Drones are smarter than you think! Added 3 new gadget sites to Moustache Island.

The warp network to The Wilds is buggy and highly unreliable! Fixed a bug where the slime key count on the map did not include keys that you had already discovered. Added a great deal more extra details to the 7Zee Rewards Club Lab upgrade.

Fixed bug where the Range Exchange screen sometimes lost information at certain resolutions. Currently, I keep my ‘money makers’, Honey  Mosaic and Crystal Hunter slimes in my main ranch area. So far, this combination has worked out fantastically. Fixed bug where quantum largos were not transparent went held on the vac. Reason this doesn't have the issues warp depots do is its only ever adding during catch up, same case for refinery links. Fixed bug where amber slime lamps’ glow could be seen through walls. Fixed bug where reloading a game when already in the slime sea did not always return the player to the ranch. The world is now prettier and easier to see in at night thanks to a lovely rim light added to all the environmental objects. (It would take at least 6 years of University, plus a deep understanding of Slime Science to understand it fully, so we’ll just call it the “Failure to Duplicate Phenomenon”). A host of small improvements and beautifications have been added to various areas that may prove to be an inspiration if you have inclination to optimization. Odd onions can now be found in the Indigo Quarry. New icons for install/remove gadgets and remove crops. Fixed an issue where Mochi’s Nimble Valley tutorials weren’t clearing properly. Added intro text when starting a new save file in Adventure Mode. plenty of grit, and her trusty vacpack, Beatrix attempts to stake a claim, amass a fortune, and avoid the continual ( Log Out /  Thanks, code wizards for using your magic for the good of humanity! I have a Refinery Link and Market Link in every area. Phase lemon trees planted in gardens will now act like normal fruit trees and not require phasing the lemons into reality. Use your gilded ginger on the gold gordos that are now scattered all over the map. And because an efficient hen hen is a happy hen hen. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Fixed an issue where fruits and veggies would almost always be unripe in an area that you haven’t visited in awhile. Added an official Chinese translation.

For those of you that just barely met the minimum requirements, you should see a significant performance boost. Find treasure pods with new decorations hidden throughout the Valley! Changed tutorials requiring an on-ranch action to hide themselves if you’re away from the ranch for 15 seconds. You can access The Wilds after receiving an invitation from Ogden Ortiz to visit his retreat at the edge of The Wilds.

Fixed bug where med station could sometimes overfill the health bar. The 24 hour timer on the Range Exchange now begins only after accepting a Range Exchange offer. Beatrix is now viewable on the title screen and in her house.

Fixed bug where quantum crystal largo would appear pink while rolling. Fixed an issue with the Newbucks UI where it could get stuck on the screen. Added a treasure pod behind the barn in the Lab to give new players a head start in building their first teleporter. I found raising chickens as food was much slower than cultivating crops, so I made sure not to combine any of the meat eating slimes together.

Puddle plorts are not longer requested or rewarded in the Range Exchange. Fixed bug where silos were showing pink slime icon on empty slots. Fixed bug where a spring pad would respond to an echo repeatedly even though it would not launch it. The fix involves quickly but savagely insulting feral slimes on game load in order to ensure continual anger. Fixed a visual bug where drones appeared to be shrinking items rather than vacuuming them up. This should fix most cases of this, but if you are still experiencing it please contact support@monomipark.com. Replaced lucky slime rocket fuel with extra newbucks: lucky slimes will now not launch themselves as high, but reward much more newbucks. Fixed rendering issue with Hobson journals and water. Fixed the garden tutorial getting stuck if you planted a crop before the tutorial prompt. Starmail will now be reserved for only the most important missives, and perhaps an occasional request for newbucks from a galactic prince.

I have 2 chicken coops leading to the Overgrowth. < > Fixed bug where tutorial radar markers could get stuck. Mochi's Extra Mile occasionally DOUBLES the newbucks for plorts deposited into the market. Hunter largos that get sufficiently agitated will revert to their feral form. We've also added some additional performance improvements of our own because why the heck not. Optimized the way that many particles in the world are instantiated to improve memory usage. Our code wizards have added a great many optimizations to rendering, especially when standing near large walls or when many objects are hidden from view. Changed some desert terrain slightly to improve player movement. Phosphor largos will now disappear in the sun when the are carried outside. Made adjustments to the About page credits to showcase all the wonderful people that have contributed to Slime Rancher even though it still means leaving out people that didn’t work on it directly but made it all possible- oh Elizabeth I love you so much. Adjusted the fill color for vac slots of various poultry to be in accordance with the International Association of Chicken in Video Games standards.

