[6] Overall, six were killed by the storm and 86 were injured. [46] It was considered the most-photographed tornado of the outbreak. The Doppler on Wheels research radar measured a wind speed of 301 mph abo… The same storm would later strike the Cincinnati area, producing multiple tornadoes, including another F5. This is a list of tornadoes which have been officially or unofficially labeled as F5, EF5, or an equivalent rating, the highest possible ratings on the various tornado intensity scales.

The tornado finally dissipated southwest of Huntsville after destroying 546 structures, killing 28 people, and injuring 332 others.

Numerous buildings and storefronts were heavily damaged in downtown Jasper, and many streets were blocked with trees and power lines. [23] Central State University also sustained considerable damage, and a water tower there was toppled. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? Remarkable electrical phenomenon was reported as the tornado passed through Huntsville, with reports of luminous clouds, ball lightning, and multi-colored flashes and glowing areas in the sky as the storm moved through the city.

Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? The home of a bank president was leveled. Dead bodies were carried .25 mi (0.40 km) away. This tornado produced possible F5 damage to a "large new home," killing the couple inside. [54] The tornado itself had contradicted a long-time myth that a tornado would "not follow terrain into steep valleys" as while hitting Monticello, it descended a 60-foot (18 m) hill near the Tippecanoe River and heavily damaged several homes immediately afterwards.[15].

The tornado quickly became violent as it moved into Meade County, producing F4 damage as it passed north of Irvington, sweeping away numerous homes in this rural area.

The split was related to several factors, including a band of subsidence over eastern Kentucky and western West Virginia; local downslope winds over the Appalachians; and an inversion over the same area. [40] Several tombstones in the Cap Anderson cemetery were toppled and broken, and some were displaced a small distance. Further analysis by Ted Fujita indicated that at the start of the tornado path near Otterbein, downburst winds (also called "twisting downburst") disrupted the tornado's inflow which caused it to briefly dissipate before redeveloping near Brookston in White County at around 4:50 pm EDT and then traveled for 109 miles (175 km).

DOW recorded maximum wind speeds at 264 mph (425 km/h) at 160 ft above ground level, which the NWS classified at almost ground level.

When the twister struck on April 3, 1974, many of the Brandenburg residents at that time had also experienced a major flood of the Ohio River that affected the area in 1937 as well as numerous other communities along the river, including Louisville and Paducah. Grazulis also called into question the ratings of several tornadoes currently rated F5 by official sources.

The tornado continued northeast and struck the south sides of Atwood and Leesburg, with additional severe damage occurring at both locations. Mentioned as a possible F5 by Grazulis.

A farm was completely leveled, and a child was reportedly carried .5 mi (0.80 km) away. Along with discovering much about tornadoes which was not known before, such as the downburst and the microburst, and assessing damage to surrounding structures, the Xenia tornado was determined to be the worst of the 148 storms. Ultimately, a new scale was devised that took into account 28 different damage indicators; this became known as the Enhanced Fujita scale.

So many trees were snapped in this area that the tornado path was visible from satellite. Consequently, CAPE levels in the region rose to 1,000 j/kg. Several other tornadoes have also been documented as possibly attaining this status, though they are not officially rated as such. Due to significant moisture advection, destabilization rapidly proceeded apace; the warm front near the Gulf Coast dissipated and then redeveloped northward over the Ohio River valley.

A curtain rod was found speared deeply into the trunk of one tree in town. [6], Seven F5s were observed—one each in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, three in Alabama and the final one which crossed through parts of Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. [12][13] From 1950 to 1970, tornadoes were assessed retrospectively, primarily using information recorded in government databases, as well as newspaper photographs and eyewitness accounts. [33] Before the 1974 storm, the city had no tornado sirens. From April 3 to 4, 1974, there were 148 tornadoes confirmed in 13 U.S. states and the Canadian province of Ontario. The tornado ended near the junction of Interstates 264 and 71 after killing three people, injuring 207 people, destroying over 900 homes, and damaging thousands of others. Part II: Comparison of Observed Damage and Radar-Derived Winds in the Tornadoes", "Oklahoma-size tornado hits unpopulated Hill Country - Amarillo.com - Amarillo Globe-News", "Storm Data and Unusual Phenomenon-May 1999", "The Chickasha-Blanchard-Newcastle Tornado of May 24, 2011", "Some Considerations for the Use of High-Resolution Mobile Radar Data in Tornado Intensity Determination", "Why was El Reno, Oklahoma tornado downgraded to EF3?

It then traveled through Boone County, Kentucky, producing F4 damage in the Taylorsport area before crossing the Ohio River a second time into Ohio. Remains of a house that was completely swept away in Brandenburg, with heavily debarked trees and shrubbery in the foreground.

