Senior leagues with players over the age of 60 are not uncommon. [29] The standard bat barrel diameter for both slow pitch and fast pitch softball is 2​1⁄4 inches. Terms of Use Softballs vary in size according to the type of softball game that is being played. diagnosis or treatment.

The double base is required in ISF championships. The pitcher tries to throw the ball in the strike zone. The ball is most often covered in white or yellow leather in two pieces roughly the shape of a figure-8 and sewn together with red thread, although other coverings are permitted. The gear worn by a catcher protects them from balls thrown in the dirt or wild pitches.

Left fielders must also play a role in any run down situation between third base and home plate or back up any plays that happen at third base in case of an overthrow.

There is also a not so common occurrence when the batter has 2 strikes and swings at strike three. Softball is played in almost every country in Europe, mainly fastpitch. Each tournament would feature eight teams. Its size limits the distance it can travel compared to the smaller balls, and it tends to put a premium on quickness in the game over power. Other sports seeking to be included in the 2020 program, when only one spot is up for filling, are: karate, roller sports, squash, sports climbing, wakeboard and wushu.

Other national and regional governing bodies also exist, including the USSSA.

A pitch outside the strike zone is a ball.

The distinction is not absolute and there can be gradations within each.

The softness and its size, which makes it slightly harder to throw than a smaller ball, slows the speed of the game just a little bit compared to a game using an 11-inch ball. One reason for the popularity of softball is the ease of modification of its rules, thereby allowing the game to be adapted to a variety of skill levels. The name was coined by Walter Hakanson of the YMCA[11] at a meeting of the National Recreation Congress.

This includes ties. Envisioned as a way for baseball players to maintain their skills during the winter, the sport was called "Indoor Baseball". The infield in softball is smaller than on an adult or high school baseball diamond but identical to that used by Little League Baseball; each base is 60 ft (18 m) from the next, as opposed to baseball's 90 ft (27 m).

Then, depending where the runner is between home and first, the second baseman makes the decision to throw the ball to first or to hold the ball. A count of 3 and 2 is a "full count", since the next ball or strike will end the batter's turn at the plate, unless the ball goes foul.

While running to first base, the batter is a "batter-runner". Sizes may vary but they may be no more than 34 inches (86 cm) long, 2.4 inches (6 cm) in diameter, or 38 ounces (1.1 kg) in mass.

The fielders wear gloves. Slow-pitch softball is played with ten fielders but can be played with nine if needed. Most fastpitch games use a crew of two umpires (one plate umpire, one base umpire).

The batter takes a step back with their leading foot as the pitcher is in the middle of the windup, crosses over with their back foot and runs toward first base while they swing. Japan has had a long tradition of softball which is played at all levels in the country. The line will be 180 feet from home plate. [10] George Hancock, a reporter there, called out "Play ball!" The bases are arranged in a square and are typically 60 feet (18 m) apart. "Baserunning To Victory." Boys' and girls' teams with players aged 10 and younger usually use the smaller 11-inch ball. Frequently the purpose of the riseball is to have the batter attempt to chase a ball which ends up out of the strike zone and is either missed entirely or hit as an easy pop-fly. The field is usually composed of a dirt or brick-dust (colloquially called "sand") infield that contains the shape and running areas of a diamond and a grass outfield.

The phases of throwing include the grip, stance, windup, stride, release and follow through. The United States also has a competitive women's softball team that competes in international tournaments. In some leagues and organizations, four outfield players are utilized by each team. If he or she cannot, the runner is safe. Often double plays are due to quick thinking/reaction by the shortstop. 'Home Plate' is one corner of a diamond with 'bases' at each corner. Competitive teams are now beginning around eight years old, if not younger. For example, helmets for the offensive team and a helmet and chest protector for the defensive catcher.

If there is a runner on first base and there is a hit down the line or in the gap to right field, the shortstop will then go for the cut to third. Individuals at first base have quick hands and good reach, and are always on the lookout to catch the player off base. Pitchers use deception as a primary tactic for getting batters out as the reaction times are approximately half a second or less. In fastpitch, the runner is allowed to begin stealing a base when the ball is released from the "windmill" pitching motion, but until recently, stealing was forbidden in slow pitch because a runner has the opportunity to get a larger head start while the slow pitch is making its way to the batter. [24], All players are required to wear shoes. Strikeouts are rare in slowpitch. It must be between 25 and 30 feet (7.62 and 9.14 meters) behind home plate depending on the type of division that is playing. In 2012 the heads of the International Softball and Baseball Federations announced their united effort to be included in the program in 2020.

It is two inches larger than a baseball.

By the same token some leagues have an alternate home plate and rule that plays at home are always force plays. If the batter reaches four balls, the batter is awarded the first base in what is known as a "walk".

Softball mounds are also flat, while baseball mounds are a small hill. The LIVESTRONG Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM do not endorse

The shortstop fields all balls hit to the infield between the second and third bases. The right fielder must have the strongest arm because they have the furthest possibility to throw the ball. It is intended to prevent collisions between the first baseman and the runner. . The ball is fairly hard; however, the pitcher has a lot to do with how hard any ball is hit. At adult levels, there is no formal requirement for the catcher to wear a mask, although the official rules recommend it. A batted ball hit high in the air is a "fly ball".

A right fielder will throw the ball to each base more than the other outfielders will because of their position in respect to the bases. A fly ball is a ball hit high and deep, a pop fly is a ball hit high but short, and a line drive is a ball hit close to the horizontal.

Right field has a particular job of covering the area behind first base if the ball is to be thrown in that area.

[1][2] It was invented in 1887 in Chicago, Illinois, United States as an indoor game. These bats are determined to be illegal by the Amateur Softball Association of America. Many bats may be "doctored" or "juiced" in a sense that they are end loaded, shaved and or painted.

The size of the ball varies according to the classification of play; the permitted circumferences in international play are 12±0.125 in (30.5±0.3 cm), in mass between 6.25 and 7.0 oz (177–198 g) in fast pitch and adults and males 13 and older for slow pitch, 11±0.125 in (27.9±0.3 cm), mass between 5.875 and 6.125 oz (166.6–173.6 g) in slow pitch for females 18 and younger, and kids 12 and younger. A runner on base may see the pitch sign given by the catcher and hint it to the batter using hand or body motions. For example, helmets for the offensive team and a helmet and chest protector for the defensive catcher. High school athletes are sometimes permitted to wear metal cleats, such as in Ohio.[34].

If there is a "wild pitch" in which the ball goes out of the designated play area, each runner is awarded one base from the base occupied at the time of the pitch. In co-ed, male and female batters must alternate. Each inning is divided into a top half, in which the away team bats and tries to score runs, while the home team occupies the field and tries to record three outs; then a bottom half, when the teams' roles are reversed. Both fast pitch and slow pitch softball use 11- or 12-inch softballs, depending on the size and age of the players.

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