Added a new animation for boom slime explosions (they may be prettier, but they are still very dangerous. Fixed bug where boom slime booms would push echoes out of place. Though the tangle slime may look innocent with its wide smile and colorful flower atop its head, it's actually a fearsome predator with a big appetite for tasty meat. Fixed bug where it was possible to keep receiving radiation after teleporting while in rad auras. If you have a save file with the pods re-closed you simply have to open them again if you wish to have all pods opened. Gardens now produce infinite harvests! The phosphors are probably my most well tested slime. Fixed an issue with Slime Sea becoming invisible in certain narrow situations. I want to employ them, but I can't figure out what they're good for. We told them to keep their chins up. And the moon! Added a manual collection button to the corral’s plort collector upgrade for all those do-it-yourselfers out there. Fixed bug where range exchange wasn’t including the proper items from unlocked Moss Blanket and Indigo Quarry. Oh yes, you knew this update was going to be good.

Check out the details over in the Party Gordo Update notes.[forums.monomipark.com]. All gadgets fit into one of 5 categories: Extractors are a special class of Slime Science gadgets that are essential for building all other types of gadgets. A bunch of other miscellaneous small optimizations. Drones got a nice little update that allows them to deliver to the Refinery and improves how they interact with some targets/destinations! Fixed bug where food was sometimes left in the world when returning to the ranch and slimes should have eaten that food. After that, the most important consideration was diet. Why the hexagonal shape?

This fix should broadly improve the experience of using an auto-feeder overall. Updated the super secret Party Gordo schedule.

The Ancient Ruins is a new zone located between the Moss Blanket and Indigo Quarry. Fixed a visual bug relating to the skybox, Fixed an issue with Advanced Drones program assignment. Once I unlocked the Lab, and realized that the ‘cheap’ plorts were the most needed for fabrication, I went back to the tried and true pink and blue. If a drone station is out of water, the petals will close and the drone will go into stasis until it is watered. Purchase screens no longer auto-close on purchase. The incinerator has received a visual overhaul and has a new upgrade, the ash trough, that is used for corralling fire slimes. Added puddle and hunter slimes to the Range Exchange, Added ravian flocks to Moss blanket and other parts of the Range (pretty bird-like things way up in the sky).

Fixed a few instances where some game translations would overflow in the UI. Extractors include drills, pumps, and apiaries. In Casual Mode, largo slimes cannot eat a second plort, and feral slimes will not perform their patented feral slime butt stomp. Added some new treasure pods to the world.

Tarrs now visibly flash red when hit. Have some water handy! While radiation is annoying, it was not nearly as annoying as contact damage. Fixed bug where some sounds would play right as the ranch initially loaded in. Added 10 drones to your Rush Mode inventory!

Fixed a typo in Mochi’s dialogue. Fixed an issue where scareslimes sometimes weren’t scary enough. Fixed bug where the Invalid Format warning in the Load Game menu would show text exiting the boundaries of the Load Game window and the buttons would be sized inappropriately. The Optimized Update is here to improve overall performance of Slime Rancher. Perhaps this was an intentional decision, but it seems like a bit of an oversight that the bee drones can't widthdraw from warp depots or deposit in them.

Generators can only run for a limited time, so collect as much as you can before they need to recharge. Fixed bug where tutorial popups could appear on the main menu screen after leaving a game. Reading both is required for ‘completing’ Adventure Mode. I originally had boom rocks, and I hated them with a passion. Every weekend, the Party Gordo comes to the Far, Far Range, but you have to find him first! Previously purchased items from shops now show up as disabled entries at the bottom of the purchase list. I bought this game thinking all there was to do was explore the world, find some slimes, and bring them to my ranch. The Moss Blanket has received some additional decorative props. Gilded Gingers now appear in two locations daily and, if you listen closely, are easier to locate. It is hidden inside a treasure pod somewhere in the ruins.

Crazy. It contains a new slime, resource, and other secrets to discover. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Charge Stations: Fill your vac tank with random electrical charges designed to make plort harvesting a breeze (randomly assigns a slooow field, static clinger, or thunderclap). Unlike the Range Exchange, there is no time limit associated with any Ogden requests on the retreat. Please note that the 10 hours we removed did not go to waste and were recycled. Spicy tofu can be obtained from Ogden. Quicksilver slimes are lightning quick, and feed on electricity. Thanks, Mochi. Fixed bug where sound effects could continue to play while the game was paused or the player was in the house. Gadget mode is a new vacpack mode that can be toggled after unlocking Slime Science. Changed the puddle plort logic to match puddle slimes in order to reduce frustration when dealing with them outside of water. Fixed bug where Ogden was skipping his final dialogue sequence after getting his third reward. Fixed a bug where language settings were not saving between restarts. Fixed bug where PS4 controllers on PC could not bring up the game menu.

Feral slimes now sometimes stop and glare at you rather than jumping and attacking in order to not feel like such a relentless mob. Significantly reduce memory usage by game music (roughly 650 MB savings!). Fixed a bug where Range Exchange reward crates were not persisting between sessions.

Please note that if you now use every key on every door and buy this extra key, you will always have one extra key. Work in the Valley involves running a series of Rance Exchange assignments which will reward you with newbucks and special upgrades.

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