And it is hard to tell the difference among them all, but I would say in terms of destruction, just total devastation, this is the worst I have seen.

The town of Campbellsburg, northeast of Louisville, was hard-hit in this earlier outbreak, with a large portion of the town destroyed by an F3. Two farm complexes were completely swept away. Each year, more than 2,000 tornadoes are recorded worldwide, with the vast majority occurring in the United States and Europe. Two large homes were completely swept away. This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 21:01. [39] Trees and shrubbery in town were debarked and stripped, extensive wind-rowing of debris occurred, and numerous vehicles were destroyed as well, some of which had nothing left but the frame and tires.

Worldwide, a total of 62 tornadoes have been officially rated F5/EF5 since 1950: 59 in the United States and one each in France, Russia, and Canada. There were seven F5 tornadoes[10] and 23 F4 tornadoes.

The tornado tore directly through downtown Jasper at 6:57 PM, resulting in severe damage and at least 100 injuries. Upon exiting Xenia, the tornado passed through Wilberforce, heavily damaging several campus and residential buildings of Wilberforce University.

(, 16 farms were blown away and the town of Grinnell was devastated, as well as the.

19 buildings on two farms reportedly "vanished". While moving into the Mississippi and Ohio Valley areas, a surge of very moist air intensified the storm further while there were sharp temperature contrasts between both sides of the system. ", "The Super Tornado Outbreak of 1974 – Farmers' Almanac", "TORNADO OUTBREAK OPENED EYES ABOUT MYTHS, SCHOOL SAFETY", "4 Apr 1974, Page 7 - The Courier-Journal at Newspapers.com", "Radar Provides Life-Saving Warnings Of Tornadoes", "The Indefinitive List of the Strongest Tornadoes Ever Recorded (Part IV) |", "April 3, 1974 Xenia Tornado Memorial Marker", "Inflation Calculator | Find US Dollar's Value from 1913 to 2015", "Remarks During an Inspection Tour of Tornado Damage in Ohio", "The President's Remarks at the Bill Signing Ceremony at the White House. Considered to be a possible F5 by Grazulis. Despite the apparent connection between La Niña and two of the largest tornado outbreaks in US history, no definitive linkage exists between La Niña and this outbreak or tornado activity in general.

[56] In one case, the destruction was so complete that a witness reported that the largest recognizable objects among scattered debris from an obliterated house were some bed-springs.

"[71] Surveyor J.B. Elliot noted that the destruction was so complete, that even some of the foundations were "dislodged, and in some cases swept away." Half of a brick building remained standing in the village. 12 farms were flattened. A National Weather Service damage survey was not conducted due in part to the extensive damage and injuries from another tornado in.

On storm surveys the next day, Forbes saw stacks of ripped-down trees piled 10 feet high. Damage in Delhi was rated as high as F4.

Numerous businesses in downtown Xenia were heavily damaged or destroyed, and several people were killed at the A&W Root Beer stand as the building was flattened. Homes were completely destroyed, and large swaths of forest were leveled with trees debarked.

This photo was taken near Bridge Creek, about 15 miles southwest of Moore. [63] The tornado then became extremely violent as it approached and entered Guin, with multiple areas of F5 damage noted in and around town.

As the cluster of thunderstorms was crossing much of the Ohio Valley and northern Indiana, additional strong storms developed much further south just east of the Mississippi River into the Tennessee Valley and Mississippi.

Train cars near the plant blown off the tracks and thrown into the building. Such wind speeds would fall well into the EF5 range on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, though the maximum damage intensity observed in the town of Spencer was F4. Produced possible F5 damage over farmland north of Martin according to Grazulis.

[9], Never before had so many violent (F4 and F5) tornadoes been observed in a single tornado outbreak. [52] Five others were killed in White County, six in Fulton County and one in Kosciusko County. Unless otherwise noted, the source of the F5 rating is the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS), as shown in the archives of the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) and National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). Homes and other structures were swept away or leveled in and near Palluel. The tornado destroyed several buildings as it passed between Ligonier and Topeka, including Perry School and a Monsanto plant. A house was swept away on the outskirts of town. [63] The Walker County courthouse sustained major damage, and a new fire station was completely leveled. [6], After devastating what was left of Tanner, the tornado continued across rural Limestone County and into Madison County, where the communities of Capshaw and Harvest were devastated once again.


This tornado is considered the only F5 on record in Arkansas. Upon inspecting the damage, he said: "As I look back over the disasters, I saw the earthquake in Anchorage in 1964; I saw the hurricanes... Hurricane Camille in 1969 down in Mississippi, and I saw Hurricane Agnes in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. [11] The first F5 tornado of the day struck the city of Xenia, Ohio, at 4:40 pm EDT. Farms "entirely vanished," with debris carried for miles.

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