Nocturne you'll have to fight everyone who doesn't go with your Reason or lack thereof. Remove ads and unlock special features. The Eastern Kingdom of Mikado is a peaceful land whose inhabitants are rigidly divided into two castes: the common Casualry and the elite Luxurors. I still really like the game I love the combat system, and the story it's just I was thinking Neutral would be more special. Maybe it's because I beat Beelzebub and that made it seem easier. Don't get me wrong I love SMT IV the 60+ Hours I put in to reach the end is testament to that. Press J to jump to the feed. Shin Megami Tensei IV. After that, you must be careful because rest of the guide you should carefully make a choice to get a neutral path. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY.

Click the spoiler tags to reveal the ending's plot. Nocturne and SMT4A are the only mainline games that break away from that. I was also pretty high level at this point, lower 90s. If so I may just go with the flow and see where the game locks me in next time. I still think fighting The White after Lucifer instead of before Merkabah would have been better.

In other words, a guaranteed point of having every ending available to you seems to center around the beginning of the Tsukiji Passage of Ethics. but...nothing happend. You are chosen to become a Samurai, and learn a truth kept hidden from the general population: that beneath Mikado lies Naruku, a realm of demons which the Samurai are tasked with suppressing. More than a hundred high quality screenshots to enhance your reading experience. If you manage to abide by all of these, you’re pretty much certain to reach the ending with something like a +90 rating in alignment.

This will basically describe the decision-by-decision details for the main walkthrough of the Chaos ending. Yeah, SMT 1, 2 and SJ have you just fighting the two alignment heroes and their representatives. When given the choice, use the first-listed response for all questions. But the biggest thing I expected was a 3rd guy, like "Okay you beat the law and chaos leaders, now really earn that ending and beat the Neutral Route boss!" This is a community for all MegaTen and subseries related news. This won’t cover every decision, but pretty much only those in the main walkthrough. Three of the four endings are based completely on Alignment, which is measured by the choices you make during several Main and Challenge Quests. Just fighting both end dungeons? Below are summaries for each ending, along with a short description on how ending can be reached. Don't get me wrong I love SMT IV the 60+ Hours I put in to reach the end is testament to that. Akin to previous Shin Megami Tensei games, these things will influence which ending you get in seemingly-arbitrary ways by influencing your alignment towards Law, Chaos, or the mediatory Neutral. At the left, you’ll see the number of possible points remaining; in other words, the lower that number at the left gets, the less breathing room you have, like if you came into this guide partway through the game. Neutral Ending. Got that? Pick up a copy right. Choose "Destroy the status quo" when speaking with the White after Infernal Tokyo, but don't opt to become the True Messiah. This ending is the simplest to get. In Tsukiji's question maze, always go left. In … By continuing you confirm you have read and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy/Cookie Policy. Of course, people want specific endings for whatever reason. (The “approximate” accounting for various side things, like Challenge Quests and human error.). SMT 4 Neutral guide (Spoiler) Since it's very confusing to get locked on neutral path, I prepared a detailed guide to get a neutral route. That way, you’re benefitting from not having to upload a 2+ MB file into your browser because of four individual walkthroughs. While the walkthrough before here was made to be completionist - do everything despite what ending you may get - I opted to write simpler, more condensed methods on getting each ending. Destroy the Yamato Reactor to end the game. Remember, you need +9 or higher for Law and -9 or lower for Chaos. If you loved the combat of SMT IV I suggest you go for Apocalypse. Go with Jonathan when the team splits after Shene Duque ("An Important Rendezvous"). Shin Megami Tensei IV has a total of four endings that can be taken. In SJ the bosses aren't just carbon copies of their Law/Chaos forms at least. from the last mission. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, I fear my compassion may no longer reach to you, flair text is the reddit version of bumper stickers.

In other words, a guaranteed point of having every ending available to you seems to center around the beginning of the Tsukiji Passage of Ethics. After the events of Infernal Tokyo, you are given the choice by The White to become the true Messiah by returning the world to nothing. From there on, having all of the endings available from that one save file is not guaranteed. During the course of this game, you will make a number of decisions. General Atlus discussion is usually allowed as well. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. Challenge Quests. Why not join us today? From there on, having all of them available from that one save file is not guaranteed.

Keep in mind that alignment is measured from -100 to +100 integrally, with Chaos being at the negative side, Law being at the positive, and Neutral being ranged from -8 to +8. Decision time. It fixes a lot of the mechanical issues SMT IV had and opened up a lot of opportunity for a variety of builds. This ending can be reached by choosing the good, Law choices during quests. Remember, you need +9 or higher for Law and -9 or lower for Chaos. But since your complaint was with the boss, the final boss of SMT IV A is definitely worth your while, me, u/kazuya_prota and u/bunker_man would like to have a talk with you. I mean I knew I'd need to face the Law and Chaos leaders, but to be honest their fights aren't as tough as I thought they'd be.

If you can put up with some of the borderline cringey characters it'd be a good play. Bleh, right? Decision time. I got all pissy at the first mission Masakado gave you in the Neutral Route, so I just stopped playing for a year...until now, when I actually beat the damn thing, finishing on lv. Got that? This ending is the toughest to reach. Walter will side with all Chaos choices, making it easier to recognize which is which. Below are some miniature, condensed walkthroughs for each of the endings.

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