob, you are like a treasure, I have found a treasure. Bob: Fuck you.

Kick my ass! Final analysis: To fight, a reason to live. Younger than any of these assholes over here.

Yeah, well, it pains me to hear you say that, Mark. Even as early as my first party, Why did I love to fight? By definition, i’m not a redneck, and god damnit, I ain’t a fucking hick! No, it is you who are the poet. Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site.

I don’t wear cowboy boots, I hate the fucking rodeo, horses smell like shit to me, and I’ve never fucked anyone in my own bloodline! What good is that to those of us in Utah, America? Mark: Don’t say that ‘fuck you!’, I said I’m sorry!

Mike: Yes.

2: That kid is going to make one hell of a lawyer.

Poor girl had no self respect.

if she hasent had her medication in a dark deserted alley she will.. i repeat she will atack. No clearer way to evaluate whether or not you’re alive.

It’s not my omagination. sean: are you him? Even as early as my first party, Why did I love to fight? Volkswagen, right?

SLC Punk Quotes.

sean: satan is in the house. bob: thats right, i am. sean: no…. It was the Ramones, it was the Sex Pistols, Nya! Walking on water.

Look out there and tell me what you see. You see, the guy I am now is not the guy I was then. Sean: Satan is in the house.

You see, the guy I am now, is not the guy I was then. Stevo: It’s not really a thinkin question What the fucks with the English shit? I mean you could buy a car for that. This contradiction was becoming clear to me in the fall of ’85. To know when people like your submissions, answer your questions, reply to you, etc., please. It’s music. Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘SLC Punk!’: Quotes from the movie ‘SLC Punk!’.

did you get a good picture? ((Slams the table)).

What the fuck's that? Bought at a Volks Wagon dealership.

heh How goes it? I believe that there should be no rules, only chaos. Stevo: But this fall was going to be the fall alright. (Not all comments are approved, including rude comments and those with strong language). 2: That’s right.

A punker–still a man–he is alone in the universe, but he connects.

I don’t know who started it and I don’t give a fuck. Good band as well.

I love you guys, don’t get me wrong, it’s all about this, but for the first time in my life I’m 18 and I can say FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Was it the Ramones in the Velvet Underground in New York?

‘It was the Ramones!’ ‘It was the Sex Pistols!’ Raahh! War implies extreme government because wars are fought to enforce rules or ideals, even freedom.

He drank, and he smoked cigarettes, but that was it. 1: Well you guys are divorced, so love failed.

For the people who designed it?

Add more and vote on your favourites! (Dad) – I’m jewish Steven, how could I be a nazi?

What was the point? Nothing piled upon fucking nothing. old lady: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! It was manufactured off of the blood and sweat of your people. 2: Satan is in the house. Bob:oh, I get it so do you see land any where?

The one thing I do know is that we did it harder, we did it faster, and we definitely did it with more love, baby.

Now, complications….

and four – you moved from new york, the hub and mecca of the cultural world to utah, nowhere! script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Matthew Lillard movie. How? You’re Bob. (Dad) – IT’S JUST A CAR, OKAY!

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